Are Humans Inherently Evil? Essay, Research Paper

A great adult male one time remarked & # 8220 ; All work forces are created equal & # 8221 ; . Well that observation

was right, except that world is merely equal in the eyes of moral judgement. Here I will

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demo how adult male is inherently evil, but non at his petition.

There can be a broad spectrum of emotions that world can expose, but these

yearss the dominant traits are greed and hatred. Emotions and environmental stimulations dictate

our actions. Every action we display has been impacted upon by some other outside

force, be it another individual or how your twenty-four hours is traveling. Deep down people have to want to

be good, but the evil inside us all ever finds a manner to tunnel to the top. For millenary

adult male has fought his inner devils merely to happen that this conflict is ineffectual. Merely because adult male is

susceptible to peer influence at every bend. And why is that, is it the of all time turning demand to

conform to society & # 8217 ; s norm, is it the demand to be liked by others, or is it wonder of the

things people do. In my sentiment adult male & # 8217 ; s need to conform is the underlying ground why he

does the things he does. Conformity makes us experience safe, it makes us experience like we are one of

a group, when in world we are one in a group of five billion.

If conformance dictates a individual & # 8217 ; s manner of being, why does that do adult male immorality?

Conformity is evil since world imitates what he sees from other individuals unknown.


ven if the action is illegal or immoral. Man sees that money will purchase him love, friends,

and fiscal stableness, in which it will non, merely spiral that individual down the coney hole.

Where does the coney hole lead? It leads to a circle of viscious prurience, destructing other

people like nil merely so another nothing is added to your payroll check. This is where

conformance leads us, from simple existences, to annoy in the eyes of those who hold the key to

our humanity. Those people being the 1s who are closest to us, our beloved friends, and

our household.

In decision, world has a long ways to travel before we can be called worlds,

since now & # 8220 ; Demons & # 8221 ; would be the best adjectival to depict our race.


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