One of my favorite things in this life is art. So when there was an option in my city to take apart of the art walk, I diffidently took advantage of it. It was such a beautiful day that it was the perfect opportunity to be outside and do something productive and with the community. Ashland celebrates every first Friday of every month and puts on events, and there is always an art walk no matter what the season. Surprisingly, it would be my second time ever being apart of this event. Before going to the Art Walk, I had depicted something totally different.

I thought that there were going to be booths set up throughout Litchi Park, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! I had a couple friends Join me on this walk that had already done this before. So when we first started, I was surprised by the set up. We started by walking into an actual art store. When I walked into the first store there was a huge display of huge rocks, which caught my attention. Growing up I used to be obsessed with rocks and collected them. My father took notice to this and bought me a book on rocks when I was much younger, so looking at these rocks brought back memories f my childhood, I could almost name all of them.

I was amazed at the huge amethyst rocks that were displayed, they were taller than me! Looking around there were also fossils that were displayed in one of the glass cases. It shocks me that they use fossils to make gas. Fossils are so beautiful and they are history. Walking around there was another room filled with little rocks everywhere, one my favorites being the malachite rock. I actually own a necklace made of malachite, and it was cool to see in its real form. Then in another room was more art as well as free samples of red wine with knacks.

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In that specific room there was art work done by an artist named Eric Christensen. I was really intrigued by his work, which were watercolors paintings, that looked real. Or in artist terms, they were realistic paintings. Each of them had a wine bottle in them and glasses of wine. Some inside with a nice image of a vineyard in the background. It was a nice addition to the art work along with so many other small details. It made the painting look that much more realistic. In each collection it really captured the romance of the wine country lifestyle in a really stunning way.

He aid a lot of attention to lighting and shading. Realistic drawings are very hard to perfect, and these paintings were perfect. Next we made our way to a Eagerly store. This wasn’t Just any Eagerly store though, as you walked around behind the main counter was the studio where the jeweler’s made the Jewelry and the costumers were able to watch them in the process. These handcrafted pieces were so beautiful and all one of kind. Along with the Jewelry that was made were rings without the stones in them yet. They give you the option of picking out the band and then picking what type of stone as well as cut.

All super interesting. Not really my thing to go look at Jewelry, especially a fine eagerly place, but this place really had me in awe, the way they did all their Jewelry was so unique and each very beautiful on their own. In the middle of the store were little boxes with such colorful rocks separated out, the colors ranging from pinks and yellows to brown and black. As we were walking around, opera filled the inside of the store, as I looked around a young woman was standing outside of the store with a small crowd gathering around her. She had such a beautiful voice, that was so loud and clear.

So I decided at that point I would head out of the store and sip on more of my wine sample and watch her sing. It was very enjoyable. We then proceeded down the street following a group of people headed to the back part of Ashland, also known as old town Ashland. We then ran into another girl from class who said there was some great art down off of 2nd Street. We walked pretty far but as we were passing by the Ashland food co-pop, there was a crowd outside with massage tables set up and people getting free messages as well as a local band playing and children dancing outside.

Massage is also another form of art I believe. I didn’t take apart of this because in order to get a massage you would have to wait for 20 minutes and by that time the sun would have set and we needed to get to a couple other stores before stores closed down for the night. After this we walked down half a block to a store that when you first walked in looked like a lot of stuff that was being sold for your house, but as I got closer I saw a pair of earrings and anklet that I loved.

They were made out of silver coins and asked the owners where they were from, and they were from Mexico. Although the style that the Jerkily was made looked Indian. So when I was talking to the owner they need up telling me that they had moved from India and I asked them if they had been to my moms store which is called “Tibetan Treasures”. It was a nice little talk that we exchanged where we were from. Our next stop was a store that was actually in a house. What drew us there was a man standing outside playing an eerie xylophone.

As we walked in it was a store full of glasses, used glasses. Very interesting and very different, not my style but that is very thrifty to have a store full of used glasses. Its an excellent way of reusing material instead of hurting the earth and Just throwing away glasses that people loud diffidently reuse. After leaving we walked to a store that looked like it used to be a mechanics garage but they had switched things up and stored stuff that was homemade, very couture and beautiful furniture as well as electrical goods for inside of your home.

Also were some things that were nice for displaying collectibles, for instance there were pieces of film that were cut off of the original film of “The Wizard of Oz”. So beautiful and amazing to even know that these little hidden gems were stored out in Ashland, right under my nose! As we stepped through a back door there was outside seating with homemade abeles made of metal that were super exquisite. A little further into the yard was a man playing guitar and people sitting around, gathered watching and listening to him play.

I personally loved sitting next too Buddha statue, it was so cute Just sitting in the middle of this yard as well as the overgrown grass Just growing around little metal flowers in the yard. And last but not least, our last stop was at an actual art gallery filled with drawings, paintings, print and sculptures that were all locally made. The rogue ball is so full of so many talented people, I had never known. One drawing in particular as a painting that a 5 year old had drawn of an under water scene full of sea creatures.

After that child had drawn, the grandmother of this child did their own drawing in it as well. It was a very sweet drawing. I met some very interesting people at this particular event. One man was holding a script as well as wearing gloves. I went up and asked him why he was wearing them and he said that he WA graphic artist and that this print had to have been hand done. Being apart of this community really made me feel as if I was important and even more knowledgeable about my city. I really loved this project and enjoyed the beautiful weather with mom lovely company.


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