A study that was done by Food Safety News shows that wearing gloves actually isn’t beneficial at all. That it actually could be worse than not wearing any gloves at all The heat that your body gives off combined with the moisture left on your hands after washing them makes the perfect atmosphere for bacteria to grow and prosper. Many people that wear gloves get a sense of security when wearing gloves. People start to think that they are invincible, that they can do anything wrong. Too any times you go to a restaurant and see a chef grab a sanitized towel then go straight to cooking.

The security that gloves give you leads to higher risk of cross contamination and danger of getting people sick. In a 2007 study by the journal of food safety hand washing was less when wearing gloves. They noticed that the people that were wearing gloves washed their hands half as much as those who did wear gloves. This can lead to a higher cross contamination rate if employees are not properly trained on how to properly wear gloves without running a risk of getting a people sick.

Occlusion of the skin during long-term glove use in food operations creates the warm, moist conditions necessary for microbial proliferation and can increase pathogen transfer onto foods through leaks or exposed skin or during glove removal. ” In other words, just wearing gloves can create dangerous conditions. ” The lack of hand washing poses a bigger question when using gloves. When you get gloves out of the box you touch the outside of the glove. Then when you touch some food it is practically the same as touching the food with your bare hands.

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This poses the question then “Why wear gloves what good do they actually do? ” To make matters worse if a person is sick, then they get out some gloves they stand a very good chance of getting someone sick as well. Another problem with using gloves is the large cost and waste associated with them. The billions that are spent on gloves is money that could be spent elsewhere such as improvements in the restaurant, kitchen improvements, automatic soap dispensers or automatic paper towel dispensers.

Even on front of house improvements such as newer lighting or even new seating and abeles to make more seating for guests. Also the money could be spent on advertising to help promote the restaurant more. Companies that want to save money by not using gloves need to invest in hand washing stations with automatic foot pedals and automatic towel dispensers A major problem that is posed with the use of gloves is that many people are allergic to latex, the main product in rubber gloves. Companies that make the gloves also make vinyl gloves to prevent this from hindering people from using gloves.


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