Serrate conferences are organized at both federal and provincial levels where religious scholars and intellectuals come and shed light on the Prophet Madame’s life, sayings, teachings and philosophies. Neat (poetry written in praise of the Prophet) and Koran recitation competitions are also held where prizes are distributed among people who perform outstandingly in the above stated disciplines. Many people also donate to charity. Food and sweets are distributed among the poor and the needy.

Moreover, contributions are made to support orphanages, asylums for the physically and mentally challenged, and widows. Special prayers are offered at mosques. Religious leaders and scholars preach the Prophet Madame’s teachings. Stories and incidents from his life of morals, such as forgiveness, kindheartedness, bravery, wisdom, honesty, and peace lovingness, are quoted. Milady-UN-Nab congregations, rallies and processions also take place in major cities across Pakistan.

These processions usually start from a central location (central mosques or locations of public prominence), pass through designated routes, and end at the starting point. Public Life Did Milady-UN-Nab is a public holiday in Pakistan. All government and semi government offices, and most private offices, businesses, shopping malls, post offices and educational institutions are closed on this day. Those wishing to travel via public transport on the day will need to contact the local transport authorities on the public transport availability.

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Traffic may be disrupted because of Milady-UN-Nab processions on major routes. Background The first public celebrations of Milady-UN-Nab occurred in Egypt towards the end of the 1 lath century. It was primarily a festival of the Shih ruling class. The celebrations featured Koran recitations, animal sacrifices, public sermons and feasts. The first public observance of Milady-UN-Nab by Sunnis took place in 12th century in Syria under the rule of Nor-UN-Din Ganging. In 191 0 it was given the official status as a national festival throughout the Ottoman Empire.

Milady-UN- Nab is now an official holiday in many Muslim countries throughout the world. Symbols Green colored pennants are often seen during Milady-UN-Nab processions, on shrines and mosques. Green is a color associated with the Prophet as being one of his favored colors. It is said that the Prophet chose a green colored flag to represent the Islamic republic during his life. Candles and oil lamps (Chairman) are lit on the eve of 12 Rabbi-lull-Law to welcome the Prophet’s arrival and to celebrate his birth.

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