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Marc Brotman Theory of Drama 11/15/00 TWO NIGHTS OF ARTAUD IS JUST NOT HEALTHY Cornell West writes, civilization convinces you non to kill yourself. This, I ve come to recognize, is a partial articulation of Atraud s thought of civilization -in-action ( which besides mandates his thought of metaphysics-in-action ) . Writing from a religious position, Artaud believes that something makes us unrecorded. This something is empirical and existing in all things. For Artaud, the human demand for a surpassing province is portion of life. Culture, he thinks, is the best sphere for the satisfaction of this necessity. He likens this irresistible impulse to that of hungriness. Hunger for nutrient is the same as the necessity for the look of and try at a poetic province. The demand to devour civilization in order to slake this centripetal demand is intrinsic to survival. Sing modern-day civilisation dividing civilization from life, Artaud points to public countries of offense, love and drug maltreatment as corrupt looks of this demand. Because of the blocks put between cultural ingestion and the capacity to back up life, Artaud sees a grave disjunction between human building and the forces of life. His Theater of Cruelty is an effort to interrupt down these barriers and repossess adult male s deity. Through spectacle, he wants to accomplish an immediateness that disallows digestive or analytical attacks, and demands a entire centripetal submergence. Working more as a Shaman than a playwright, his mise-en-scene purposes to be a linguistic communication which develops all its physical and poetic effects on every degree of consciousness and in all the senses ( 44 ) . On a much broader graduated table, this satisfaction would redefine human apprehension and action, doing it straight compelled by the cryptic deepnesss of ourselves ( 7 ) . Artaud defines the consideration of civilised adult male as a individual who thinks in signifiers, marks, representations ( 8 ) . This thought procedure, which is instructed in systems, separates civilization from the basic elements of endurance. Acknowledging how a consciousness instructed in systems dictates even our subtlest behaviour ( 8 ) , Artaud remarks on the pervasive and detrimental consequence of European civilization. The system which separates things and words, is an installed break that maintains a method of remotion from the Godhead. From this point of view, Artaud s theatre is one of devastation. It breaks down the boundary that civilisation puts up between modern and entire adult male. Entire adult male, here, is inclusive of intrinsic and extrinsic deity. It is a wholesome poetics in signifier that representation, or our imaginativeness of representation, denies. He writes, far from believing that adult male invented the supernatural and the Godhead, I think it is adult male s antique intercession which has finally corrupted the Godhead within him, ( although, he subsequently contradicts this by stating it is non the Godhead that is corrupt, but adult male s understanding and look of it. ) The Godhead is subjective, yet the system of remotion and deducing ideas from Acts of the Apostless, disturbs the human module from suitably ordaining its sanctity. Sing the look of hurting as a presentation of ever-present forces, Aratud s theatre asks for a redirection of civilization. The redirection is in chase of the Godhead and therefore, an acquisition of pure signifier that will pave the route for the regulation of thaumaturgy. Life is so the passage of a direct irresistible impulse from deity, which is reached through civilization. Culture is the material of life, non a separation from it. It is coincident look and feeling, a refined agencies of understanding and exerting life ( 10 ) . Borrowing from ancient civilizations he envisions as pure and connected to nature, his theatre aims to bring on savageness ( which is non defined by simpleness, but spontaneousness ) . The accomplishment of immediateness dictates much of the manner he conceptualizes infinite and spectacle. All facets of The Theater of the Cruel coalesce to organize

a totalitarian experience where every theatrical tool informs the other, making a pure theatrical linguistic communication. Pure signifier is non imprisoned in an object, but connected to a entire experience. His theatre will make a centripetal designation that obliterates meager physical representation. The audience, so, redefines the manner it considers form outside of theatre. Artaud demonstrates this when he writes,

It happens when we are watching pyrotechnics, the crepitating nocturnal barrage of hiting stars, sky projectiles, and Roman tapers may uncover to our eyes its hallucinatory visible radiation certain inside informations of landscape, wrought in alleviation against the dark: trees, towers, mountains, houses whose lighting and sudden phantom will ever stay decidedly linked in our heads with the thought of this noisy rending of the darkness & # 8230 ; this entry of the different elements of landscape & # 8230 ; remain inspite of everything related to this sudden fire as dim reverberations, populating points of mention. ( 35 ) Each object contains its significance non in a representative signifier, but a sensuous 1. All the elements affect all the senses which combine into an experience, which creates the signifier. The spectacle in theatre is no different. The immediate experience will organize the feeling which, in return, becomes the manner of designation. Yet, it is an designation different from that of Aristotelean theatre. This designation disallows an internalized catholicity, which Brecht describes as stating it is atrocious because it is true, and can non be changed. Rather, its catholicity is in its sum, immediate feeling that is beyond intending through interpretative comprehension. The Theater of The Cruel is elitist. This is the closest Artaud comes to being a playwright. Sing adult male s need to accomplish the poetic province, a surpassing experience of life as a cosmopolitan irresistible impulse, the multiple remotion of things from their Godhead province is portion of a modern-day human consciousness. Developing the reading of fanciful representation to an absurd degree, confusion has sent the populace into adrift hysterics. The Theater of the Cruel purposes to be the infinite where the populace can devour the cultural demands of being. Artaud sets a design for the theatre, but forewarns that the indispensable thing is to believe that non merely anyone can make it, and that there must be a readying ( 13 ) . In order for the theatre to joint the great indispensable passions ( 123 ) , there must be a individual who has achieved and can make elevated provinces. The theatre individual, so, becomes more like a holy adult male. Merely as the hieroglyphs of ancient civilizations were symbols intrinsic with deity, the pure theatrical linguistic communication must besides be imbued with sanctity. The mise-en-scene must besides demand the usage of multiple sense at one time in order for civilization to achieve that fragile, fluctuating centre which forms ne’er range ( 13 ) . Entirety is latent in the full building of Artaud s theatre. Demanding a wholistic usage of infinite, Artaud wants to make a pure theatrical linguistic communication that is a poesy of the senses ( 37 ) . This will make a spectacle that does non let transit to a fictional kingdom, but brings truth through look and feeling. Although Artaud and Aristotle talk in footings of catholicity and designation, The Theater of the Cruel is really different from incorporate representation. Artaud s theatre, which is no thing, but makes usage of everything, denies katharsis. Catharsis is a declaration with the system of direction that demands separation from objects. Artaud demands a rapprochement with the Godhead that is inarticulable. It is life renewed by the theatre & # 8230 ; in which adult male dauntlessly makes himself maestro of what does non yet exist, and brings it into being ( 13 ) . Here, though, is another echoing paradox. While theatre renews life ( which is ever-present ) , how can it make what does non be?

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