Question 2: contrast the traditional Porches customer decision process to the decision process for a Cayenne or a Ephemera customer. (10 points) Question 3: which concepts from the chapter explain why Porches sold so many lower-priced models in the asses en asses? (10 points) Questions 4: Explain how both positive and negative attitudes toward a brand like Porches develop. How might Porches change consumer attitudes toward the brand? (5 points) Question 5: What role does the Porches brand play in the self-concept of its buyers? 5 points) Answer Form Marketing Week 2 Class BIO Names: Sorry Paper Earn De Bruin Ham Harcourt Graham Samson (Total points to be earned: 100) Team # 7 (60 points: 10 per question, 20 points for questions 1 an 2) 1) Map out the buying behavior of the company’s or brand’s customers. In doing so please consult chapter 5 of Kettle and evaluate the following aspects: (20 mints) – which personal factors are of impact and how do these impact? Age and life cycle: A dad can influence his son to become a fan of the NFG by being a fan of the NFG himself that way a dad can unconsciously influence the buying behavior of his son.

Furthermore the age of the customer influences the size of clothing he or she will buy. For example a 5 year old kid will get/buy a children’s small while a 40 year old grown up will buy a adult size large shirt which is more expensive. Economic situation: The economic situation will greatly influence the buying behavior of the costumer because the certain amount of money the costumer makes will also decide the amount of money that he or she can spent on hobby’s, furthermore the amount of money the costumer makes will enable him or her to buy more expensive clothing or games.

Lifestyle: The lifestyle of a person will greatly influence the buying behavior of the costumer because for example if I’m a fashionable guy I am more likely to buy clothing items that stand out and attract attention, and if I’m a non-fashionable guy I will probably buy NFG apparel that doesn’t stand out. Another example is if I’m a die-hard NFG fan I will be more likely to buy season tickets (for my team) than if I’m a regular fan (l will probably buy loose tickets from time to time).

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Personality and self-concept: If you consider yourself a fan of the NFG or a team in the NFG then you are more likely to regularly buy NFG apparel to support the NFG. If you are not a NFG fan then you will probably buy an item once in a blue moon just because you like how it looks. – what kind of buying decision behavior are we looking at? Variety-seeking buying behavior because there are significant differences twine the brands (NFG, ML, NAB, NIL etc. ) but there is low involvement in the purchases because they are relatively cheap.

Problem recognition: Apparel is out of stock so we need to place a new order. General need and description: In need of jerseys, hats, scarves, jackets, helmets, shorts, hoodoos, sweatpants, cleats, posters. Quantity needed 320000. Product specification: Adult sizes S , M, L, XSL, XSL, XSL. Child sizes SIX, EX., XX, S, M, L. Need apparel for all 32 teams. Also needed women’s clothing and men’s clothing. Supplier search: Rebook, Pro Line, Touch by Alyssa Milan. Proposal solicitation: Nikkei, Rebook, Storage, Aids, Champion, Puma, Under Armor.

Supplier selection: Nikkei, Rebook and Storage Order-routine specification: Final order: chosen suppliers Nikkei, Rebook, Storage. In need of the whole assortment of apparel with the needed product specifications and quantity. Performance review: After the suppliers performances have been assessed we have concluded that they met our specifications and we’ll continue doing business in the future. Kettle and evaluate the following aspects: (20 points) The Neff’s business clients are companies such as Nikkei, Rebook, Storage ESP., NBC, Visa, The NY/NJ superpower committee. Environmental.

Economic developments: When a NFG team wins for example the superpower, this will lead to an increased interest in the sport which on their time will lead to more financial opportunities. Supply conditions: The NFG has close contacts with their business clients, making it possible for the players and staff to wear either Nikkei or Rebook sportswear. Storage for instance makes it possible for the players and the audience to enjoy their sports drinks. The players get these benefits for free since by drinking and earring the products they create more commercial awareness for the brands, and also a tighter relationship with their suppliers.

Technological change: Since the technological process over the past few years, it’s a lot more attractive to advertise during the games because there are a lot more possibilities now such as commercials instead of just putting up your slogan or hanging a banner. Competitive developments: The NFG has gained more fans over the years which means more viewers and in turn more revenues, this makes it very competitive between the stations that broadcast the NFG matches such as ESP. and NBC.


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