As we continue to look at culture over the course of history, we begin to see evolution of cultures in pre existing ones. Take India for example. One of the oldest faiths practiced on this planet is Hinduism. Hinduism’s understanding is describing everything in the universe through iconography/symbolism. The Gods they worship represent different aspects of the divine reality, the universal spirit that works inside and outside of an individual. This religion has a holy trinity of Gods. Brahma the creator of the universe, Vishnu being the preservation of the universe, and Shiva being all of the chaos in order rebuild and create anew. There are many levels through this hierarchy of creation, each part of a greater whole manifesting itself in different ways which unite various different traditions in the minds of men, creating new matrices of devotion. A Hindu worships one or many Gods, often both depending on family upbringing, community, or personal choice. The spiritual goal of Hindus is to put a stop to the rebirth of reincarnation and to be united with God also known as Moksha. This is achieved through the path of knowledge or devotion. The path of knowledge is the path of study, yoga, and meditation while the path of devotion is praising and worshipping God. Worldly activities such as the pursuit of wealth, power, love, and pleasure must be performed in harmony with Dharma. Their scriptures the Vedas define orthodoxy. Hinduism is the meeting of this tradition with many other smaller local traditions adapting and living with each other.  Hinduism is thus, a loose assembly of communities and families of varying practices of the faith.  Out of Hinduism, new philosophies started to emerge such as Buddhism and Jainism. Both beings who came out of these faiths the Buddha and Mahavira marked a turning point for spiritual practice. While Hinduism used symbology to describe the universe, Buddhism and Jainism paths expanded upon that and gave people a much deeper experience on what to follow in order to achieve enlightenment.


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