I’m here to tell you why Arnold Schwarzenegger would make a good president. I’m going to show you why he should be allowed to run and why he would make a great president. So how many of you can vote? There are many reasons why people think one candidate is better than the other. Whether it be race or social status. We Judge presidential candidates by their past and what Important things they have done. We take sides based on what they can promise us whether It be the end of the war or compromise.

For those who do not know who Arnold S is I’ll give you some background information about him. He was born on June 30, 1947 in Austria. He moved to the US In 1968 when he was Just 21 years old. He started bodybuilding when he was Just 15 and by the time he was 20 he had won the Mr.. Universe competition. He later started acting in movies like Terminator and Predator. Then in 2003 he became the Governor of California serving nearly 8 years as governor.

In the time that he was governor he helped make California a better state. He said no to a law that would Increase the price on vehicle registration fees. He also helped prevent illegal immigrants from getting driver licenses. He also helped Californians economy. Rumors had been spread that he was planning on running for senate in 2010 but those rumors turned out to be false. He is not allowed to run for president because he was not born a US citizen. I feel as though they should allow a change In that requirement.

They should make it harder for a non US citizen to run but they would still allow it considering we are all immigrants that migrated to this country. Despite him being an immigrant to this country, he could still make a good president. He made executive decisions in California and he helped them progress and Improve. Imagine what he would do with our whole country. Maybe he could bring us the promises that Obama can’t. Maybe he would make new promises and help make the US as prosperous as it used to be. We will never know though.

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In his movies he Is always known as the ‘bedaubs. Whether he is partially an Indestructible homicidal robot or he Is covering himself In mud to fight an Invisible alien threat. He will always be the strong guy that no one ever wants to mess with. He is 65 years old now and I still don’t think I would talk to him. However there is a fun side to his bedaubs side. He has also starred in movies like Kindergarten Cop, where he Is an undercover cop who gets mistaken as a substitute teacher for a kindergarten class and Batman and Robin.

He did not star as Batman or Robin, he actually starred s Mr.. Freeze, a villain. Now imagine if we had a president like that! And we can! Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger as president. Think of all the things he would change to make this country better. He would be the most intimidating president ever. Despite the fact he is not a born US citizen I hope that I’ve shown you that he is president material. Schwarzenegger 2016!!!! 1 OFF 2013. “Arnold Schwarzenegger. ” Wisped. De. Wisped. Wakefield Foundation, 02 Septet. 2013. Web. 10 Feb.. 2013.


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