In a Journey. a traveler can derive new positions of themselves and the universe around them by taking on chances to larn. The fresh ‘Raw’ by Scott Monk demonstrates these thoughts by composing about a immature male child named Brett. who hates important figures such as the constabulary. A alteration is perspective is shown in the late chapters when Brett is at the farm. run intoing new friends and larning how lucky he is. What besides changes Brett’s attitude to himself. other people that are the friends that he makes during the novel and a miss that he is willing to run into. even if he goes the prison. Brett’s punish for get awaying from the Farm has change position of doing determinations. Alternatively of judgment and disliking a individual. Brett has shown to alter his positions of other people on his journey. The Poem. ‘The route non taken’ by Robert Frost besides exhibits the chance to derive new positions in the verse form. through the usage of an drawn-out metaphor about the journey of life.

This is shown in the verse form when the character apologises for non being able to take both sides of the route. Disappointment is shown when the character gives a ‘sigh’ . This shows how melancholy he is by giving a deep hearable breath. A personal voice is used in the verse form to make immediateness. In ‘Raw’ . Brett’s journey to the Farm to run into new people and serve as a sentence alternatively of gaol. has given him the chance to derive new position of himself and the universe around him. Because of his journey. he decides to alter how he feels about people such as his warden Sam and the constabulary. The alteration made in the novel is that he chooses to name the constabulary how they are called in alternatively of ‘pigs’ . He has proven himself to be a altruistic individual when he saw his younger friend Frog. being tricked by a adult adult male. Immediately. he steps in to take Frog back to the Farm. even though he is up against an obstruction greater than himself.

This baronial act would non hold happened at the beginning of the novel. because early in the chapter Brett feels that he is hated by everyone. His determination to forestall Frog from taking drugs is due to organizing a close friendly relationship with him and Brett’s guilt for leting his friend to go forth his sight. This is apparent from the quotation mark. ‘Give it back to him. Robbie’ . Brett has besides derive a new position of him after listening to Josh’s unfortunate narrative of his yesteryear. Josh’s narrative has made Brett idea of how assuring his life can be because of the parents he has. He has learnt that the universe has nil against him and that he is merely insulating himself from people who wish to cognize him. There is a batch of alteration in Brett. because at the beginning of the fresh Brett is shown to be an highly unpleasant individual when speech production and looks at the constabulary in a negative manner. This is a contrast between Brett’s pre journey when he ran at the streets stealing a bottle shop to his after journey. acquisition that merely he can alter his life.

Brett’s Stream of consciousness can be seen by the readers a where he moves from his immature attitude to a wiser individual when he listens to others and thinks about what he is making. Brett and Josh have shown to hold a friendlier attack to each other after Josh covered his battle with Smiling Joe. This demonstrates a alteration in Brett’s position because of Brett’s first tally in with Josh. they instantly judged and dislike each other. handling one another similar felons. Whereas now they are able to understand each other. The ground for this is because of Brett appreciating Josh’s aid. This is another contrast in Brett’s Journey. altering how he feels about others. We know how appreciative Brett is when he said ‘Thanks for that’ and ‘Sticking up for me’ After Brett’s flight from the Farm. non merely is he punished but everyone else at the Farm is besides punished for his actions.

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This is what makes Brett learn that there will ever be effects for his behavior on the farm. Because of the penalty. Brett no longer tries to do an flight at Farm. after his first effort. He besides does non lie to the constabulary when they ask him about stealing spirits from a adult male. This is because on his journey. meeting Caitlyn changes his determination of giving himself up and complete his sentence in gaol alternatively of running off from the constabulary to conceal. A feeling of sorrow is made at the beginning of the verse form for non being able to take both sides of the route. The character in the terminal found that the way he took was a pick that he should non repent since non all chance can be taken and that it is really improbable that he will of all time comeback for the other way to detect what it is like. This is because after one route. he may meet another and have to pretermit the other. His wordchoice. ‘sorry’ conveys his feeling of sorrow.

‘The route non taken’ nowadayss us the determination made in the journey of taking merely one way of a diverged route because the character may non be able to take the other way in future. The way he has taken is the 1 less travelled by and has changed his life. He has made an indicant to us that the pick he decides is the more hard one out of the two but the difference is that his one has been honoring. This is said is the last two lines of the last stanza. There is a alteration in tense in the last lines. demoing that he is happy with his determination. The past tense signifies that he desire to look back at his determination subsequently in life. A personal tone is used throughout the verse form by holding the character speech production in first individual.

The composer allows the reader to detect what the character knows or sees. This creates an immediate connexion with the readers and character. With this technique. we are drawn into his universe. life and head. We see what he tells us when he could non take both waies and subsequently shows the he is satisfied with his pick. To sum up. A journey give the traveler a alteration in their attitude themselves other people. It is shown by composers with techniques to show the thought in the text such as the contrast of a person’s pre and after journey. when we track their inner ideas through Stream of Consciousness. Our Wordchoice can expose how we feel in what we say and the usage of first individual allows us to link with the character.


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