The Philippines educational system is undergoing a large alteration which follows the international educational system. The K-12 system is the system used by the United States and other states. The K-12 system is started by the Aquino Administration. The authorities will add two twelvemonth plus Kindergarten. Many people think that implementing the plan in the Philippines will be undistinguished and unneeded but others think that it would better the country’s educational system and the state as a whole. I agree with the K-12 system that will assist pupils encompass a better quality instruction and will give them more occupation chances. particularly abroad.

There are many statements sing the K-12 execution. I have chosen 3 statements to speak about. First. parents are non financially stabled. Money would impede the execution of the system. The parents would pay two more old ages for the instruction of their kids. Their kids would larn more and derive more cognition for those extra two twelvemonth of instruction. The money that the parents pay will be put into good usage for their children’s hereafter. But the parents would be passing a batch more than they expected for good quality instruction. The parents are non prepared to pay for two more old ages of instruction. The program of the disposal was earlier than expected. And some parents are non happy with this program because of fiscal jobs.

Second. better the quality instruction we have in our state. The Philippines need good quality instruction because we have a hapless instruction system. The K-12 system will assist the state to hold a higher criterion of instruction the authorities can add more to the course of study. The promotion of holding an improved quality instruction would take to an earlier success in a student’s life. It may take him/ her long to complete high school but he/ she gained more cognition than the student’s who prepared in 10 old ages. The pupil would take longer to complete his/ her basic instruction but will be more prepared. It is adequate that the pupil is prepared when making the age of 18 after completing the K-12. Their heads will be mature adequate to believe better than what is expected of them if graduated at the age of 16.

Last. fix the pupil for work after graduating. Not all pupils who graduated will automatically be sent to a university for college. Some pupils prepare themselves to look for a occupation for the interest of holding money to analyze in college while some are forced to work for the interest of assisting the household. The pupils who have accomplished the 12 twelvemonth system will automatically be recognized professionals because we are following the international instruction criterion. This will be good for our state. But. the pupil has non accomplished his/ her schooling. He/ she needs to be sent off to college because finishing all degrees of instruction would intend a better occupation in or out of the state. A pupil can gain more if he/ she finishes college and finds a good occupation.

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Based on the statements stated. either good or bad. the K-12 system has a good point. I agree that the parents will pass more money for good instruction but their money won’t be put into waste. Their kids will see good quality instruction that will good for their hereafter. Of class parents want what’s best for their kids in the quality of instruction because one twenty-four hours. their kids will be the 1s helping them when they grow old. The old instruction system is done for 10 old ages and it can emphasize a student’s life if the system should hold been 12 old ages. We all know that some people have fiscal jobs that they go to work after high school. 12 old ages is longer than the 10 twelvemonth system but the graduate pupils of the K-12 will automatically be recognized professionals because we are following the international instruction criterion. The K-12 system will assist pupils acquire a better occupation abroad because of the quality instruction that follows the international instruction criterion.


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