Subject of Appearance V Reality is permeant throughout the drama and its assorted aspects are manifested through assorted thematic looks. At the really start of the drama. the most elusive facet of Appreance V Reality is presented in the signifier of Orsino’s strong belief of love for Olivia. He becomes a victim to fabricated idealism as he has non seen Olivia and does non hold a glimpse in three months ( the class of the drama ) .

Shakespeare depicts Orsino as a sentimental lover who suffers from the ‘sweet pangs’ ( II. 4. 16 ) of love and rapture that have no existent being. Alternatively of turn uping the world of his passion and to happen a redress. he once more goes for a solution that is delusory. In the first two scene of the first Act. he yearns for music to bring around his mawkishness. Undoubtedly Orsino has reverted himself into the kingdom of illusive universe by the impulses of his imaginativeness.

Shakespeare has juxtaposed the Duke’s unadulterated hurt for Cesario’s ‘sister’ with Orsino’s fabricated idealism. He implies that behind all the bogus mawkishnesss of mannerism there is a echt person who has echt concerns. But disclosure of another misrepresentation i. e. unearthing that Cesario is a adult female. helps him to project away his ain belief in visual aspect and he acknowledges the meretriciousness of his evident made-up fancy for Olivia.

Orsino does non fell a quarry to appearance ( alternatively of world ) due to any built-in defect in his personality or his psychological complexnesss but it is a consequence of his deficiency of suffiecient experience in the existent universe particularly in the amative personal businesss. Same is the instance with Olivia whi looks for apprence alternatively of turn uping the world o his passions for Orsino.

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But Shakespeare juxtaposes them with certain other minor characters like Molvolio who do non admit the world and ne’er project away their belief in visual aspect till the terminal of the drama whereas Orsine and Olivia learns that visual aspect is ever delusory and becomes realist at the terminal of the drama. .


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