This papers discusses the impacts and bequest ‘s of the Cricket World Cup 2007 hosted by West Indies. I would wish to discourse on socio/cultural, economic, cultural and political issues. This papers reflects on the place of the game of cricket in the development of bequest ‘s and the infra structural development and societal public assistance plans done to educate the hapless and young person to avoid AIDS. My certification is done based on the mentions which will be mentioned below. My focal point is on impacts and bequest ‘s the International Cricket Council Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007.

Introduction TO ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2007.

Mega-events such as ICC Cricket World Cup are a alone signifier of tourer attractive force defined as big and internationally known event.. Events are normally viewed as a major economic tourer

plus for the host country that besides brings new substructure and installations. All the Countries around the universe have ever saw the impacts and bequests of Mega events like World Cup Cricket as a major events for economic development and international recognition.ICC is forming Cricket World Cup founded in 1975 and it is conducted for every four old ages. After a batch of processs and site choice procedure, it was decided that the 9th locale of the tourney will be played in the West Indies in 2007.West Indies had won foremost two universe cups in 1975 and 1979. The ICC ( International Cricket Council ) has conducted a Cricket World Cup tourney for work forces ‘s cricket every 4 old ages since 1975. The competition has been changed bit by bit since, and the ICC agreed to do the event quadrennial in 1979. The first three tourneies was conducted in England, and sponsorship aid was done by a insurance company, and was known as the Prudential Cup. Some other patrons are Reliance, Benson and Hedges, and Wills. This Company ‘s had their names attached to the event boulder clay 1999, when it became the ICC World Cup. The engagement of figure of squads is sporadically increased from 8 to 9 so 12 to 14 in 2003, and at last, wholly 16 squads where involved in the 9th competition in 2007. The first tourney was for 2 hebdomads and 15 lucifers where conducted. In 2003 tourney, lucifers was co-hosted by South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, and their where 54 lucifers played in 44 yearss. It included 2 hours opening ceremonial. In 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup the part of local organisers and corporate subordinate of the West Indies Cricket Board named the Windies [ West Indies ] World Cup 2007, it besides produced beautiful and mind blowing opening and shutting ceremonials. Out of the 16 squads at the ICC CWC 2007 tournament the 10 first category teamsand staying 6 squads are One Day International Cricket Qualified.


TheA ICCA Cricket World Cup 2007 tournamentA was the 9th clip of the tourney and took topographic point in theA West Indies.A This tourney was from 13 March to 28 April 2007.This tourney used CricketA One Day InternationalA format. These competitions involved 51 lucifers in 47 yearss and these games were played in St. Kitts, Jamaica, Trinidad & A ; Tobago, Barbados, Guyana, Grenada, and St. Lucia, Antigua. Sixteen nations will take part in this event.

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To host this event the Caribbean states had built tourer installations, havens, airdromes, adjustment and other substructure. All around of 12 bowl installations have been developed in the nine states for successful conductivity of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007tournament.

This tourney had 16 qualified cricket squads. This is the biggest figure of squads involved in the history of the World Cup. Teams involved in this tourney are India, West Indies, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and Australia, these states had determined as ICC Test Championships. The entire figure of visitants attended for tourney is expected to be 672,000 and 13,176 per lucifer in over all 51 lucifers. This 16 squads had divided into four groups and tour squads in each group. The top two squads of each group was advanced to the one-fourth finals on knock out based consequences. Four squads from this group of eight had so moved on to the semi finals.. The gap ceremonial was in Jamaica. The concluding lucifer was played in Barbados.


Community Participation

Community engagement is a really of import facet in any Mega event. Unfortunately deficiency of community engagement of Caribbean ‘s caused a negative impact on ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.

Showcase of Different Culture And Artistic Endowments

The attractive and colour full show window of the Caribbean ‘s different civilization was the cardinal point of the Opening Ceremony of ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.

Representing the vivacious life style and heritage of the different parts of people had unfolded the phase on March 11 jubilations to welcome the universe to the Mega Event get downing with a potpourri of fairy-slipper, mento, reggae, ska, soca, dancehall, and other musical genres.

The three-hour public presentations at Trelawney Stadium in Jamaica had included stilt Walkers, the different dance sequences, a mass choir and fire crackers show. There was a membranophone mark by a public presentation troop from South Africa, which connected the nexus between the old ICC Cricket World Cup and this twelvemonth Mega-Event.

Everyone had worked really difficult to do successful and unforgettable start to the ICC Cricket World Cup2007. “ It was a merger of Caribbean endowment, traditions and ethnicities and therefore a testimonial to the rich civilizations of the Host Venues and the part as a whole ” – by Event Manager for the Opening Ceremony, Martin Lewis.

Festival, which was celebrated every twelvemonth in several regional states, was a chief subject of the eventide ‘s public presentations and broad scope of scenes have saw characters such as revelers, a bushy bear and plantation misss playing labyrinth had encouraged every one and created a batch of amusement.

Building community Pride

The strength of the merchandise of state community touristry has helped to know apart their touristry and easing the meaningful engagement of concern communities in the touristry sector.A It besides spread the benefits of touristry sector advanced bounds of the primary tourer countries in rural countries across the country.A Community touristry merchandises and services are little concerns and entrepreneurship.A These little concerns are the of import of the experience of community touristry. This had given many communities the chance to be involved in the industry and has the benefits of touristry to be distributed throughout the community.

Raising consciousness of Specific Social Issues

The International Cricket Council ( ICC ) , UNAIDS, UNICEF and the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership all together had made a coaction on HIV / AIDS at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 to give importance to the state of affairs of kids and striplings populating and affected by HIV.

Assorted activities in the ICC CWC2007 had focused on the jobs which are being faced by kids ‘s and immature people affected by HIV and highlighted the assorted stairss to be taken to turn to them.A The populace, particularly immature people of 15-24 old ages, have got awareness about the stigma and favoritism environing HIV and how to protect themselves against the virus.

A little attention deficit disorder of 30 seconds was shouted which had give some valuable information and consciousness to protect against AIDS. This short movie was given to all the broadcasters on free of cost to play and pealing consciousness in the people. Cricket ace stars like Sachin tendulker, Rahul dravid spoke about HIV equivocal Children.

“ The Unite for Children, Unite against Aids run promoted four cardinal countries: bar of motherto child transmittal of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS ; increased entree to antiretroviral therapy for kids and immature people who need intervention ; instruction plans to assist forestall HIV transmittal ; and increased support for kids who are orphaned and left vulnerable by AIDS ” – ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 to Shine Spotlight on Children and Young People Affected by HIV

“ In the Caribbean, where the ICC Cricket World Cup was held, UNAIDS estimated that 250,000

people populating with HIV in 2006, 15,000 of those kids aged 0-14 years.A It was estimated that in 2006, 1.1 % of immature adult females and 0.5 % of immature work forces aged 15-24 old ages were populating with HIV in the Caribbean and that around 27,000 people were infected with the virus aloneA in 2006 ” – ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 to Shine Spotlight on Children and Young People Affected by HIV.

Fiscal Growth

“ The Bank ‘s fiscal public presentation improved significantly compared to the old old ages. The amalgamate net income for the twelvemonth under reappraisal was $ 34.8m, an addition of $ 21.9m over the old twelvemonth ‘s net income of $ 12.9m. The growing in net income was chiefly attributable to an addition of $ 23.6m in net involvement income, ensuing from: An addition in the foreign modesty nominal base due to the heightened economic activity in the tally up to the Cricket World Cup 2007 ” -EASTERN CARABIEN CENTRAL BANK REPORT 2008.


LEGACY is the short and long-run benefit of state and its people experienced as a consequence of successfully hosting major international events such as ICC Cricket universe Cup 2007.

In readying for the hosting of this event the Caribbean states had built tourer installations, airdromes, havens, adjustment and other substructure. A sum of 12 bowl installations had developed in the nine states in order to carry on the tourney and warm up lucifers excessively.

The benefits derived from these events had given importance in progressing urban centres by making new installations, development to the substructure, and an addition in touristry grosss.

World Cricket has changed the game format in many ways.A Due to the tough agendas, cricketers are stronger in both mentally and physically than of all time before.

Due to busy agendas and fluctuation of timings from state to state dark matches become really common in most states to bring forth gross from airing media and one-day cricket go the most normally followed signifier of the game.

However, the traditional signifier of the game, A Test cricket, still playing in the universe, and in recent seasons has challenged one-day cricket for the interest of the populace. Indeed, rank of a Test Cricket side frequently seen as more esteemed for participants, both due to the more ambitious nature of the format and the higher speed of one twenty-four hours participants.


A Significant tourer attractive force added to Caribbean tourer merchandise and gross

Regional and Economicss

Businesss throughout the part had used the impulse of the event to organize Caribbean Business nine which had seek to organize new partnerships and expanded capacity and services and explored the new markets.

Transportation system

Roadss and Infrastructure across the state had bit by bit improved for ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.

The Synchronized traffic regulations and traffic visible radiation system had implemented for better traffic mobility.

Opportunity for more Events

Caribbean had gained the over all demands which are needed for upcoming Mega-Events in feald of touristry and Particular Events besides.

Environment Concerns

Bridgetown Redevelopment Project had brought more attractive to the Event.

Creative Ideas such as “ Bag your ain refuse “ was an perfectly advanced thought which was really successful. This thought made people to transport their ain refuse and shit in close by bins which had made workers more easy to clean the waste and that was really eco friendly.

Adjustment installations

The Significant Constructions of flats, hotels, leisure Parkss and enlargement of the Home adjustments and given a important betterment to remain and had fun at non hours of the Matches.

This development had increased in room capacity and besides helped for touristry and local community besides.

Active engagement of Volunters.

More than One Thousand have volunteered for ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. All these had received good developing and got broad scope of experience which ensures the Caribbean have a strong and skilled voluntaries to present future local and international Events which are expected to go on.


Caribbean had got tremendous development in mass crowd direction and mass casualty events which will guarantee for more effectual catastrophe exigency response system.

State Pride

The successful hosting of ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 had kept Caribbean on universe map as topographic point to host Mega Events.

Business Improvements

There is a enormous addition in Cruise ships to Dock at Caribbean ports during ICC Cricket World Cup2007 for visitants and used the topographic points as hub for two months of Matches. This addition in visitants had created an first-class concern chance for a broad scope of service suppliers. It is estimated that Caribbean service suppliers had catered more than Thirty Thousand Cricket Fans.

It positioned the Caribbean for imports and export concern civilization and there is a gradual addition in exporting merchandises, services and civilization to the universe.

One of major advantage and bequest is ICC Cricket World Cup2007 had encouraged the Caribbean local cricket participants which had motivated them to better their game and stand for the West indies for International Cricket. It besides encouraged local patrons which is really of import in any game and for betterment of every participant.


Their was a notably less engagement of local people in the planning procedure had created negative socio-cultural and environmental impacts for environing communities those who are interested in bettering community based touristry enterprises.

“ Tourist reachings declined aggressively in the 2nd half of 2008 and fell farther in 2009 ( 5.8 per centum diminution y-o-y ) , with the negative gross impacts amplified by big hotel monetary value price reductions ( up to 60 per centum in the extremum season ) and decreases in length of stay. However, this was offset to an extent by greater sail rider traffic, which increased by 1.5 per centum in 2008 and 12.8 per centum in 2009 ” -WORLD BANK DOCUMENT

Environment Concerns

Tourism is the country where it largely depends on natural resources and therefore it requires a healthy environment.. The improper handling of solid waste disposal, safe H2O supply, sewerage intervention was non decently maintained.

Information Needed

There was a batch of desynchronize in the regulations of agenda that was required by the ICC regarded criterions. This information was non decently disseminated. There was concern that smaller-scale enterprisers did non understood decently how to concession understandings work

Service and Safety

Hotel and restaurant staff was non decently trained and eventually it a had negatively affectional on visitants. Some people who are working in the cordial reception industry did non cognize the difference between service and servitude. It is really of import to educate the community about the nature and impact on touristry.


The exploited demand for adjustments during World Cup Cricket had exceeded current supply. Sudden addition of monetary values had created a job to visitants to bare the cost. Improper planning of suites handiness had created batch of fluctuation in demand and supply.


World Cup Cricket had given an chance for bing eating houses to temporarily increase their net income degrees. The event had provide the opportunity to mend and repaint installations and better aesthetics with new landscape plantings.

Transportation system

The demand for transit had stressed on current capacity during World Cup Cricket. Refering in this job it had given an opertunity for some enterprisers to better the rent of auto. Water taxis had represent a new concern chance which had helped relieve route traffic congestion


One of the most sad issue about Icc cricket universe cup is we lost a great cricket couch Mr.Bob woolmer. This issue had become a really confederacy in cricket history. “ On 18 March 2007, Woolmer was found dead in his hotel room at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel inA Kingston, Jamaica. The initial study was that Woolmer had died of a bosom onslaught. On 22 March, Jamaican constabulary confirmed that aA murderA probe was been launched due to the fortunes of Woolmer ‘s decease. On 12 June 2007, the commissioner of theA Jamaica Constabulary Force, announced that the probe had concluded that Bob Woolmer died of natural causes, and was non murdered as indicated by the earlier ” -West indies media.


I here by conclude that based on the above points discussed, Caribbean ICC Cricket World Cup2007 is a really successful Mega-Event which had batch impacts and bequests. This event had brought a development in Fieldss of substructure, concerns, chances for unemployes and improved the criterion of life.

I do accept there are many negative bequests for the event, like non affecting local community, environment, service and safety, improper information, housing and really of import is Death of Bob Woolmer and etc. I do non desire to back up negative impacts, but no event will be 100 % perfect. Equally far as I concerned authorities had took batch of stairss to avoid the negative bequests.


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