When disaster strikes ND a huge comet passes through the asteroid belt to push forward space debris and larger than life asteroid, the size of Texas, NASA has eighteen days to find and train Harry group of misfit men to save planet Earth. Anna’s plans are simple, drill deep into the asteroid and bury a nuclear device that will blow It Into two separate pieces. This dolls of the asteroid will drive It apart enough to have It fly safely pass Earth. Now only If dealing with Harry crew would be that easy, the crews list of unusual demands will have to met before any of them agree to help.

NASA seeing no other choice decides to grant the men’s wishes so they can continue on with training. NASA is forced to let the world in on its plans to launch the two space shuttles Freedom and Independence when Shanghai is wiped out due to a rather large fragment of the asteroid colliding with it. Along the way the crew goes through a few obstacles and after a narrow escape A. J. ‘s shuttle, Independence, crashes to the ground while Freedom lands roughly thirty feet away from the original landing site.

With communication falling and the mission Is behind schedule the crew, or what’s feet of them, will have to drill where they are. Luckily for them not everyone on the Independence crashed and burned. Like knights In shelling armor A. J. And two others arrive In time to complete the mission. When disaster strikes this time, leaving the equipment faulty and having the non flying crew to draw straws to basically be blown up because they will have to self detonate the nuclear bomb. The one who pulls the “short straw’ is A. J. But at the last minute Harry pulls A.

G’s line and pushes him back into the ship stating “he is the son he never had and he would be proud to have him marry Grace. Then after a long sad good-bye the remaining crew returns home heroes and Harry blows the asteroid, and himself, up saving the world from its demise. In the movie Anna’s director Dan Truman states that the asteroid is “the size of Texas. ” This Is a false statement because according to Phil Plait the largest asteroid out there In space Is approximately nine hundred kilometers wide while Texas Is fourteen thousand kilometers wide.

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Also that the possibility of a comet being able to knock the Iron made asteroid so hard that Is charts off course and heads straight to Earth is also not likely. It is also unlikely but not impossible for a comet to come in Is it possible to be assaulted by lots of little forerunners from the main asteroid? Why yes, yes it is. However, the shrapnel would disappear quickly and most likely before it reached Earth. Also it would be a continuous pelting of debris instead of in spurts as the movie shows it does and the shrapnel would continue to increase in size until the “Texas sized” one hit. Astonishingly the movie did get something right.

When the technician tells everyone that the moon’s gravity has sent an asteroid tumbling and they will lose dado contact because they are rotating away Earth this could possibly happen. An asteroid is affected by the tides of the moon and it can and will actually spin, although, the strength of gravity obviously depends on the size and distance of the object that it is pulling. So how big is big enough to make us extinct? Most non scientific people think it would have to be a very large asteroid when in reality it could be relatively small compared to Earth. A three to ten mile radius of rock is all it would take to pummel us to our deaths.

The odds of an asteroid impact large enough to that is small, thank God! In the movie it states that Earth’s demise is only eighteen days away but when asked how NASA missed this minor detail it was said that they only had a million dollars to search the entire sky and it’s a BIG sky, yet later they use Hubble to look at the giant killer heading our way. Here is the problem with using Hubble it wouldn’t work. It takes at least two weeks to point it anywhere because of the software. However, in an extreme emergency it could be moved within two days but it takes time to write up the software needed to move it.

In the case of Armageddon though I hint they would have been what is called an extreme emergency! So in reality a movie is Just that, a movie. It is meant to entertain and take us on a journey and although some movies are about Journeys to space that is not always the correct or factual knowledge. As long as we remember that going in I think we’ll be just fine. Works Cited “Killer Asteroids Par. 2013. – Impact: Earth ” . Killer Asteroids – Impact: Earth. N. P. , n. D. Web. 2 “Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy: –SPOILERS! — Review: Armageddon. ” Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy: –SPOILERS! — Review: Armageddon. N. P. , n. D. Web. 16 Par. 2013.


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