Argumentative Essay About College Essay, Research Paper

Argumentative Essay about College

Dear Ben,

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Hey Ben! I was speaking with Sean yesterday when he told me the

intelligence, you? re be aftering to detain college. This came as a daze to me

when I heard it. By non go toing college, you may acquire a twelvemonth? s remainder

and a opportunity to believe your determinations through, but if you of all time do

decide to go to college, you will lose out on a batch of chances as

good. I think you should see traveling to college instead than driving

the unfastened route after High School.

The information you? ve learned in High School will be more fresh in

your head now than 1 twelvemonth from now. You have passed 12 old ages of

schooling, yet now you believe it is clip to rest and see other topographic points

and people for a twelvemonth or more before trying college. College adds

4 more old ages of intense work, yet cognition learned within High

School can do learning new stuff easier for you. Other people

frequently find themselves acquiring sidetracked once they put off the

option to go to college, that can merely impede your ability to

finally go a college alumnus.

College can be a fun experience if shared with friends and people


similar age. By waiting an excess twelvemonth or two, you will happen it more

uncomfortable within your categories. The full college experience

involves parties, football games, and imbibing beer with your brothers

every bit good as an instruction. As you get into the full experience and

enjoy college, you will understand and appreciate what a college


The ideal clip for college is now more than of all time as you besides have

scholarships and your parents to assist with the expensive money

agreement which is needed. Parents can be a great aid in paying

for your college, and may be willing to pay much more instantly

after graduation from High School, than paying 2 old ages afterwards.

Scholarships are ever helpful to pupils, paying for a small spot of

an expensive college. Although, to utilize the scholarship, you must travel

instantly to college.

A College instruction right now is a batch more good to you and your

hereafter than you may recognize. It can take to earlier occupations with increased

wages, better college experience, and scholarships to assist pay for it

all. I hope the statements I mentioned above aid you to see the

other side of this state of affairs and take suitably.


I'm Niki!

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