The leading and strategic direction are two footings that are the critical in the success of an administration. The leading is what is observed in a individual and is natural. It is achieved by virtuousness of activities performed by a individual. A good leader can be a good director but non vice-versa. On the other manus the strategic direction is related with doing the most critical determinations. Theoretically strategic direction is simple plenty than to implement, it is plan – & gt ; implement – & gt ; reexamine – & gt ; right – & gt ; win. On the other manus a strategic director has to play different leading functions [ 1 ] .

The Virgin Group executive squad recognised demand to enroll a squad to decrease the load on the top direction. This squad will be able to carry on the trials and informations aggregation in the market and suggest an optimal scheme to take the group on the growing way with fast gait. The squad will be formed from within the administration and comprises of the most successful performing artists. This squad of leaders will steer others in determination devising and scheme execution.

The above facts show the nexus between the leading and strategic direction activities based on the administration under survey. The decision is that merely the most performing artists can be selected as the leaders because these employees have displayed possible to retain the administration on the top of others. Pulling from your cognition of the probe of the instance survey administration, analyze the impact that different direction and leading manners could hold on Virgin Atlantic strategic determinations.

1.2 There are a figure of leading manners that can change from individual to individual, clip to clip, topographic point to topographic point. There is a common in these that all these are with regard to the type of administration under consideration.

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The administration under treatment adopts the consensus method of leading. In this method sentiments are invited from talented and good intimate personalities from the administration and a corporate determination is made. It is one of the best methods of leading where everyone has right to take part and a feeling of equality. The concluding determination still vests with the top directors.

The 2nd method of leading is based on the activity. It is directing in the administration under treatment. In this method the undertaking director directs other about the program and its execution. He ensures that the processs are good followed and within the tight control. Even if there are some factors that are traveling out of control, the undertaking director follow a diplomatic scheme and do the things round so that the undertaking may be completed within clip.

The following method of manner observed is easing. In this method the undertaking director facilitates the squad members to take part and utilize the tools they have. He ensures full carbon monoxide ordination and cooperation among the squad members. In this manner they all move in a common way and guarantee proper executing of the programs. [ 2 ]

1.3 There are a figure of leading manners that can be adopted in the administration. Each have it merits and demerits theoretically but on the practical evidences there are a batch of differences. Below we give critical rating of these leading manners.

The consensus method of direction is besides known to be democratic in nature where in all the members of the board participate in doing determination. Some of the members might desire to vote for some peculiar option that may non be the optimum from the point of position of the administration in the long tally but may demo a consistent behavior in the short tally. It leads to a jog sided development. The virgin group has formed a 200 companies executing different activities. The beginning of the company is from a little endeavor of magazine and mailing system. It is all due to the engagement, dedication and invention that the company could make that far.

The vesting of enrolling executive from within the administration to decrease the load of the managers seems to be a good thought that is given to executives but the point here is that there is no mention sing the field expertness of these executive. There are a few who control a huge bulk of employees, whether the proposed program will be able to unleash the power and potency of other employees under these executives is a uncertainty raising inquiry.

In a recent survey related to the leading and direction accomplishments it has been observed that there is negative correlativity between leaders sentiments and the employees sentiments due to occupation satisfaction [ 3 ]

2.1 There are a figure of theories of good leaders that are applied to directors. Some the noteworthy theories are as follows:

The Great Men theory: this theory states that the great leaders are born and posses virtuousnesss to take others. They have capablenesss to act upon others and others follow them. They have high thought than that of others. Some of the researches show that this theory imposes fondness on the general multitudes because the personalities these theories discuss have distinct household position and other less opportune failed to acquire a opportunity to demo their capablenesss. [ 4 ]

Critical Evaluation: This theory is related to the virtuousnesss of a individual but on the other manus all work forces are born equal without any favoritism by nature [ 5 ] . The fact is the chances available to an person here.

The Contingency Theories: these theories focus on variable factors that determine the manner of leading. The manner can change from individual to individual, clip to clip and topographic point to topographic point. A individual who can move without losing has right to be a leader and can direct others. He is fore-thinker and can calculate events as these are traveling to happen and impact the organisation. He can give right way to the energies of others to accomplish the set end. [ 6 ]

Critical Evaluation: The theory assumed variable factors that influence the scheme. It is observed from the pattern that the nonsubjective and factors act uponing of the house remains changeless over the clip till the scheme under survey. There are certain premises and these are dropped as the facts are met with world or new decisions are drawn.

The Adair ‘s Action [ 7 ] – Centered Leadership Model: this theoretical account is one of the most popular theoretical accounts of leading direction in which the director leads a squad or itself to acquire the undertaking done. The theoretical account discusses the three interrelated Fieldss viz. undertaking, Team, Individual and assigns the undertaking to the most suited individual who can make the same.

From the beginning of the instance survey, it can be assumed that Sir Richard Branson has applied all the three or more theories discussed above to make this degree high. He has the qualities of a good leader and mind. He was capable to be after and put to death the undertakings in such a manner that he ne’er missed a individual chance. While in the concern life, many companies might hold been overtaken, merged or freshly established. Sir Richard Branson began with a small sum of capital to get down the concern and had been successful in get the better ofing the challengers.

2.2 There are a figure of schemes that can be applied in the air power industry. Some of them are as follows:

Porter ‘s Generic Four Competitive Strategy: This survey conducted in 1980 provinces that we can concentrate on the cost of leading and distinction desired to make a scheme to bring forth more net income with less cost. [ 8 ]

Cronshaw, Davis and Kay ( 1994 ) observed that this theory is seldom ascertained and hence “ struck in the center ” . [ 9 ] status occurs.

The best scheme is to unite the both the theories and hence get a assorted consequence. In brief, we present the undermentioned recommendations:

Focus on the cost of factors that need to be reduced.

Find the disguisedly employed resources and take them so the production may be optimal. Removal of these employees will non impact the end product. Alternatively these employees can be assigned some other undertaking.

Lowering of the net income border bounces the overall net income because less monetary value more demand.

More investing should be made in researching new countries and tie ups. A uninterrupted dosage of investing maintain the money multiplier in action and hence enlargement in the concern.

Decision: From the above surveies we can measure the place of the concern from the 3rd figure as to how we can harvest the benefit by using the above suggested steps.

3.1 Keeping in position the demands of the administration and after analyzing the instance scenario, we have following recommendations from the point of position of an excutive

We should keep good relation with our foreman. It will reflect the capableness and recommendations from the foreman to maintain in gait with the full universe. It besides reflects the capablenesss to fulfill the employees and employers every bit good.

We should demo interpersonal and coveted qualities in every administration so that there is a congenial ambiance of employment maintained. These qualities pay us in the hereafter of our calling.

Never over expect or under expect with respect to your wage. There is ever a clause of dialogue. We should state precisely what is required. Even if we are missing a resource that may be required, it must made clear to the concerned governments so that proviso may be made good in clip.

We should ever maintain in touch with the employees. Meetings keep us closely tied to each other. Engagement in meetings should be encouraged. The meetings must be with some pre defined purpose so that every one may hold informations and some analysis of facts before come ining into the meeting room.

Always expect and give wages for difficult work. Employees get enthusiastic when they are paid for their difficult and dedicated undertakings. We should non take good public presentation for granted.

Every employee has some strengths and failings. We should follow a discriminating policy and delegate the undertakings to them as per their capablenesss. The word favoritism here is used in the positive sense that make the ambiance co-op and non competitory.

We should ever measure the workers and in clip give them feedback so that they may better themselves.

We should ever listen to the employees. There are some times struggles and these can be judged before something black may go on good before clip. We can hold an advantage of work outing the struggle in a more limpid manner than in hastiness. All employees say something of import and we should non take them above the ears.

Always learn about clip direction. When all the things are planned we can cognize the shirking and excess clip elements in the undertakings and do our agenda consequently.

We should non do any promise to the clients about the bringing of the undertakings when it is asked. We should give them exact image of the undertaking under consideration and seek to present it good in clip instead than to assure about its bringing. The ground is that merely one of the aims Delivery or Promise can be met and non both at the same clip.

We should non indulge into the blasted game, instead perpetrate our errors if there is any.

Always try to do a congenial ambiance at the working topographic point and portion the thoughts that spread felicity and laughter in the administration. It will assist cut downing the emphasis and besides good for wellness.

3.2 Since the administration is distributing its wings to include more and more companies worldwide. There is desperate demand of doing schemes that will cut down the load from top directors and managers. For this we have following programs:

During the invention period the top directors have to go from topographic point to put shortly frequently, in this instance the bing everyday undertakings must non be affected. For this we should choose a few more capable executives to execute on behalf of the top directors. These executive will be able to understand the instructions from their several directors and carry out the undertakings independently unless there is uncertainty. The top directors should be contacted merely on critical times one time the undertaking has been under executing. The critical times can be

Successful completion of the occupation.

Requirement of a resource.

Making an pressing determination on behalf of the administration that may necessitate attending of the director.

Reporting mutely through mail and by telephonic agencies in instance of urgency.

Keeping the top director happy every bit far as the undertaking is concerned by run intoing the deadlines and optimizing the work under procedure.

These and some other less of import standards should be adopted to make a squad of junior executive to replace the top directors when needed.

The scheme will assist us in many waies. The top director will be free to transport out some high degree undertaking. He will be contacted on occasion to state the current faculty of the undertaking and its related activities that are to be carried out. The top director will be watching the undertakings merely from a length.

4.1 Based on your apprehension of the faculty, how can the administration efficaciously program for the development of leading accomplishments for the sequence of its hereafter leaders?

The administration can make and effectual program for the development of leading for future enterprises. Here are some suggestions for the new executives:

The executives should be trained in a existent life environment on the past undertakings and prove their sentiments and end product whether it is effectual or non.

Based on the preparation mock interviews, scheme development programmes should be implemented. The directors should be encouraged to take part in the trials, programs, executing of policies etc.

The directors should be sent to other more developed states for necessary preparation and larning new accomplishments. They should be encouraged to take part in conferences world-wide that will assist them cognize the experts and maintain them in touch with latest tendencies in the direction subjects.

Besides existent life unrecorded undertakings they should be encouraged to analyze the diaries, books and other stuff available on the cyberspace to heighten their skill degree.

The direction should give due weight to the sentiments and thoughts as developed by the trainees and other employees so that these may be evaluated and necessary action be taken so that the productiveness may be increased.

4.2 We have discussed a figure of methods that can be adopted for the upliftment of the working position and skill degree of the employees. The followers is the result that has been observed after the conjectural preparation.

Consequence of Training: Training of directors was found to be really utile. It enhanced their thought, planning and put to deathing the undertakings in right manner. They have shown to be really efficient and speedy in their action.

Consequence of Conferences: The conferences helped them in research countries and they are found to be efficient in the bettering the antecedently designed solutions. They have come with new thoughts and at the same clip able to take the restrictions of the old merchandises. The quality of the work has improved around 40-60 % .

Consequence of Study Material: the survey stuff provided was found to be utile in developing thoughts and manner of thought of the executives. They are now in a better place to measure the work done by others, following new schemes to better the functionality of the administration.

Effect of Policy Implementation: Some of the policies suggested by executives after all the work out have been implemented and these proved to be upto the grade as these helped in minimising the disparities that had been in earlier undertakings.

Effect of Group Discussion: The group treatment and meetings brought them closer to each other and now they portion their thoughts more frequently. The selected executives have come to cognize more about their possible capablenesss and failings. They are now unfastened to accept challenges and determined to take the restrictions that had been pointed out.

Decisions: From the observations made above in the undertaking 4, it can be concluded that the preparation programmes have a positive consequence on the productiveness of the employees. They learn to work as a squad and non as an person. Further they are more cognizant of their strengths and failings and working in competitory concerted environment where the competition is to better the accomplishment degree and cooperation besides.


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