In the study of the architecture history, it was discussed about the bibliography of Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli ( 1700-1771 ) and the abode building of Tsarskoye Selo which was located in Russia. Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli was the in charge of the Tsarskoye Selo residenceconstruction since 1748 until 1756. His aspiration was the combined of latest 17Thursdaycentury Italian architecture manner with the traditions of Muscovite Baroque manner. At the terminal of 18Thursdaycentury, Tsarskoye Selo was became the most popular topographic point of summer abode among the aristocracy. It was a historical memorials and edifices which contained a batch of cultural artifacts in Russia. In Figure 1 below was shown the Hermitage Pavilion in Tsarskoye Selo:

Architecture was the general term which described the structural of the edifice and physical design. In the architecture country, it was included the structural edifice planning, planing and besides the building of the edifice which was the physical constructions. Architecture was besides defined as the art and scientific discipline of the planing edifice constructions. The manner of the design and the methods of building of the design were developed through the cognition of art, scientific discipline, engineering, humanity and creativeness. Without those development cognition, there were be difficult to accomplish successful design and structural. During the design, it was needed to farther surveies and researches which help in good knowing of the design based on the design demand, for illustration the stuffs used for the structural design and besides consideration of the reinforced environments. A really celebrated definition of architecture was defined by the Gallic designer which was Le Corbuiser. He was defined that Architecture was the masterly, correct, and brilliant drama of signifiers under the visible radiation. ( Vers une architecture, 1923 )

Exterior design was known as the outer, or the design being on the outer sides which was intended and comfy for out-of-door utilizations. However, Interior design was defined as the prevarication, happening and working within the modification or internal design boundaries. ( Veronica Romualdez, 2013 ) Therefore, from the descriptions and definitions of the inside and exterior design, there were the differences between both of the design constructs. The elements that were included in interior design were been line, infinite, texture, visible radiation and coloring material. Where, the basic rules of interior design were been the design graduated table, proportion, balance, beat, accent and besides integrity.

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By comparing of both architecture and inside, there was found that the critical demand in both architecture and interior design which was to understand that their functions, methodological analysiss and besides service outlooks so that they can farther germinating within the speedy switching societal and economic utilizations. Where, architecture and interior design were now the subsets together with in writing, industrial design and landscape design which were focused on work outing design and development jobs so that they can heighten and readying for greater design accomplishments.

Figure1: Hermitage Pavilion in Tsarskoye Selo

( Wikimedia Commons, 2012 )

Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli was born at 1700 in Paris, France and died in April 1771. He was the boy of Carlo Rastrelli. His male parent was a sculpturer who came to St. Petersburg for his work with Peter the Great. Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli’s professional and architecture instruction were under his male parent educated which trained him as designer. He was started his formal instruction in Europe since 1720 century. Harmonizing to Italian descent, Rastrelli was moved to St. Petersburg in 1716. During the first 5 old ages in Russia, he was worked with together with his male parent, Carlo Rastrelli for decorating the insides of the castle of the Russian nobility. ( Andrei D. Sarabianov, 2013 )

Since, 1721, Rastrelli was worked independently as an designer and instantly made his ain name for himself as a professional with a rich imaginativeness and creativeness designer. The first direction of Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli was to construct a St. Petersburg place for Prince Dmitrie Cantemir, which was a former swayer of Moldova at Millionaya Ulitsa. Rastrelli was the last great Baroque designer to work in St. Petersburg, and he was lived to see the spectacularly cosmetic manner that make him championed autumn out of favor with city’s elite. He besides was the impressive Godhead of the Winter Palace and Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo, which were a luxury enjoyed and displayed by Russia’s Romanov swayers in the 18Thursdaycentury, became the outstanding facet of St. Petersburg’s architecture for international visitants. The Figure 2 below was shown the Catherine Palace that named after Catherine I, the married woman of Peter the Great:

Aerial view of Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin), south of St Petersburg, Russia

Figure2: Catherine Palace in Russia in Tsarskoye Selo, Russia

( Saint Petersburg Gallery, 2012 )

Within the 50 old ages period, Rastrelli was established a great figure of castles for Russia’s swayers and the members of the imperial tribunal. He was in the particular favor of the empresses Anna I and Elizabeth I, who were partial to deluxe luxury. The castles that were built for empress Anna was the Winter and Summer Annenhof. Unfortunately, neither of them were survived, where the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg was destroyed by discharged. During the 20 old ages reign of Empress Elizabeth I ( 1741-1761 ) , Rastrelli was built 12 castles and a figure of cathedrals for her. Empress Elizabeth I was besides employed him for the station of senior tribunal designer since 1730Thursday. Within the continuance of 1748Thursdayto 1756Thursday, Rastrelli was in charge of the Tsarskoye Selo abode building.

Besides that, since 1749Thursdayto 1756Thursday, Rastrelli was besides rebuilt the Bolshoi Dvorets which now named as Grand Palace in Tsarskoye Selo and created a series of marquees in its park. The Tsarskoye Selo Palace was known as the Pushkin Palace which was 1000 pess long, and noted of adornment of its frontages and insides building and the prosperity of its ain malleability of coloring material. ( RusArtNet, 2012 ) Tsarskoye Selo Palace was besides one of St. Petersburg’s must see attractive forces, and at that place can easy occupied by visitants for full twenty-four hours long. Where, the structure’s abundant sweetening of Tsarskoye Selo Palace was makes it look to hold been notched out of a individual ball of rock.

Rastrelli was acknowledged by everyone with his mastermind of combination of glare with harmoniousness and symmetricalness with edification. However, the chief ground that Rastrelli had a singular success in Russia was because of his alone combination of national traditions with European manner and elegance. Therefore, he had a major influence on Russia architecture and besides their civilization.

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Tsarskoe Selo ( Pushkin ) , St. Petersburg, Russia

Based on the grounds show for the profusion of Russia’s Imperial swayers, you can happen out the facts in less than two centuries, there is non construct up one Romanov Tsars but two suburban existent estate’s at Tsarskoe Selo and Pushkin. Even the Versalles besides lost it’s copiousness surplus. Besides that, there can saw the construction of two broad and genuinely alone castles, the two sides surrounded by large-scale landscaped gardens with assortment and capturing cosmetic architecture. The established of Empress Elizabeth by Bartolomeo Rastrelli, there have the designer of St. Petersburg’s Winter Palace, specifically the most attractive of Tsarskoe Selo decidedly is Catherine Palace, one of celebrated is ebullient Amber Room. A neoclassical chef-d’oeuvre manner of Alexander Palace has a particularly affecting connexion with the household of the Last Tsar, Nicholas II, but less good known and today much more had destroyed.

The most attractive suburb of St. Petersburg’s which surrounded the Tsarskoe Selo estates at The town of Pushkin are renamed in Soviet times to mark the greatest poet at Russia. Not merely that, the town has legion attractive forces connected to Alexander Sergaevich which including a museum in former Imperial Lycee, where he educated.



After Catherine I, the married woman of Peter the Great, named The Catherine Palace when her hubby passed off for two twelvemonth for Russia. When Catherine in 1717, a moderateness two floor edifice are consigned by Peter. The Catherine Palace are intrusting its shrewd magnificent to their girl, the Empress Elizabeth, Tsarskoe Selo was ordered by the Empress Elizabeth as her head summer abode. The edifice was re-established by four different architected get downing in 1743. In order to vie Versailles, Chief Architect of the Imperial Court and Bartholomeo Rastrelli was received instructions to redesign the edifice on a graduated table.

Thirteen old ages subsequently, the obtained castle was consummation in 1756. German sculptor- Johann Franz Dunker, who worked with Rastrelli on the palace’s original insides, besides designed the about 1km in perimeter with meticulously decorated blue-and-white frontages characteristic aureate atlentes, caryatids and pilasters. When Elizabeth’s be on the throne, it disbursals over 100kg of gold to garnish the castle outsides, when Catherine the Great discovered the state of affairs, she condemn that private financess had been squander overdose on the edifice.

The insides of the Catherine Palace besides grandiose. Rastrelli besides had designed the particularly celebrated, alleged Golden Enfilade of province suites, presents forms the focal point of the castle circuit. In fact day of the months from the 1860s, invitees enter via the State Staircase, it blends effortlessly with the brilliant rococo of Rastrelli ‘s insides, so its with bonzer bannister and lean backing marble Cupids. The Great Hall which have another name as Hall of Light, there have beautiful scenery on both sides because of the castle had occupied the full breadth, measures about 1,000 square metres. In order to cut down the huge measure of aureate stucco for adorning the walls, the sizes of the arched Windowss chosen which supply plentifulness of visible radiation are immense. In add-on to this, the whole ceiling had covered by a monumental fresco which titled The Triumph of Russia. in the White Dining Room looks equal magnificent, for illustration the suites in castle, there are utilizing resemble engineering but on a little scope. In the corner, solemn had softened the traditional beautiful blue-and-white tiled range.


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