The first step would be to get the required input because that is needed for the output. The first step s to get the each of the four rooms’ length and width. Then assign it to the appropriate variable. The area of a rectangle is the length multiply by the width. Then calculate the area of each room by multiplying the length by the width to find the number of square feet. Then we can find the total area by adding all the areas calculated together and that will result in the usable area of the house in square feet.

We will use sequential programming statements. The variables that will be used to find the area square feet of each room are: area, length, width Totaled. Area will be used to find the usable square footage f each room. Length and width will be the input that we need to know to get the area of each room. Totaled will be the sum of the area of each of the rooms that will be calculated. Equations to the area are listed below.

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