November 1, 2012 Allegations of Religious Discrimination 1. For starters the supervisor should follow company policy. Hopefully there is a written policy that states the punishment for the discriminatory act. Next the incident needs to be documented with the individual that is being accused brought in for questioning and possibly a witness who can collaborate the incident. Once the investigation is complete disciplinary action should take place.

The manager should document all events taken place and hold a training session to make sure everyone knows this type of behavior is not tolerated. 2. If the prayer meeting does not interfere with work and does not impose an undue hardship on the employer then the request should be taken with great care and accommodations made accordingly. I believe the employees should be allowed to use the facility if no other meetings are being held and if it does not cause issues with business having 1/3 of the employees not working at once. . Temp employees have the same rights as permanent employees. Unfortunately if the temp agency wants to remain a client of the hiring firm it needs to be respectful of the request. Since the company enforces a dress code and Susan is in violation of this dress code she needs to be aware of the consequences of failing to adhere to policy. The dress code is enforceable; however title VII would probably prevail if the case made it to court. . Mandatory background screenings are becoming more common. The background screening itself is not illegal, EEOC reaffirms that under Title VII of our civil rights laws, employers may not deny employment based on a conviction except when the offense is job-related. Businesses can protect their interests and the safety of others on the job. If you do not consent to the background the employer can refuse to hire you.


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