I were going to write a formal report to my management I would have to look at what type of people I am dealing with before writing the report. Therefore, I know what they are looking for in the reports when they read it. If I don’t know my audience, How can I please them so to speak. I cannot please someone I do not know or at least I don’t think so. Knowing what your audience likes, is looking for, and or don’t care for, will aka you a long way in any part of life, I think.

Leading is knowing and knowing is success I have always heard from family members on my fathers side. I like to try to add some charisma But if the managers are not so open minded or as charming as me then no, I won’t add any spunk to my reports. I have a good trait from my fathers side as well and that’s outgoing. Some people do not like how outgoing I can be so for those type people I calm it down until I know they are comfortable with me.

I like to make the higher bevel positions think they have referent power over me but really I could go over them and show them the leader in me. I like the lower position for now. That is a risk I will take later in my career, Just in case it backfires on me because of their connections. Risking not knowing your something you want to do. Not knowing can bring you down what they want or like. If you like your Job, you like and get people around you. Plain and simple. Resources Chapter 10 of business and professional communication.

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