1. Who “discovered” America? Christopher Columbus. Native Americans were already at that place. 1492. Dutch were the proficient inventors. NA ( Russians ) came on Bering Strait. ICE AGE. 2. How did the Spanish dainty the Native Americans? Consequences of the European contact with the Natives? Relationship with the Iroquois Confederacy? • Treated severely. As less than people. Massacred and enslaved. • Result of European contact with the Natives? Death to many indigens. Pizarro crushed Inca. ( befriended them and took all their gold. 1532 ) • The 160. 000 Spaniards subjugated ( or made of lesser value ) 1000000s of Indians. • Columbus brought sugar cane to Hispaniola­ thrives in warm clime • Spanish couldn’t find gold ­ & gt ; Roman Catholic missions became the most of import thing for Spain in New World ( God and Glory and Gold ) • Encomienda System: Allowed the authorities to give Indians to certain settlers in return for the promise to seek to Christianize the NA. ( Slavery on sugar plantation disguised as missional work ) • Iroquois at foremost able to fend of Europeans for over a century • Mestizos: plus consequence of Spanish colonisation ; assorted Spanish and native American • ALL THE SPANISH WANTED WAS GOLD ( and sometimes fountain of young person ) • Matrilineal civilization and authorization on adult females ( NA )

• Iroquois became a Confederacy of 5 folks because of English slaying Indian folks and taking their land • Human high quality of nature ( E ) vs. non changing the land and don’t destroy nature • Food was most of import gift to European universe • Disease is the biggest NA slayer ( unwilled of Spanish to kill 90 % of dad ) Columbian Exchange: Columbus’s find initiated an detonation in international commercialism. or globalisation. 3. The motive for English colonisation? Most eventful English Colony for the farther development of the English settlements? Relationss with the Powhatans? • English finally isolated NA ( unlike Spanish ) • John Cabot: North East seashore of North America • Britain had Jamestown • Couldn’t efficaciously colonise because ­ King Henry VIII broke from the Roman Catholic Church­ English Protestant Reformation ­ Different Religions peers rivalry with spain ­ Issues with Ireland • Motivation for English Colonization: Unemployment and thirst for escapade. desire for new markets. and spiritual freedom provided motivations for colonisation

• Enclosure: fence in land • Primogeniture: 1st born boy inherits ALL male parents land • Joint stock companies provided fiscal agencies for colonisation • Powhatans: fell victim to Disease. Disorganization. and Disposability • Served no economic map to VA settlers ( weren’t a dependable labour beginning ) • Spanish Armadas licking of 1588 • Roanoke Island • 1685 Powhatans considered nonextant • Victory fueled England to new Heights ( Shakespeare. dad sovereign. British laterality ) • Lord De La Warr • Two anglo­ Powhatan Wars ­ 1st: peace bcuz of John Rolfe and Pocahontas’ matrimony ­ 2nd: 1644­ 1646 ; banished them from their hereditary lands • After Europeans larn how to turn their ain nutrient. NA become useless and are banished 4. What was the foundations of American Liberties?

• Religious freedom • Wanted same rights as Englishmen ? English Common Law 5. Identify: Virginia House of Burgesses. Maryland Act of Toleration ? House of Burgesses­ founded 1619 ­ London Company authorized colonists to cite the assembly ­ 1st of many illumination parliaments to boom in America. ­ James I distrusted the House & A ; became hostile to VA. ­ 1624 he revoked the charter of the Virginia Co

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