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To analyse this, Apple Company has been taken into consideration. The Apple is a company which proved its manner by believing out of the box. The growing of the company from 1976 was really fast when compared to many other concerns. It implemented MIS in its system which provided them the information about their stakeholders. It provided a competitory border for Apple when compared to their rivals, so that they provided existent clip solutions for their clients. This essay does a critical rating of MIS execution in Apple.

Apple was established in 1976 as a computing machine company. However, in the last decennary, Apple has stretched into a complex company that specializes in much more than merely computing machines. In 2001, Apple broke the barrier with the iPod, eventually going the taking market leader in music participants. In following, Apple connected the phone industry in 2007 with the iPhone, which has besides been widely successful. Apple is known as a consumer goods company ; hence measuring its value requires understanding its merchandises and consumers. This would be really disputing where Apple competes with many different companies throughout the different industries it takes portion in. Apple has established a alone repute in the consumer electronics industry since it is elastic from its doctrine of comprehensive aesthetic design to its typical advertisement runs. The alone characteristic about Apple is that it has a really strong client base, which is really of import in understanding Apple. Meanwhile, more depress is associated with their Chief executive officer ; Steven P. Jobs ( Apple chief executive )

Apple launched its website This is a topographic point where clients can straight log in into the company web site and topographic point an order. They can choose their ain laptops, theoretical account, etc. . They can besides look into the bringing position and in instance if they need any alterations it would be done through existent clip information. Addition to this the client can besides acquire aid from the Apple Company for proficient support in instance of any jobs in future. The Apple shop is unfastened for 24 hours a twenty-four hours.

They besides launched premier pages, where in client can log in and happen information about the technological inside informations. By and large, the company posted gross of $ 15.68 billion and a net net income of $ 3.38 billion. That means income was up approximately $ 4 billion versus a twelvemonth ago, while net income was up over $ 1 billion. Gross border was 40.9 per centum, up from 37.9 per centum a twelvemonth ago. Apple is truly successful because it targeted its market, and had brilliant client relationships, since the client can set up their ain systems and can acquire existent clip information. This is largely due to the direct theoretical account concern.

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The Apple receives its order through the web site where the client configures his demands. Once it receives the order Apple, transfers this into an electronic spreadsheet which precisely breakdown the demands of the configured system. This is so transferred to the collect section with a barcode attached to it. In instance of any question and if the client needs to cognize precisely where and how his order is he will be provided with an order figure and if that is entered in the question, his position of bringing would be provided.

Direct Model

Order Delivery

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When the order is received by Apple, they foremost configure the motherboard and fit it with the microprocessor and the needed sum of RAM. Then they assemble other of import parts like disc thrusts, Cadmium ROMs, etc. This will be done by a set of trained production line where they knew what has to be done based on the client demand. They besides believed that when they have high volume production line, they can get by up with the demands of the Apple. The procedure clip besides was excessively less i.e. , 36 hours from order reception to merchandise transportation.

The chief success of Apple prevarications in their incorporate direction information system which transferred existent clip information across the organisation. This chiefly helped them to continue with their concern. The integrating starts chiefly from the client side. Their direct concern theoretical account.

Enterprise Model Of Dell:

Order Delivery

Beginning: apple online, Harvard concern Review

Apple has a really good integrated information system, therefore when a client places an order it automatically gets transferred to the Apple ‘s system. By the clip it passes information to its constituents and trade good providers where they have a good integrating with all of them, this is so assembled and so shipped.

The concern theoretical account of Apple helped them in being successful over the old ages and has a competitory border over their clients. This is really hard for the rivals to vie since the rivals have big workss and machinery to bring forth all the parts required. It ‘s non possible all of a sudden to dispose them.

Harmonizing to market research house IDC, Apple ‘s desktop market portion in the United States for the 4th one-fourth of 2004 was 2.88 per centum, up from 2.20 per centum in the 3rd one-fourth of 2004 and up twelvemonth over from the 2.06 per centum registered in the 4th one-fourth of 2003.

United States Desktop Market Share


Q4 2003

Q3 2004

Q4 2004


31.58 %

34.50 %

34.68 %

HP ( Merged )

22.01 %

21.44 %

20.86 %

Gateway ( Merged )

7.97 %

6.45 %

7.70 %


3.47 %

3.33 %

3.04 %


2.06 %

2.20 %

2.88 %


1.86 %

0.90 %

0.94 %


1.01 %

0.56 %

0.48 %

MPC ( MicronPC )

0.61 %

0.46 %

0.45 %


0.51 %

0.42 %

0.28 %

Micro Electronicss

0.17 %

0.16 %

0.15 %

Entire ( Top10 )

71.26 %

70.43 %

71.45 %

Total ( Others )

28.74 %

29.57 %

28.55 %


100.00 %

100.00 %

100.00 %

While somewhat smaller in figure, Apple ‘s world-wide desktop market portion shows a similar upward tendency. For the 4th one-fourth of 2004, Apple ‘s world-wide desktop market portion was 1.75 per centum, up from 1.51 per centum in the 3rd one-fourth of 2004 and up twelvemonth over twelvemonth from the 1.32 per centum in the 4th one-fourth of 2003.

Worldwide Desktop Market Share


Q4 2003

Q3 2004

Q4 2004


16.20 %

18.14 %

17.30 %

HP ( Merged )

15.95 %

15.79 %

15.28 %


4.34 %

4.38 %

4.18 %

Fujitsu/Fujitsu Siemens

3.38 %

3.36 %

3.12 %

Gateway ( Merged )

3.04 %

3.02 %

3.00 %


2.96 %

2.47 %

2.74 %


2.36 %

2.21 %

2.19 %


2.16 %

2.04 %

2.17 %


1.32 %

1.51 %

1.75 %


1.24 %

1.24 %

1.40 %

Entire ( Top10 )

52.94 %

54.15 %

53.15 %

Total ( Others )

47.06 %

45.85 %

46.85 %


100.00 %

100.00 %

100.00 %


Apple ( Nasdaq: AAPL ) today released four new versions of its iPod music participant. The new releases include two new compact iPod mini theoretical accounts and two life-size, full-color participants that have the ability to shop and show exposures.

Apple ‘s new photo-enabled iPods hold up to 25,000 digital images and have the capableness to convey in exposure from a digital camera via the new iPod Camera Connector for immediate screening and slide show playback. A 30 GB version is available for US $ 349, while a 60 GB version will be $ 449.

Apple ‘s new iPod mini offerings boast greater storage capacity and improved battery life. A 4 GB theoretical account will sell for $ 199, and a 6 GB theoretical account will be priced at $ 249

Analysts said the company ‘s latest releases are portion of a segmenting scheme that is turn outing profitable for the computing machine shaper.

In the past twelvemonth, Apple has seen grosss rocket in big portion to the iPod. Apple posted a US $ 106 million net income in the 4th one-fourth of 2004, doing it one of its most paid quarters in a decennary. The company credited the iPod and its aura consequence.

With Apple ongoing to add new iPod assortments to its MP3 participant batting order, the inquiry becomes one of supply and demand: Do clients desire all of these iPod offerings, or is Apple milking its MP3 participant for more than it ‘s worth?

NPD Group analyst Stephen Baker told MacNewsWorld that the past twelvemonth proved that Apple ‘s cleavage scheme is solid.

“ The chance to further section the market and supply some hints within each section makes a batch of sense for Apple, ” Baker said. “ These are schemes designed to drive both market portion and market growing overall for Apple.

The impact of MIS at the three grades of direction should be evaluated to cognize how far these MIS integrating has benefited the organisation

Top Management: In top direction although the systems are included they need non attempt a batch to acquire the information, the studies of the concern and how the concern is executing could be identified merely. The top direction includes the president and the frailty president. The concern is so segmented into part so that they can hold all their parts included and acquire corporate information which is precise. If the information is provided in clip the top direction wo n’t hold any jobs in taking their determination. If the determination is taken in clip so the concern can be run swimmingly. The top direction does n’t necessitate to trust excessively much on the in-between direction, since all the information is automatically updated due to the integrating.

In-between Management: The orders from all the parts are put together and they are consolidated to cognize the overall production measure. Based on this the information is automatically passed to the providers of assorted parts and they provide the parts, based on this the assembly is done. This could be really hard for any other company, and this makes Apple a really profitable company and really competitory when compared to others this is impossible for other concerns like cars where it requires a batch of infinite. This helps the direction n cognizing where they lack the information or where they need to rectify themselves so that they do n’t confront the similar jobs in future. This helps them to calculate the demands and back up the concern. The integrating is non merely with the internal sections of the concern but besides with all the individuals who are related with the concern, like providers, clients, other stakeholders. Do that they provide Apple with existent clip information.

Lower degree Management: The lower degree direction merely necessitate to look in to what are all the sorts of goods they need to fabricate and the other inside informations like day-to-day production, gross revenues, etc. they merely follow the instructions of the system and they implement it. They besides feed information into the system.

The impact of the MIS in the concern is really large, since its get downing in1989, the growing of the concern was astonishing it merely grew within a short span of clip. Apple created a incubus for other big companies. All these developments were possible because Apple had a really good included system which helped Apple to vie against the other major houses.

The net incomes of Apple crossed from 1000000s to one million millions, in a really short span, due to the easiness in the direction of the information, which would n’t be otherwise possible without the integrating. The integrating helped them to hold existent clip information which helped them in endurance and in making a competitory border against their rivals which is the chief purpose of any concern. The MIS helps in the integrating of fiscal and accounting information, client information, etc. ( Thomas. Davenport, 1998 ) ( 21/12/2009, 1.00 PM ) . So, one time when there is some default in any of these information they can easy screen it out and do clear for the clear operation of the system.

Due to this the stock list turnover clip of Apple is 60 yearss in front of their rivals. This is truly impossible by the rivals. The prediction will besides be hard since they do n’t cognize their exact clients, which is easy done by Apple due to the direct gross revenues. Since the clients apply online they knew what their duty is for following hebdomad or for the following twenty-four hours so they can easy do and there is nil that lay in the shelf for a long clip.

The issues associating to the direction information system arise from the integrated systems itself though it provides many benefits for the company and the concern the issues for the integrating chiefly lay in the hereafter. The inquiry lies as to how far this incorporate system is traveling to supply solutions for the concern in the turning e-business universe.

Once the system is integrated in a peculiar manner it ‘s non easy to alter it often as it is dearly-won. But if the concern demands are non met this will ensue in a serious issue.

& A ; Atilde ; ? Since the concern policy of Apple was to sell to the clients straight, it would be hard for the individuals who have less system cognition to purchase the system and thereby they loose the gross revenues for that section. But this is solved by Apple by making gross revenues in retail mercantile establishment besides.

& A ; Atilde ; ? The complexness in work outing the jobs in instance of any jobs in the system. This is a clip devouring procedure, which affects the concern in a big tally. Since the overall concern depends on the information supplied by the add-on of the systems

When the direction information system in the Apple is analyzed, it shows the benefits it has rendered for the company and the manner it supported the development of the company. The direction information system could be explained good by utilizing Apple. The Apple is the company which ran chiefly on these integrated system engineering. When the other rival company does the whole fabrication and collection, Apple merely does the piecing portion. The parts required by Apple are supplied by their providers. They choose the best provider to acquire the best parts.

All this was possible because of the integrating of the systems which the rivals found really hard to reproduce. Since they inventory turnover clip is really less when compared to their rivals. This besides gives them a competitory advantage. Though it renders many benefits for the growing of the Apple, it late created some major issues l in the company. Apple was able to get the better of all these challenges and it still continues its growing towards success.


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