1. Explain the importance of Service selling. What are the basic differences between the selling of goods and services? 2. Describe the employees’ function in service bringing. 3. Write a brief note on “extended service selling mix for Retail” 4. What is meant by “service blueprint” ? Explain its importance in modern retail. 5. A ) What is “Service Level Agreement” ? B ) What do you understand by “Service degree Management” and how of import it is for retail organisations to pull off service degrees? 6. Discourse the importance of preparation and readyings for the service executing in an mercantile establishment like the Pizza Hut or Pizza Corner.

What are the factors impacting floor degree executing in shops? 2. Take any music shop as an illustration and explicate the factors act uponing unrecorded service executing in that shop. 3. Write a brief note on the service operational challenges faced by the retail industry. 4. What is meant by client profiling? Explain client profiling in modern retail. 5. Write a brief note on “Service Performance Indicators” . 6. Illustrate with an illustration. the importance of service public presentation direction at different degrees of employees.


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