1. How effectual was Ko in specifying and bordering a vision for Motorola Penang? In what ways were her attempts similar to and different from the illustration of Charles Schwab citied earlier? * How did Ko decide the quandary of where visions come from? Where did she happen her vision? Ko wants to her squad both specifying and bordering a vision. because that will encompass visions best and see with their ain eyes. Ko struggled with the most effectual manner of doing her vision a world. She engaged many of her top squad in treatments about the challenges of the hereafter of the installation. She had many specific and concrete thoughts but didn’t want to look to be enforcing them on the group. She wanted to acquire most involvement possible to guarantee all relevant information was considered that would be tasked with doing the vision a world.

Ko’s doctrine reflects a positive. familial. celebrate every achievement sort of work environment. Ko treated her people with regard. No shouting. no shouting. no finger indicating. Always gave seeable wagess for winners. She shared every success narrative. She preached the importance of the cognition. and progresss in engineering. Charles Chwab started his ain company built on what was a alone and quite unconventional thought. He anticipated a demand in the in-between category. His concern for the in-between category was echt. non merely a concern catch. His vision led him to a alone way. When market conditions change. he adjusts its concern theoretical account and tactics. He made his vision world.

* We cited doorkeeper and saber saw mystifier metaphors when depicting how different leaders see themselves. Do either of these metaphors seem relevant to Ko?
Yes. she wants to affect the other top directors foremost so converted into jigsaw puzzle function. She encouraged her adult male to work in squad. to learn each other. She loved to portion her vision and idea to the others. She wanted her top squad have future vision. She was non merely portion her vision. she wanted hear from the others foremost. She had good relation with imperativeness and a responsible corporate citizen in the community. She ever looked for positive qualities of a individual. She really made this topographic point for new university alumnuss.

2. Measure the content dimensions of Ko’s vision work at Motorola Penang. How did she make with: * Making the Case for Change

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* Identifying an Ideal Goal
* Addressing the People dimension
Ko struggled with the most effectual manner of doing that vision a world. She engaged many of her top squad in treatments about the challenges of the hereafter of the installation. but they still looked to her as the leader and wanted to hear her vision of the hereafter. She took a really hardheaded attack to Motorola concern theoretical account. She saw engineering as a reversible coin that would extinguish low-skill occupations at the same clip that it brought new chances. She knew that other states had lower labour costs. Yet she was committed to quickly travel Motorola to bring forth more complex systems merchandises. making an increased demand for technicians and applied scientists.

First Ko asked her managers’ envision. and so take to concentrate on five major activities to assist construct capableness of Motorola Penang and its employees to accomplish this really ambitious vision. The five major activities are:

External relationships: Involving corporate in her new vision. Management development: Groom director for new functions in the vision Maintaining province of the art fabrication: Keeping up with engineering to assist accomplish her vision Participative direction procedure: Geting maintain leading involved in accomplishing the vision Technical accomplishment development: Ko knew didn’t privation to layoff underskilled workers so she established a Masters of Mechanical Engineering degree plan with categories on Motorola’s evidences.

3. With regard to the Articulating and Communicating the Vision. how efficaciously did Ko turn to the three different degrees of: * Strategic—“HEAD”
* Tactical—“HANDS”
* Personal—“HEART”
Strategic- “HEAD” : External relationships- Motorola Penang had built up a really good repute for all that it had accomplished therefore far. She had to keep and spread out those relationships. Tactical- “HANDS” : Management development- Ko had to groom directors for the new functions that the hereafter installation would necessitate. Keeping province of the art fabrication and administrative technologies- Ko had to poke at the development to maintain Motorola Penang competitory against the lowest cost manufacturers in the universe. Participative direction process- Ko did everything possible to do Motorola Penang a high engagement work topographic point. Personal-“HEART” : Technical accomplishments development- Ko was successful in set uping a plan with the university with categories held right on the Motorola Penang land.


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