The focal point of this paper is to discourse and measure Arthur Schnitzler’s ‘Dream Story’ in the visible radiation of the inevitableness of the struggle between desire and societal duty. The beginning text is the interlingual rendition of the original German work ‘Traumnovelle’ by writer Arthur Schnitzler. The interlingual rendition is done by J. M. Q. Davies. Arthur Schnitzler was an Austrian physician by profession and was a celebrated writer of his clip ( 1862- 1931 ) .

His celebrated plants includes Dying. Lieutenant Gustl. Berta Garlan. Blind Geronimo and his Brother. The Prophecy. Casanova’s Homecoming. The Road into the Open. The Green Cockatoo. The Alone Way. Countess Mizzi and Living Hours. Dream Story was written in 1926 and is regarded as a novelette by the critics. It could be enumerated as a secret plan that ventures into the interior ego of Doctor Fridolin and narrates the incidents from his psychological positions and the eventual transmutation of his ego.

The full episode is formulated over a comparatively brief period of clip crossing over a period of 48 hours. Within this short clip span Arthur Schnitzler incorporates several characters that Doctor Fridolin meets and which the writer imports to make a universe of personal businesss that provides us a hint of the fortunes that are inevitable in the immediate hereafter. This immediate hereafter culminates into the development of a mask ball where the writer culminates several events that are fantastic in nature with the presence of persons in masks.

There is a bustle of sex involved with the indicant of danger where Doctor Fridolin finds himself to be placed as a entire foreigner. Everything in this episode is projected as a point of position that is seen from the position of Doctor Fridolin. This portion appears to be presented preponderantly as a metaphor of Doctor Fridolin’s interior ego of desire and lecherousness. This episode of mask ball adds to the enigma of self find of Doctor Fridolin. Here the self find of Doctor Fridolin could be enumerated as a decent into the abysm of his ego image.

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This is besides a passage of dealingss among people in a certain sense excessively where the outer universe is found to be involved in the alterations along with single displacement of precedence of life and find of greater truth of nature within the parametric quantities of societal norms. This novelette could besides be depicted as a overplus of symbolism and imagination where a individual revels himself to the audience and the interior ego at the same clip that is preponderantly psychological in nature.

Arthur Schnitzler was a friend and coeval of the celebrated psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud of Vienna. However. these two work forces had opposite theories. if non different. on human gender. Arthur Schnitzler steadfastly believed that the class of action of human gender is dependent upon replete than anything else. But despite all the differences it is apparent that a heavy influence of Freud can be felt while traveling through the text. This is precisely what is reflected in his novelette ‘Dream Story’ .

For an age of 1920’s it is obvious that his positions along with this work was highly flooring as a topic and its narrative as the basic conceptualisation of the novelette is based on the sexual phantasy of a twosome and the eventual defoliation of relation due to these phantasies. On the other manus this novelette could besides be taken up as an history of truth. allowable or non. that is juxtaposed within the system of matrimony and ego individualism.

The plot line rapid climb in the intimate conversation of the cardinal characters Fridolin and his married woman Albertine. They are fundamentally rather flush and respectable in Vienna. The married woman is found to be an able place shaper where the cardinal place is occupied by their girl who is six. The conversation takes off when the small miss is put to the bed. The topic of the conversation is about the mask ball that they attended. Initially the duologues were kept into the parametric quantities of the escapades of Fridolin and his married woman Albertine in the mask ball.

Soon. the conversation developed into the phase where they revealed to each other that if there was adequate opportunities and happenstances along with favourable state of affairss both of them would hold been unfaithful to each other. For the adult male it was a 15 twelvemonth old miss and for the married woman it was adult male with a xanthous bag. Both of them wanted to take retaliation on the other and before the duologue was able to blossom into greater antagonists they were interrupted by an exigency call from a patient. The physician had to go forth. From this point the novelette turns into an intermingled ambiance of enigma. phantasy and fairy narrative manner.

Doctor Fridolin is approached by legion adult females for sexual pleasance or otherwise and Doctor Fridolin passes from one adult female to another and finally stoping up into the thick of a mask ball where the watchword appeared to be “Denmark” and as his friend told him there would be tonss of bare adult females. But there is job with this secret society. If one is identified as an foreigner there is certain to be problem. Doctor Fridolin is shortly traced out as an foreigner but is saved by a enigma adult female. Now the paradox of societal duties and desire completes a full circle as the writer indicates indirectly the individuality of this enigma adult female.

This is because there is every opportunity that this adult female is Albertine. but with no specific cogent evidence for Doctor Fridolin. Thus the societal duty of a married woman towards her adult male is completed successfully by the enigma adult female if the adult female is so his married woman. Now if the enigma adult female is truly his married woman Doctor Fridolin has every ground to be cheated as she appeared in the binge. But at the same clip Doctor Fridolin himself had every purpose to fall in the binge. Thus the paradox continues. Either it is desire that is to be forecasted and relished by an person or it is of import to prosecute into the human spirit of societal involvement?

The reply appears to be cleared by the writer himself in a manner. though non in a really graphic mode. as he puts the societal relation between a adult male and a adult female hanging without complexifying the norms of the society by a big extent. Doctor Fridolin is saved by Albertine and that seems to be the bottom line of the narrative where the adult male understands the value of societal bondage after an hideous escapade of interior ego. Reference Schnitzler. Arthur ; Dream Story ; translated by J. M. Q. Davies ; Penguin Books ; 2005.


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