Aquarius is a new isosmotic athleticss drink launched in Asia at the twelvemonth 2012 by The Coca-Cola Company. Aquarius was introduced in Japan in twelvemonth 1983 as a Citrus paradisi flavored athleticss drink as a response to vie for market portion with other isosmotic athleticss drinks such as Pocari Sweat. H2O and 100plus. Aquarius was besides the official athleticss drink for Olympics game in Barcelona in 1992 and 2012. As it’s a new launch merchandise in Asia. there’s a demand to make consciousness to enable consumer to cognize and hold a better understanding about this merchandise. Aquarius is non merely an isosmotic drink that is able to refill wellness but besides contains assorted minerals such as Potassium. vitamins B3. B12. B6 and Guarana.

Target Audience

With the cognition of psychographic features is used to depict and place clients and prospective clients and to help in developing schemes designed to appeal to specific sections of the market for Aquarius. Aquarius is created to aim athleticss and wellness cautious consumers as there is a rise in wellness consciousness as people are taking in a more wellness cautious behaviour. Exercise had become a more regular modus operandi and Aquarius is the right isotonic drink to refill and scranch thirst after a good exercise.

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Ideas and Feelingss

Consumers are able to swear Aquarius as it is a merchandise from a reputational drink company The Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola had been a prima drink trade name in the market ; with a good history background it created trust in its merchandises. Aquarius is an official isosmotic drink for Olympics 1992 and 2012. With such a monolithic event and being the functionary drink had proven its value and derive trust in the market. Well known athletic had consume Aquarius during the game had given it trust on the trade name.

Aims and Measures

The aim of Aquarius is to go the taking isosmotic drink in the market. Measures can be achieved by carry oning personal interviews. focal point group interviews or carry on public study to mensurate how recognized is the trade name to consumers.

Behavioral Outcome

Aquarius would go a trade name callback. a trade name that will form in a individual head. As Aquarius is aiming clean and wellness cautious consumers. hence after a exercise or they feel like acquiring a soft drink to ease the thirst. Aquarius will be the figure one trade name they will believe of and make out for.


Television advertizement. athleticss events and athleticss and wellness magazines will be to a great extent publicizing Aquarius to advance this merchandise as it is new in Asia. Asia selling would be on a heavier focal point. Aquarius must be easy available. topographic points such as school ; bowls. drinks shops. peddling machines and supermarkets will be transporting Aquarius. Pricing plays an of import function ; it will be sold at an low-cost rate. A motto can be proposed such as Always Energized. this create a tricky term for people to hold deeper feeling of Aquarius isosmotic drink. A dramatic logo to form in individual head. whenever consumer sees similarity will easy tie in to Aquarius.


A endurance contest tally that held island broad can be a run to advance Aquarius. Proposal like Aquarius tally which is held and official drink will Aquarius. Aquarius logo can be printed on the dainties bag and other merchandised included. By keeping this event. it can make consciousness and promotion. participants besides get the opportunity to savor Aquarius and experience its benefits. Celebrity indorsement is besides recommended. by acquiring a sporty and good known famous person such as Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan is a good know international artiste and besides an athletic. with his soldierly humanistic disciplines history and stunt act. He would be a good pick to back Aquarius. It will derive attractive force and create notice of the trade name in Asia or globally.

Nitty Gritty Details

The deadline for client is 13 December 2012 as client had a month to see and acquire back. The budget for the production would be estimated at Eight hundred thousand dollars. this include marathon events and famous person indorsement fee.

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