Arthur Miller has been one of Americas best known drama authors who emerged in the United States since World War II. He has been composing since the age of 17 and bases his work on personal experiences while assailing political positions. One of his best known plants is The Death of a Salesman which is about a adult male named Willy Loman who tries to emerge in the concern industry and show a better image of him in society. Another of import drama is The Crucible which is about the Salem enchantress tests in Massachusetts where people blame one another of being enchantresss to salvage themselves.

Through his dramas. Death of a Salesman and The Crucible. Arthur Miller expresses his ain personal life and criticizes the events of the 2nd Red Scare after World War II. As a immature grownup. Arthur Miller worked in his father’s fabric factory and would detect the behaviours of the employees. Miller would analyse his male parent. relations or other hired concern work forces working for his male parent. and saw how these work forces tried so difficult to go successful because some couldn’t even sell anything. He would acknowledge how fast they would age because of so much work they went through merely to seek and lift economically.

During the 1920s people felt that if they had money they would be accepted by society. If non so no 1 would care. Like many people Arthur Miller realized that the people in his father’s mill are disillusioned by the fact of going rich. successful and crushing everyone else at the concern game. While working at that place Miller started composing a short narrative in which he was influenced by the salesman in the mill. Manny Newman was one of Arthur Miller’s uncles that worked as a salesman in his father’s fabric mill and after composing the short narrative his uncle’s life influenced Miller even more.

Newman was frequently really competitory with the other salesman in the industry. even his ain boies Buddy and Abby Loman. Buddy was the oldest boy of Newman who was really athletic and popular with the misss but didn’t end up graduating from high school. Abby was his youngest boy who was good on his manner but still wasn’t certain about his life calling. Miller said that “The Newman house clasp was one in which you dared non lose hope and I would subsequently believe of it as a flawlessness of America for that reason…

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It was a house trembling with declaration and cries of triumphs that had non yet taken topographic point but certainly would tomorrow. “ ( Arthur Miller 3 ) It describes the disenchantment of the Newman household which subsequently caused Arthur Miller to rewrite his short narrative. turn into a drama and name it The Death of a Salesman. In Arthur Miller’s drama. The Death of Salesman. he reflects upon the society he observed and their finding to win even when their dream was non traveling anyplace they wanted it to be.

In the drama. Miller asserts that “the underlying battle of all such play is that of the single attempting to derive his rightful place in society. ” ( Thompson 1 ) . He compares Willy Loman to Manny Newman. his uncle. and tells the narrative of the household and his battle to accomplish his American dream of wealth. Like Newman. the character. Willy Loman tries to suit into society because society would non accept him as a failure. “He has based his ain individuality and dignity on societal acceptance—on how “well-liked” he is” ( Thompson 2 ) .

Willy Loman invariably tried to happen ways to sell things or go affluent but he ne’er succeeded. This causes Willy to experience out of topographic point in society merely like Newman and other people who weren’t wealthy in the 1920s because society would non care for the common adult male. Willy Loman is the biggest symbol in The Death of a Salesman ; he is an of import figure of society and commits himself to a sham society which blinds him from the values of human experience. In add-on through his whole life and calling. he has wanted to be affluent but ne’er succeeded his “American Dream” .

Willy Loman “…Has wholly sold himself to what is at best an anachronic dream—that anyone can acquire in front. This is what he has been brought up to believe. the promise of his mythic ( salesman ) heroes. ” ( Gordon 3 ) . This shows how he ever compared himself to other affluent people like his brother and complained how his brother became affluent but yet he ne’er did when he had the same pick as his brother. He was disillusioned by the fact that he wanted a successful household so he even tried to force his ain boies into the concern industry because he believed it was the best pick for them.

His two boies didn’t want to be salesmen and weren’t even good at it particularly his boy Biff. Willy worried about who Biff was traveling to be because he was the oldest and still didn’t have a manageable calling or life. “He commits suicide to give his boies the lone thing his society respects—cash. ” ( Gordon 2 ) . Willy believed that he was more valuable dead than alive and was the lone manner he could give money to his boies. He wanted them to be recognized in the civilisation so killing himself was the lone option.

Using his life insurance he would give money to his household doing them affluent and cceptable in society merely like in his “American Dream” . Miller was besides influenced by McCarthyism an of import event in history and his life during the 1940s and 50s after universe war two. Ever since the terminal of WWII the United States citizens have been faulting the societal agitation on Communist. Many people were afraid that the Communists would take over and no one knew what Communist looked like so they easy blamed people for the smallest things. “Communist rhetoric became common among displaced workers every bit good as creative person and intellectuals” ( McCarthyism 2009 ) .

Anybody who questioned or protested against Torahs in the United States would easy be blamed as a Communist because they would be traveling against their ain state. There was a turning paranoia as the clip went on and many people wanted to halt communism from distributing which became the cardinal subject of American policy both at place and work. Even so the people had already been losing their rights and privateness “Smith Act was passed. doing it illegal to recommend the violent overthrow of authorities. Various trueness plans designed to weed out Communist from occupations in the federal authorities were put into place… ( McCarthyism 2009 ) .

The United States was coming into full pandemonium because even at one point they were faulting European immigrants of being communist because that is where it foremost emerged. Even many Russians were being deported to maintain communism off harmonizing to some people and do the United States citizens feel safe and secure. McCarthyism foremost started with the senator Joseph McCarthy impeaching others of being Communist to merely do himself look better. Joseph McCarthy was non the best senator and had many jobs like moderation.

Many people did non like him and he was afraid of losing his place so his lone option was to look like a hero. “McCarthy and his Alliess claimed that Communist had infiltrated the authorities and other institutions…the onslaughts were baseless but however destroyed the callings of 1000s of persons. ” ( McCarthyism 2009 ) . Calming others were communist made it look like he was salvaging the universe. Many people were intimidated by McCarthy and some told the truth but McCarthy took the option of non believing them because it was more sensible for some Americans to believe they told a lie alternatively of the truth.

As a consequence the House Un-american Activities Committee ( HUAC ) was created which attacked anybody who was blamed of being communist and Joseph McCarthy was a member of this Committee because he was the first to raise this paranoia even more. He took the advantage of the 2nd Red Scare to do himself seem like a more productive senator. “HUAC members would strong-arm their prey-some of whom were at that place on the footing of the flimsiest of grounds. Admiting their ain yesteryear ties to the Communist party…others who participated with them. ( McCarthyism 2009 ) . HUAC had the right to oppugn anybody for any intuition and occupy their privateness.

It showed how much America has changed because of some crazes that people fell into because of a adult male desiring to be a hero. Arthur Miller was one of the marks of the HUAC members who was committed of being a Communist by Joseph McCarthy. Joseph McCarthy frequently went against creative person and other media humanistic disciplines members because they were the 1s who frequently criticized the society in the United States through their media plants.

Arthur Miller was a dramatist and had dramas to demo his work live during this clip and they felt that he projected communism at his ain dramas. “He admitted that he had attended a meeting of Communist authors. he refused to place anyone he had met at that place and denied of all time holding been a member of the Communist party” ( Baughman 3 ) . This made Arthur Miller realize that the society so was like the society during the Puritan Era when people blamed each other of being enchantresss.

This later influenced him to compose his book The Crucible a twelvemonth subsequently after his strong belief. Millers The Crucible foremost started because of the accusals in United States which reflected upon the Salem enchantress tests in 1692. “Millers play employs these historical events to knock the minutes in human sorts history when ground and fact became clouded by irrational frights and the desire to put incrimination for society’s jobs on others. ” ( DISCovering Authross. 2003 ) . Puritans accepted accusals and anything that might look unreal so people could easy state prevarications.

They wouldn’t take ground into consideration and it involved runing down and exposing of people suspected of being enchantresss precisely like HUAC runing down Communist. Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible as a commentary on McCarthyism so the existent Salem enchantress tests. Although the book does take topographic point in Massachusetts during the Salem enchantress tests he wrote the book to demo what was incorrect with the American society. “Miller illustrates his strong belief that one can asseverate his “personality dignity” and “act against the strategy of things that degrades. ” ( Gordon 2 ) .

Miller expresses that thought through John monitor who won’t cooperate with the tribunal on the enchantress trails and has his ain sentiment on what to believe. He doesn’t autumn into the thoughts that witchcraft is taking over merely like Miller doesn’t cooperate with HUAC or falls into the pandemonium traveling on in his clip period. As a consequence of this book Miller was accused of being a Communist once more and later left the U. S. because he felt that everything in the society has gone excessively far and became a British citizen. Through his plants we can see how Miller attacks the society that purportedly “rewards” the people with freedom because it is their right.

Miller creates allusions through existent life experiences that he has been through which is one of the grounds why his plants have been so influential and esteemed. McCarthyism played a large function on The Crucible reflecting a modern society with the old Puritan epoch society stating that society has and ne’er will alter. As for The Death of a Salesman we can see how much the American dream has blinded people to seek and accomplish something they most likely ne’er will and seek to be bogus to accomplish it. Peoples need to larn to confront world and accept it how it is because many people are lost merely because they won’t accept their ain.


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