This article was about the power of listening. This is recollected through personal experiences of the former president of USC, Steven Sample. He talked about how he listened to what his advisors had to say, but didn’t over consider their opinions. Even his wife was an advisor and he didn’t take her advice differently than that of another advisor. Sample was appointed by the board of directors who have the ability to hire and fire the president of the university. He mentioned while in a meeting, a board member did not agree with Sample’s new idea or decision.

However, the board ember did not argue and openly stated how he disagreed and told Sample that as president of the university, he trusted his decisions made for the best interest for the university. As a result, Sample decided to further access the situation and take into account what the board member had said. Among managers of an organization, all the way down to the very bottom, Sample stressed the idea of “open communication and structured decision making. ” I experienced this idea last summer while I was working at my uncle’s metal fabrication company. Here, I was at the bottom of the food chain considering I was n unskilled laborer.

The company has about 40 employees and orders were coming in faster than we could produce them. Being on the factory floor, I noticed many things that could be improved to increase efficiency. This would probably be the foreman’s Job but he was swamped with all the orders and instructing employees. One thing I noticed was how many smoking breaks some employees would take. The same ten workers would step outside of the shop for a smoke every 45 minutes. Many of the non-smoking employees would mention how it was unfair that some employees had more breaks than others.

However, it was somewhat against the norm for a factory worker to step foot into the front office and talk to my uncle. So during lunch one day, I mentioned to my uncle the situation and the complaints of the other workers. The following week a letter was posted where we clock-in stating that smoke breaks are only to be taken during schedule breaks (about every two hours). This is a perfect example of the usefulness of open communication. If I had never said anything to my uncle, chances are an employee wouldn’t have stepped into the front office and numerous smoking breaks would be a common occurrence. By supervising

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