Technology through the years has changed in many different ways. Advances in this area go from electronic devices to the way people live their daily lives. The world has experienced many years of technological development in the last century and will keep changing at an increased speed in the near future, as new things are being created to full-fill and make peoples lives uncomplicated. Technology, communication and information technology has impacted and revolutionized people’s lives by making it more simple and faster.

When people hear the word technology the first thing that comes into their mind is cellphones, computers, Internet, and all of the electronic devices that have appeared through the last century. The truth is that technology advances go farther than only electronic devices, many different gadgets for medicine, flights, daily life have been appearing through the past years simplifying peoples lives. For example, the invention of washing machines making women’s lives uncomplicated.

Now they can put the dinner dishes into the washer machine without having to spend time in washing all the dishes that where used. Furthermore, they don’t have to spend time washing all the family clothes because they have a washing machine and a dryer machine. But not only that, the Internet and cellphones have made communication between humans faster and more effective. Many people argue that even though there have been numerous advances in technology this hasn’t changed people’s way of life.

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Despite the fact that technology makes lives simpler the production process hasn’t exactly changed. As well as productivity hasn’t increased over the years. Production and productivity either at people’s home, work place, or companies has remained the same. Even though technology has revolutionized there are so many things that it can do for people but there are other things that no matter how advanced it gets it is never going to replace certain things.

Technology has changed and improved through the last century, changing the people’s lives and surroundings. As technology, communication and information has impacted and simplified peoples life there are things that will remain the same as productivity and production. Technology has helped in many different ways like making communication between people around the world faster but people should learn how and when is the right time to use it. As the time goes by, technology will keep growing and impacting people’s lives.


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