I believe Aristotle and Plato are both great minds. Aristotle and Plato both give good grounds to what they believe. There are some things that Plato says that I may or may non hold on. and same goes with Aristotle. In this essay I am traveling to turn out why Aristotle and Plato both have an influence upon my thought. In order for me to turn out that I must understand Plato’s thought. and Aristotle’s thought. I am traveling to analyse their different philosophical positions such as their theory of signifiers. and human nature. Aristotle has a greater influence upon my thought in the long tally. but I want to be certain that I understand them both.

Plato believes the organic structure is like a coop for the psyche. The existent individual is non the organic structure ; it’s the psyche that is held within in the organic structure. I agree with Plato. because after decease our organic structures decay and we no longer hold a organic structure. but are soul still exists. Aristotle on the other manus believes a adult male is like an animate being. Not merely any carnal it must be a certain sort. He believes the psyche is a signifier. When I read what Aristotle believed about human nature it truly had me believing. I want to state I agree with Aristotle but so once more it’s a small confusing.

I want to state I agree. because people say that we were animate beings before we became worlds. but I myself still don’t know the truth. If I knew for certain that we were animate beings before we became worlds so I would most decidedly agree with Aristotle. Plato’s concluding behind human nature is much better understood to me. Metaphysics is the survey of being as being ( world ) . Epistemology is the survey of cognizing ( justness ) . Plato believes there is another universe and the universe is the universe of signifiers. He breaks down metaphysics and epistemology to convey this universe to an apprehension.

The universe of signifiers is lasting and unchanging. The universe of signifiers is what we know ( our cognition ) which came to decision by concluding. Even though we may non be able to see or touch these signifiers does non do them unreal. We do non populate in the universe of signifiers ; we live in the universe of experience. The universe of experience is temporary and mutable. The universe of experience is our sentiments. what we sense. believe. but in our universe it’s all existent. but in world it is really existent. I believe the universe of signifiers is a universe we all wish to populate in. but it’s unreal.

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The universe of signifiers is like a dream. Aristotle breaks down the universe into classs which is better understood than Plato position of the universe. Aristotle breaks it down into 10 classs ( substance. measure. quality. relationship. topographic point. clip. position. province. action. and undergoing something ) . A substance exists within itself. The other nine classs are known as Accidents. You have to hold a substance for anything else to be. Without a substance there are no accidents. Without affair there is no signifier. When it comes to organize you must hold affair Aristotle believes. I agree with him on that.

Plato ne’er mentioned affair ; he ever believed you merely had a signifier. An easy manner to demo why I disagree with Plato is. the organic structure is the signifier and the psyche is the affair. He ne’er identifies the organic structure and psyche as affair and signifier. He puts them together as one whole signifier. but he sort of digs a hole for himself by stating that. because he believes himself. the psyche and organic structure are non connected. Although the psyche is inside the organic structure. the organic structure is merely protection for the psyche. Form is defined as a substance. but with a substance you must hold affair that is why I believe/understand Aristotle positions of the universe.

Harmonizing to Aristotle merely concrete things are matter such as a psyche. a individual. an animate being. etc. Aristotle’s position on signifier is much more elaborate and makes more sense to me. Something’s Plato references merely does non look like existent world to me. Aristotle and Plato brought together equals a good defined/understood philosophical universe. In decision I now have a better apprehension of Aristotle and Plato’s thought. I personally believe that Aristotle came to his decision with the start of Plato’s thought. Plato makes a batch of good points. but something’s he believes is non complete or may non be true.

I believe Aristotle is more philosophically inclined than Plato. He gets rid of the thoughts that are irrelevant. I see him as person who believes the universe is fulfilling merely the manner it is. They both had visions of ways to better the society through signifiers. affair. world. human nature or whatever it may be. Both these work forces were highly great minds. All their ideas. and sentiments were different. but they had the same concerns. We still to this twenty-four hours. in this hereafter utilize both Aristotle and Plato’s philosophical manner of thought and I believe that was their whole intent.


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