As we know, bioethanol is a common thing
to hear even the market and use still not commercial. Bioethanol is one of
alternative energy that can save the environmentally as a biofuel. Nowdays,
people always think that bioethanol is just a biofuel, so there are just
several people wants to produce it. If you see it in another view, you will
find that bioethanol is really important that can give us many chance to
develop our business, whether it is in industry of oil and gas, pharmacy, food
and cosmetic.

We already knows that in industry of oil
and gas, biorthanol was used as a biofuel itself or as mixture to another fuel.
Based on journal that Mr. Feryanto and his friends wrote in 2012 with title
“Kelayakan Industri Kecil Bioetanol Berbahan Baku Molases di Jawa Tengah” said
that the price of bioethanol as a biofuel is about Rp 14.000-Rp 17.000. Also,
the uses of bioethanol is 1.71 millions kilolitre in 2006 and increase become
1.75 millions kilolitre in 2007. Based on the PP no. 5 Years 2006 about using
of nabati fuel which is government also participated in order to reduce the
emission gas, so the using of bioethanol in Indonesia will absolutely increase
for each year because government always support the production of bioethanol. If
you think it more deeply, it is a high chance for businessman to get a jackpot
from bioethanol because the raw material of bioethanol is just a common
biomaterial or biomass that easily to get and no need to spent much money to
get it. But, you need to prepare a high fund for the first time to make the
machine that can produce bioethanol that we can call it bioreactor or you can
ask research and development department in your area to support you to make an
Industry. In this stage you will not just make benefit for yourself but also
for your environment and people around you.

Beside as the biofuel, bioethanol also
many used in industry of pharmacy. Based on the journal that Mr. Wendi Anata
wrote on 2014 with title “Dinamika Pengembangan Industri Bioetanol di
Indonesia”, bioethanol can be used as antiseptic, or as mixture to make
medicine after through some chemical process. Based on fatwa MUI no. 11 years
2009 about alcohol rule, the using of bioethanol in medicine that we consumed
is allowed as long as the bioethanol is not from khamr fartory and the using of
bioethanol as medicine is not harmful. We know that the needs of medicine in
every place will be increase as the time continue. So, the needs of bioethanol
will also absolutely increase.

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When you heard bioethanol in industry of
food, you must be thinking about alcoholic drink, don’t you? Well, that was
right. In industry of food, bioethanol usually used as an alcoholic drink with
some of alcohol precentation. In my opinion, I think it is not recommended to
participate in this kind of industry to sell your bioethanol, especially if you
are in Indonesia. The people in Indonesia mostly are moslems that in islam
alcohol is prohibited to consumed. Also, based on rule in director general of
trading No. 4/PDN/PER/4/2015 which is rule about the control, distribution and
sells. So, your market will be little and susceptible to get involved in crime.
But, maybe there is a solution like export it to another country that freely
allowed the consume of alcoholic drink in some specific level.

In industry of cosmetic, bioethanol
usually used as mixture for perfume. Based on Tokopedia, the price of
bioethanol as perfume seed is about Rp 50.000-Rp 150.000 for 100-250 ml. The
price is different because the quality of the alcohol are different from each
others. If you producing the perfume by yourself, you will get the higher
ammount but it will be hard if you don’t have a vendor. Maybe, the profit of
selling bioethanol as perfume is the most profitable but, you can just sell it
in a small ammount and there are too many competitor to face.

Actually, when we talked about bioethanol
there are many chances of business that you can develop. You can sell it as biofuel,
antiseptic, mixture for medicine, alcoholic drink, and perfume. So, you can build
your own factory as an Industry of oil and gas or pharmacy or food or cosmetic
or even contain all of them. We know that bioethanol as the alternative energy
will not exhausted unless the biomass in this world is vanished. So, it is not
similar like fossil fuel that the material is getting thinner.


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