The two states The United States of America and North Korea are immensely different based off of how they are run and the types of authorities that are used within them. Because of the ways they are run. the citizens of both states have greatly different rights and freedoms. and services that are provided for the people by the authorities. In general. Democratic states to most people seem to be better topographic points to populate than Authoritarian states.

The types of authorities used in both states are so different to the point the one is a complete absolutism and the other is one of the most free states on the planet. North Korea uses a type of absolutism known as a Totalitarian Family Dictatorship. This type of authorities can besides be known as a Monarchy. In a Monarchy. the individual in power will ever be in the same lineage as the leader before them. The current President of North Korea is Kim Yong-Nam. who is the boy of the old Dictator Kim Jong-Il. Kim Yong-Nam has by and large complete control over all of the occurrences in North Korea. North Korea has the official rubric of “The Democratic Republic of North Korea” but this name isn’t wholly true because there is merely one party in the authorities that the people can vote for. rather similar to the Chinese authorities. In North Korea. if people try to organize another party to run against the Kim household. they are arrested ( World Wide Web. 123independenceday. com ) . On the other manus. the USA uses a Constitution-based Federal Republic. In the democracy. citizens ballot for deputies. otherwise known as representatives who vote on Legislation on the people’s behalf. These methods are both affectional in their ain ways. but in footings of the felicity of people. USA prevails because they give the option the citizens to vote for who they want in power and non be forced to hold a pre-decided dictator.

The human rights of the United States of America and North Korea vary on an utmost degree. In North Korea. there are no racial rights differences any more. but at that place used to be. much the same as the USA. However. adult females in North Korea must follow more regulations than work forces. A few limitations for adult females are they are non permitted to sit motorcycles. and they must ever have on skirts in public topographic points. No such regulations apply to adult females in the USA. In footings of sexual penchant. cheery matrimony is presently allowed in the USA. but is being disputed among political figures if cheery matrimony should be banned. North Korea has zero tolerance for homosexualism and in some utmost instances. homophiles are executed. North Korea is besides known for executing public executings to strike fright into the people to cut down the likelihood of offenses being committed. The USA is by far a more free state than North Korea largely because the difference in the rights that the authoritiess give their people.

Healthcare provided for the people of North Korea and the United States of America are both sufficient for their demands. Healthcare in North Korea is free because of the communist economic system. Because of this. it would do sense for infirmaries to be run by the authorities because the people are already so to a great extent taxed that most services are already provided for “free” . However. health care in the USA must be paid for by the citizens as they need it. For lower income households. they can measure up for free health care which is funded by the authorities. The life anticipation in North Korea is 68. 5 old ages on norm. while the USA’s is 78. 2 old ages. demoing that the criterion of life in America is much better than that of North Korea. The birth rates in the USA are much higher than in North Korea. even though birth rates have been plumping since the 1990’s. A point against the USA is that one tierce of their full population are overweight or corpulent. while in NK fleshiness rates are minimum. On top of this. North Korea has 3. 3 physicians per 1000 people while the USA merely has 2. 3 per 1000 people ( Stats from Google Public Data and Nation Master ) . Overall. these consequences show that the United States of America has healthier people because of the 10 twelvemonth difference in life anticipation. The USA does a better occupation of maintaining its citizens good based on its population.

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Overall. it is prevailing that the United States of America is a significantly more free state than North Korea. This is chiefly because of the manner the different authoritiess choose to run their states. This can turn out that in general. Democratic societies are more pleasant topographic points than the societies of Authoritarian states. “World Statistics. Country Comparisons. ” NationMaster. com. NationMaster. n. d. Web. 14 Sept. 2012. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nationmaster. com/ & gt ; . “Google Public Data Explorer. ” Google Public Data Explorer. N. p. . n. d. Web. 14 Sept. 2012. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Google. ca/publicdata & gt ; . “Political System of North Korea. ” Political System of North Korea. N. p. . n. d. Web. 13 Sept. 2012. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. 123independenceday. com/north-korea/political-system. hypertext markup language & gt ; .


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