ESL Argument Topic Are we too dependent on internet? Nowadays, more and more people depend very heavily on the internet because of studying, working and living. Internet has become one of most important parts in modern life. As the outstanding achievements of modern science and technology revolution, the rapid development of internet into the various domains of society. The internet changed human living mode. The internet is advantageous because of it lets us search the information, shop and relax. First, we can use the internet to search information.

Because the internet let us search information faster and convenient, it is common to see students and people use the computer in libraries, classrooms, dormitories, offices and cafe when they are studying and working. The students and people can not work without the internet. So the internet has to cover these places. As a student, I know the reason why students and people need the internet anywhere. Because in modern society, people are lazy to search the information in books, newspapers and magazines. Most of people do these works online.

Students are lazy to read the books, use pen to take notes an d finish the homework, they think it is faster and more convenience to use e-book to read the article, take notes and finish the homework. Also, “the information on internet is widely. It is like a large library that includes a lot of useful information and educational materials. You can search anything on it” (Bator, 2009). Secondly, we can use the internet to shop online. Because online shopping is convenient and cheaper. “Sellers usual sell their products through some famous websites like Amazon and eBay.

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Same way, if consumers want purchase something that they want, they can through those famous websites too” (Harrison, 2012). Usually, these websites have classification, screening and comments function, they can find out the products and prices what consumers like, also consumers can see all the comments from other consumers. In this way, consumers can buy most cost-effective products. They do not need to drive anywhere, they just need a few clicks and a few days, their production will be shipped to them.

In the process, consumers do not need to go to a shopping mall any more. They just use the internet to finish the shopping. So you can do online shopping anytime, anywhere. In addition, “the selection is very widely for online shopping. It includes a lot of domestic foreign goods. Also, consumers may buy the limited products and discounted products at online shopping” (Clifford, 2012). In addition, we can use internet to relax ourselves. Because we can watch movie, listen to music and play computer games online.

I remembered in my childhood, children had fun play chess, play balls, toys and running around parks. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the internet changed children’s hobby. Because of the internet, children would like sitting in front of a computer, they usual use the computer connects internet to watch movie, listen to music, surf the internet and play online games. Most of them will not go to the park and play chess, balls, toys anymore, they are fascinated with colorful internet. Also, social network sites have become very popular in recent years.

More and more people like to use the social network sites like Facebook, MySpace, twitter and FriendFeed, because people can see a lot of photos, videos and current activities from other people. Meanwhile, you can write some comments below the items and chat with your friends online. It is really good for people to make more friends. However, the excessive dependence on internet will bring some bad influences to us. Because excessive use of internet is bad for people’s healthy and study. For most of children, internet provides a good chance to play online games.

Some online game companies in order to get more profit to design some atmosphere, let children wander in the game. They have to spend more time to finish the game. Gradually, children will not want finish the homework and go to the school anymore, they are addicted in online games step by step. They would like to waste all of time in games. It is really very terrible. Also, the security of internet and personal information is a big problem. When you use the internet, virus threats are very common, it can destroy your documents, systems even computer.

You may worry about your personal information security such as name, address, credit card information. If you surf the internet, you will find there are a lot of pornographic sites on internet. Government does not have a good policy to control the pornographic sites and children usual do not have a good self-control. So it is very easy for children to visit these bad websites, it will result in children have a bad mental health. Meanwhile, the information on internet not complete exactly. Sometimes, you may see some false information.

It will result a big damage to people. So we can not dependent on internet too much In conclusion, the internet has many benefits, including how it gives us information, convenient shopping options and leisure pastimes. Students are dependent on internet to study, company staffs are dependent on internet to work, and children are dependent on internet for entertainment. Internet offers us information scanning, online shopping and online entertainment. It provides more opportunity to social communication. The internet makes our life become sample, convenience and colorful.

As a kind of new technology, it is one of most important parts in modern society, people can not leave it. We hope internet becomes more excellent and the security problem will be improved, so that internet can bring more benefits to people in the future. Reference: 1. Bator, M. (2009). Are young people becoming too dependent on the internet?. Chicago Tribune 2. Clifford, S. (2012). Luring online shoppers offline. New York Times, B2. 3. Harrison, R. (2012). Are we becoming too dependent on the internet? Retrieved from: http://www. austin-williams. com/blog/post. cfm/are-we-becoming-too-dependent-on-the-internet


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