Clergy’s were also expected to help people by doing things Like building hospitals, creating homes for revelers, taking care of sick and poor, etc. These things lead people to being happy with the clergy’s work, the artifact also represents a clergy’s clean, happy, pure, saint behavior they had to show and have. The ranking pyramid represents their role In society, which was working with the church who basically ruled the society besides the Klan_ Clergy’s were basically between man and God.

Clergy’s were respected and treated well because of their source of power which was the Church, and Pope. The ranking pyramid also represents a clergy’s power in society, Just like it was stated above, the clergy’s/ church basically ruled the society by leading people to churches to cleanse their sins. Lastly, the ranking pyramid represents how a few of the important people (Kings, Clergy’s, Nobles, etc. ) were seen by the society. For example, Nobles were at the top with the king. The pencil represents the clergy’s education.

The clergy’s were very well educated. One of a clergy’s many Jobs was to teach many things, and one of them being writing. However, clergy’s did not know what they were writing half of the time because the clergy’s didn’t quite know how to read, so they couldn’t re-read their work and change any mistakes. In fact, writing was one of the clergy’s many hobbies. Writing had a very significant purpose in a clergy’s life or in anyone’s life in general, and it still is today. A clergy’s life in three different ways.

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