Are electronic devices taking over our kids’ lives A report and survey by the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation shows that students are spending more than 7 h hours UN various media devices. Researchers show that the number of hours is as much as 53 hours weekly and more so in some cases. The survey shows that student’s grades can be affected by excessive use of the internet and electronic media devices. Parental involvement and rule setting could decrease a hill’s usage and attachment to the internet and various electronic devices.

Children should be supervised to some degree and have their time on line monitored. Children begin using media devices and internet when entering adolescents. The paragraph asks the question as to what parent’s can do to prevent a generation of children attached to media devices. Parent’s should also remember to control their own media device and internet use. Certain times of the day should be utilized for parent’s to cease the opportunity and talk to their children about their device usage.

I agree with the authors view on the subject. Anything can become harmful when done in excess. The 53 hours weekly that the study determines children are on line and media devices is high. Some of this time could be used to be doing other constructive activities. I agree that parent involvement could drastically decrease kid’s activities. The study offers comparative percentages to support this. Also, reminding parent’s to evaluate their own usage is a good idea since parent’s have the ultimate say within the household.


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