With the fast development of the society and economic system, there is no uncertainty that globalisation is coming progressively popular than of all time before since 1980s, whether in international economic system or international political personal businesss, and it will be more popular in the hereafter ( Aydin, 2010 ) . Now all sorts of the information can be transformed in a short second with a big sum. Therefore, as a consequence of globalisation, all over the universe are linked together and they depend on each other ( Skoufiasa, 2010 ) . With the globalisation, the universe has been developing much faster every bit good.

In this essay, it is to hold a short description of the background and the cardinal theories of globalisation, after that, a instance survey, Taiwan Banana industry, will be placed out to analysis the effects of the globalisation to the banana industry. Before analysing the specific effects, there will be a brief debut of Taiwan Banana industry, including nature, civilization and the authorities function in the banana market, and so the grounds to take Taiwan Banana industry as a instance survey will be demonstrated every bit good. With the globalisation, competition in the banana industry is of rather crisp, therefore comparing with the Philippine would be taken. Soon afterwards, the schemes for bettering the Taiwan Banana industry competition will be farther illustrated. Finally, a decision will be drawn.

Description of the theory of globalisation

Since the 1980s, globalisation has been going an progressively new phenomenon in the universe, the basic features of our times. However, there is no unvarying definition of globalisation. From the material signifier, globalisation refers to the cross-border flows of goods and capital, through a multinational and local internationalisation and globalisation these phases of development ( Fratzscher, 2007 ) . Cross-border flows of goods and capital is the first signifier of globalisation. In this procedure, by a corresponding regional, it arouse international economic direction organisations and economic entities, and civilization, life style, values, political orientations and other religious forces of multinational exchange, hit, struggle and integrating ( Braslavsky, 2003 ) . Overall, globalisation is a nucleus of economic globalisation, including the states and peoples of assorted parts in the political, cultural, technological, military, security, political orientation, life style, values, multi-layered, multi-area interconnected, the impact of multiple restraints of the construct. “ Globalization ” can be summarized as engineering, economic system, political relations, jurisprudence, direction, organisational, cultural, ideological, interpersonal communicating, the globalisation of international dealingss in 10 countries. And globalisation has many advantages and disadvantages.

First, globalisation allows worldwide capital, engineering, merchandises, and markets, resources to be relocated efficaciously and rationally ( Anwar, 2007 ) . Globalization non merely prompts in effectual international cooperation, but besides intensifies the competition among states. From a state position, local companies will transcend their resources and limited domestic market, the planetary hunt for the optimum allotment of resources and effectual usage.

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Second, globalisation provides good chances and challenges for developing states ( Manzey, 2009 ) . First, it helps developing states to utilize foreign capital and foreign investing. Second, it promotes structural optimisation of the exports of developing states. As the capital influxs, direct investing activities of multinational corporations and domestic industrial restructuring have improved the construction of developing state exports. Third, it forces developed states to cover with the jobs faced by developing states. Developed states progressively recognize that economic globalisation, their economic stableness and development depend on developing states ( Gomory, 2009 ) .

Third, with the globalisation, it provides peoples of the universe for a good chance to choose goods and services ( Ge, 2009 ) . With the market globalisation, international trade logistics will go the chief signifier of peoples of the universe harmonizing to their ain penchants and ingestion demands, to take their merchandises ( Farazmand, 2005 ) .

Fourth, globalisation will advance civilization development. Economic globalisation will non merely impact the planetary economic construction and order, but besides it brings different civilizations to changing grades ( Arndt, 2009 ; Polivka, 2001 ) .

Fifth, globalisation will advance trade and investing liberalisation ( Grieben, 2009 ) . Trade and investing liberalisation are the merchandises of economic globalisation and it is a powerful driving force of globalisation. Trade and investing liberalisation are speed uping the development of advanced procedure of economic globalisation. Investment liberalisation, has become the mainstream of development, in non merely developed states, but a turning figure of developing states actively take investing liberalisation steps. On the one manus, a big figure of foreign investing, on the other manus actively prosecuting in abroad investing, so that the universe direct investing increased quickly, investing activities worldwide, the planetary regulative model and regulations of investing have begun to organize.

Sixth, globalisation accelerates the procedure of engineering transportation and industrial construction accommodation ( Rugman, 2005 ) . Globalization has brought great development of the international division of labour, industry, the large transportation and capital, engineering and other production factors of big flows, which make up the domestic capital for developing states, engineering and other elements of the spread.

On the contrary, globalisation has its negative effects.

First, globalisation has exacerbated the instability in the universe economic system, so that the wealth spread ( Gindlinga, 2010 ) . Globalization has non merely brought the impact on the national economic system of developing states, but it besides affects the footing of unequal dealingss.

Second, globalisation has strengthened the instability of the universe economic system ( Czinkota, 2005 ) . Globalization ties with the universe economic system more closely, therefore, each state ‘s economic stableness will depend non merely on their domestic factors, but besides, mostly, by the enormous international impact. As international trade continues to spread out, other states, peculiarly major merchandising spouses ‘ economic state of affairs, such as rising prices, the fiscal crisis, and it will impact their ain ( Knight, 1998 ) .

Third, the current planetary economic regulations of operation are non rather sensible, developed states benefit more ( Zhu, 2004 ) . With the development of economic globalisation, the nonsubjective demands to be regulated with the regulations, restraints, the behaviour of participants, while the rule-making is a strength-based.

Fouth, globalisation can besides take to the devastation of the ecological environment in developing states ( Aggarwal, 2006 ) . For illustration, the increasing spread of desertification, land eroding, the extinction of works and animate being species, Marine and river Road pollution.

A brief debut of Taiwan nature, civilization

Taiwan is located on the southeast seashore of the Continental shelf, located between longitude 119A°18’03 and 124 A°34’30aˆ? , latitude 20A°45’25 to 25A°56’30aˆ? . It has a sea country of 36,000 square kilometres, including Taiwan Island ( an country of 35,801 square kilometres ) , the Penghu Islands, Green Island, Diaoyu Island, Orchid Island, Lantau Peng Gui, Chiwei. The state is besides is divided in 7 metropoliss and 16 counties. Taiwan faces the Pacific, the Northeast vicinity Ryukyu Islands, approximately 600 kilometers apart ; the southern boundary is the Bashi Channel, and the Philippines, approximately 300 kilometers apart ; west boundary is the Taiwan Strait, Fujian, narrowest point to 130 kilometres. Taiwan, the centre channel briefly the Western Pacific, is the Pacific part ‘s major conveyance hub at sea links. In add-on, it is an of import portion of China. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiwan ) .

Taiwan has a population of 21.86 million, including Kinmen, Matsupopulation growing rate is about 7.31 % . Population is chiefly concentrated in the western fields, the eastern population of merely 4 % of the entire population. The mean population denseness is 568.83 people per square kilometre. Political, economic and cultural centre and largest metropolis of Taipei ‘s population denseness has reached 1 million per square kilometre. The Han nationality histories for approximately 98 % of the entire Taiwan occupants, minority 2 % , approximately 38 million people. Harmonizing to the linguistic communication and imposts of different cultural minorities of Taiwan into the Ami, Atayal, Paiwan, Bunun, Puyuma, Rukai, Cao, Yami and the other 9 Saisiyat household, separation across the state. And now it has a mixture civilization including traditional Chinese civilization, Nipponese civilization, traditional Confucianist beliefs, and progressively Western values ( hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiwan ) .

The island of Taiwan is cragged, mountains and hills occupy more than two-thirds of the entire country. Taiwan ‘s mountains and the island ‘s northeast – southwest way analogue to the perpendicular Woyu east cardinal island location, the island formed over the eastern mountains, hilly cardinal and western fields of topographical characteristics. Taiwan has warm clime in winter, hot in summer, rainfall, typhoons and heavy rain over the summer and autumn. Tropic of Cancer go throughing through the cardinal island, north to semitropical clime, the South has a tropical clime, the mean temperature ( except mountains ) is 22 a„? , one-year precipitation over 2000 millimeter. Abundant rainfall creates favourable conditions island ‘s rivers, harvests and fruits, peculiar Taiwan banana ( hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiwan ) .

The ground for choosing banana industry

Banana is one of Taiwan ‘s major economic fruits for export-oriented, and now banana is still the largest export of Taiwan fruit. Compared with other harvests, bananas, due to higher output, extended direction, labour economy, still has a comparative advantage. In short, the banana production in Taiwan for several old ages shows the phenomenon of growing, diminution and stableness. So the enlargement of Taiwan ‘s banana industry has besides emerged, and the steady province of contraction. It besides has a long history of exporting to other states. Taking Japan for illustration, it has been decennaries of exporting banana to Japan since 1963. Taiwan ‘s banana industry developed during the period of Nipponese business, and Taiwan bananas monopolized the Nipponese market until banana importing was liberalized in 1963 ( Yoshiyuki, 2006 ) . Taiwan has really good visible radiation and heat conditions with the largest banana development, the highest output, and it is one of the parts with best quality. In add-on, Taiwan banana is of good quality and convenient transit, because is the Pacific part ‘s major conveyance hub. So Taiwan banana is chosen as a instance survey in this essay.

The effects of multinational corporations on banana market

With the development of economic system, the five big multinational corporations monopolize the whole banana market now. It is undeniable that multinational corporations are an of import drive force of economic globalisation. Multinationals ‘ planetary concern scheme is an of import foundation to rush up the procedure of economic globalisation ( Matowe, 2002 ) . The fight of endeavors is the industrial fight every bit good as an of import manifestation of national fight. TNC is the chief force of the modern endeavor, and is an of import portion of the universe ‘s overall national strength and fight of states. Multinational houses ‘ international investing accelerates the procedure of economic globalisation. International investing is the international economic and technological cooperation ( Cerny,1994 ) . With the accelerated development of the universe economic system, transnational corporations have become the chief bearer of international investing. Multinational international investing is showed in the planetary enlargement of finance capital, monopolising in the universe market. Therefore, the five big multinational corporations have great impact on the planetary banana market and the chief bring forthing states, Taiwan included, although banana is an exporting industry with a long history. For illustration, multinational corporation will impact authorities policy ( Roberts, 2005 ) . On the other manus, to big transnational companies, they have the finance strength to drive their challengers out of the market. Because of the market operation in many states at the same clip, they would utilize lower monetary values exclude local rivals. With uncomplete information, they frequently have local aggressive behaviour to set up their credibleness, or possible competition to the universe market for the issue of false signals, to cut down the overall competition ( Globalization and planetary alteration research 2004, p. 280 ) . In all, they benefit more for themselves. What ‘s more, Philippine now is going the 4th largest exporter that it might set great affect on the Taiwan banana. If the state of affairs continues, the big multinational corporation will run in Taiwan, therefore the Taiwan banana industries should happen a manner out.

The scheme to vie with Philippine

In recent old ages, many jobs appear in the banana industry. First, the quality of banana alterations because of the bad conditions like typhoon, many banana trees are destroyed by typhoon, but the staying trees are besides earnestly hurt. In add-on, diseases are broad spreaded every bit good, so that the quality is reduced. Harmonizing to the intelligence, because of the low quality of banana, Japan about refuses a big figure of the bananas every twelvemonth. On the other manus, the large rival-Philippine, is developing fast in the recent old ages. Now the Filipino is the universe 4th largest banana state. What ‘s more, Philippine has low monetary value bananas and now it holds about seven ten percents of the Japan banana market. Therefore, it is a existent challenger to Taiwan banana industry. However, since the Taiwan has become a member of WTO, alterations will take topographic point to vie with the low monetary value Philippine banana if effectual steps are taken.

First and for the most, the quality of the Taiwan bananas should be improved. In order to cut down the disease onslaught, new and anti-disease species would be cultivated. Then seting more accent on the bring forthing engineering, bring forthing engineering is of of import in banana bring forthing, such as maintaining fresh. Now people pay more attending to wellness nutrient than of all time before that Green nutrient is every popular. Therefore, if after old ages of difficult working, Taiwan banana is much healthier than other counties, it will hold a larger market once more. However, so as to recognize the end, much money should input to research. Government sections should be targeted to form the execution of major research undertakings! These undertakings should be borne by research establishments and incorporate production endeavors.

Second, better the banana husbandmans ‘ positive. As a consequence of the bad public presentation of Taiwan banana exporting market, the husbandmans ‘ positives been earnestly hurt. Therefore, in order to better the banana husbandmans ‘ positive, the authorities should stabilise banana monetary values, and so better the banana monetary values measure by measure and more privilege would be enacted to give more net incomes to the banana husbandmans.

Third, the authorities should hold a clear apprehension of its duty in the modem society, particularly as a member of WTO. In personal, compared with Taiwan nature and civilization characters, the function of authorities is of much more importance. Further more, authorities ‘s a peculiar policy will advance, pull back, or stabilise the banana market, particularly after Taiwan entered into WTO.

With globalisation, the authoritiess ‘ chief duties are following. First, the authorities plays a critical function in the development of economic system ( Moshirian, 2008 ) . Government should utilize the assorted legal, economic and other macro-control agencies to keep the economic order and the sustainable and healthy economic development. In this facet, the focal point of authorities economic policy is to make the state-efficient market environment, particularly a good investing environment to pull capital, engineering and professionals to better the state ‘s fight. As the planetary economic system and national development schemes of import alterations take topographic point under the new state of affairs, authoritiess, particularly authoritiess of developing states should transform its function in heightening economic fight imperative manner. On the one manus, trade and investing liberalisation require developing states to follow effectual policies to guarantee just competition ; on the other manus, cross-border motion well eliminates barriers for developing states to utilize planetary resources to develop its economic system. More and more authoritiess realize that making and keeping an efficient market is more of import than industrial policy. The authorities plays the function in basically allotment of resources to better the efficiency of resource allotment, heightening its economic fight. Government can non step in the market overly to avoid deformation and damage the market mechanism. Second, the authorities besides plays a great function in regulating the society. In the epoch of economic globalisation, with the internationalisation of societal life, domestic content and mode of disposal will necessarily meet jobs of internationalisation ( Aguayo-Telleza, 2010 ) . Such as the outgrowth of multinational corporations, the increasing figure of international organisations and multinational establishments, heightening mobility, all that requires authorities to develop disposal map, as in-migration governments, foreign revenue enhancement disposal, international affair and cooperation bureaus, etc. , to cover with economic globalisation.


Since 1980, globalisation, which means the cross-border flows of goods and capital, through a multinational and local internationalisation and globalisation these phases of development, has been rather popular, and contain many advantages as following. Globalization allows many resources, including universe capital, engineering, merchandises, etc. , to be relocated efficaciously. However, the development states are faced both good chances and challenges before globalisation, chiefly because it can both assist the developing counties to develop structural optimisation of the exports and grip with the jobs brought by the globalisation. To the consumers, they have more chances to choose goods and services and it promotes civilization communicating. In add-on, globalisation still brings trade and investing liberalisation as good. On the other manus, many jobs appear with globalisation. Globalization has exacerbated the instability in the universe economic system and the spread between the wealth and hapless. It besides has strengthened the instability of the universe economic system. To developed states, through the globalisation, they benefit more than the underdeveloped states and they might destruct ecological environment in developing states.

Taiwan, which has good nature and civilization characters, is fit for grow banana. Now it is the largest export of Taiwan fruit. In add-on, Taiwan besides has a long history of exporting banana with high output that why the Taiwan banana is chose as a instance survey in this essay. However, Taiwan banana besides face challenges, such as the quality worsening, the turning rival like Philippine. However, since the Taiwan has become a member of WTO, the state of affairs will alter if effectual steps are taken. First, the banana quality should be improved. New anti-disease species with good quality banana should be cultivated. Second, the authorities should promote the banana husbandmans ‘ positive through effectual steps, such as bettering the banana monetary value and more privileges.

With the globalisation, the authorities plays a cardinal function and the authorities should hold a clear apprehension of its duty in the modem society, particularly as a member of WTO. The authorities plays a critical function in the development of economic system and the authorities should make and keep sustainable and healthy economic development. Government is of importance in regulating the society. Creating and keeping an efficient market is more of import than industrial policy to the authorities. In all, with the attempts of all the Taiwan people and Taiwan authorities, Taiwan will hold a bright and sustainable banana market.


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