Maycomb County. a fictional country in Alabama. is merely like any other metropolis in the United States. This county has many people who go on the side of codifications non on the side of the jurisprudence. To Kill a Mockingbird. was written by Harper Lee. In today’s society. people make up codifications merely to do life easier for them and non to acquire into battles with anyone. In this book. the Ewells child does non travel to school more than one twenty-four hours and Atticus attempts to get the better of one of the state broad codifications. The justice decides to travel with the codification and non the jurisprudence of Mr. Tom Robinsons instance.

Burris Ewell. a hapless male child in the Ewell household. has his ain codification. He merely has to travel to school for merely the first twenty-four hours of the twelvemonth. The jurisprudence says every child has to travel to school. Since Burris is an Ewell. no 1 turns him into the authorization. “They come first twenty-four hours every twelvemonth and so go forth ( Lee 36 ) . ” This was said by one of the aged childs of Scouts and the Burris’ foremost grade category. The Truant officer tried to do the older Ewell childs to travel to school. but she merely quit. Everyone in the county knows it is illegal. but no 1 does anything about it. If anyone went to the governments. it would do their ain lives a batch more hard because you would hold all of the lower category mad at them.

Atticus Finch. a white male in Maycomb County. goes against the cosmopolitan codification. Whites are better than Whites. Mr. Finch was a attorney who decided to take Tom Robinsons accused colza instance out of pride. “If I didn’t I couldn’t keep up my caput in town. I couldn’t stand for this county in the legislative assembly. I couldn’t even state you or Jem non to make something once more ( Lee 100 ) . ” Atticus was answer a inquiry from lookout when he said this. Atticus is stating that if he did non take the instance of Tom Robinson. it would non morally right. He went against the state broad codification and decided to travel with the jurisprudence. He figured out that in tribunal. he would hold a just opportunity to win this instance. Since this happened during the 1950’s. a clip of segregation. he had no opportunity at all to assist Tom Robinson. Mr. Finch decided to travel with his scruples and assist support a black adult male accused for colza.

In a suppose room of justness and equality. you need a non-bias individual or people to do the concluding determination. In Tom Robinsons’ test. there was an all white and male jury and justice. At this clip in history. inkinesss or adult females were non able to take part in a large test. Tom Robinson. being a black male. had no opportunity with all of the jury and justice. Even though Atticus knew he had no opportunity at all. he went against the codification and helped this despairing adult male in despairing times. The all white jury decided to utilize the codification over the jurisprudence in the courthouse. a room of justness. “guilty…guilty…guilty…guilty… ( Lee 282 ) . ” This was said when Judge Taylor was reading the determinations of the jury. Even though Atticus and Tom had all the right to win the instance. the jury made life easier on themselves and decided to declare Tom guilty merely because he was black. If this test happened in the twenty-first century. the result would be a batch different because it is non as racialist and the jury would dwell on non-bias people. Since the jury decided to side on the codification and non the jurisprudence. they put an guiltless adult male into gaol.

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Most of the clip. doing life easier for yourself happens when you do the incorrect thing but go with the remainder of the community. Even though this codification is incorrect. there are ever people. like Atticus Finch. who do the right thing. even if it makes life more hard for them. Reader of this book benefits cognizing that do what the right thing to make. non what the remainder of the universe does. Maycomb County has many people who go on the side of codifications non on the side of the jurisprudence.


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