As the oldest child in the household,
I have always been called upon numerous times to take care of my siblings when
my parents were not there being that I am the eldest. I remember one time when
I was reading a book to my little brother. As I read the story, I realized that
he was using his finger to follow along with me. It was a small gesture but it
was made clear to me I was doing more than just giving him with entertainment
which amazed me. Another experience similar happened when I was in seventh
grade while watching my mom’s best friend’s 4-year-old daughter. I taught her
how to write her name and we both were very much excited. These experiences set
fire the passion and determination to become a kindergarten teacher. Reading
and writing are basic skills upon which are the building blocks of academic
achievement. The better a child’s performance is in these areas, the better his
or her overall academic performance will be. A child’s ability to take hold and
understand these basic skills, is reliant on the teacher’s ability to discover
and active the child’s interest and motivation to learn. I have spent immeasurable
amount of time with the children since I was young and it has allowed me to be
taught that every child deserves to have the best learning experience possible,
which is what seriously intend to provide every child when I am a teacher.


Between caring for my siblings
and cousins, babysitting, volunteering as a teacher’s aide and also being a
Teacher Cadet at the different elementary schools of Sumter. I have spent a lot
of time working with preschool and kindergarten aged children. Last summer I
worked at the Children’s Development Center, where I spent many hours teaching
individual children with learning difficulties their letters, numbers and
colors, using various techniques and tools, such as play dough, blocks, and
sand. I also helped enrich the lives of impoverished children when I
volunteered with the Massachusetts Youth Leadership Foundation, an organization
which empowers citizenship in high school students across Massachusetts, by
getting them involved in various community service projects. We sorted and
designed baskets of new donated baby items such as diapers, clothes, and bibs
for a foundation called New Baby Bundles, to benefit homeless mothers and
babies in Boston and surrounding communities. In addition to school,
extracurricular activities, and volunteer service, I have kept busy by working
for Dunkin’ Donuts for the last year. Interacting with the public can be
challenging at times, so I’ve learned effective ways to resolve conflict with
diplomacy and respect. Although I have always been a reliable person, my time
at Dunkin Donuts has taught me to be more responsible. I am working hard to
save money for college while honoring my obligations to my employer and
co-workers. I am confident that my desire to help others and my strong sense of
responsibility will lead to success in college and my career.


Working with children from
diverse backgrounds with different learning capacities has led me to the
decision to double major in elementary education and special education in
college. This will undoubtedly prepare me well to not only lead a classroom of
first grade students but to also recognize and supply those particular children
who need additional attention and support so that all of my students may thrive
and succeed in their academics. It is essential that teachers and parents be
positive educators and role models so that children are inspired and motivated
to learn. A child’s desire and aptitude for learning is established within
their first few years in the classroom and their success ultimately depends
upon the quality of the education they receive right from the start. Children
need more than just a qualified individual to stand at the front of a classroom
and dictate facts and information to them. Every child has different interests,
needs, and capabilities and working closely with them to help discover those
will be the catalyst to their success.

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