Aviva Life Insurance is a joint venture between Dabur and Aviva. Aviva has 26 % interest and Dabur 74 % interest in the JV partnership. Aviva India employs near to 5000 people. over 20. 000 Fiscal Advisers with 159 subdivisions across the state. In 1999 the authorities opened the insurance sector by allowing FDI from private companies of up to 26 % . The largest life-insurance company in India is still owned by the authorities ( LIC ) . Insurance is besides listed as the 7th Agenda to the Constitution of India where both Centre and provinces can pass. Insurance in many signifiers has been mentioned in Indian Bibles.

Presently India is a US $ 41 billion industry. Currently. in India merely two million people ( 0. 2 % of the entire population of 1 billion ) are covered under Mediclaim. whereas in developed states like USA about 75 % of the entire population are covered under some insurance strategy.

Reason to make concern in India:

Attracted immense foreign investings

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India is the fourth largest economic system. in footings of buying power para. Tenth most industrialized economic system.

Political stableness and wide consensus on reforms. Liberal and crystalline foreign investing government.

Well developed banking system.

Strong pool of proficient work force.

2nd largest English-speaking population.

Abundant. high-quality. cost-efficient. competitory work force. Over 100. 000 IT professionals added each twelvemonth.

India rated as the most attractive finish for offshore concern

Job creative activity: a million direct & A ; 2-3 million

Easy industrial licensing policy

Major fiscal factor reforms

Geting started is easy

Achieve more with less

The merchandises of insurance sector in India:
• Home insurance
• Medical insurance
• Health insurance
• Vehicle insurance
• Life insurance

Top 3 insurance companies in India:
• Life Insurance Corporation of India
• Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
• ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
•Aviva was listed 11th in 2009.
And 13th in top companies to purchase insurance India in 2011.
Aviva Life Insurance. presently ranked as one of the top 10 life insurance companies in India

International aim in India:

Aviva’s overall scheme is to increase the geographic focal point. In Asia. Aviva will go on to prosecute franchise growing though organic investing. concentrating on their precedence markets such as China and India. Aviva’s purpose is to be a top 10 life insurance company by leveraging their bancassurance expertness and transforming our bureau gross revenues force.

Aviva see that the basicss of Indian market is attractive. The low figure of people taking up insurance and the rapid growing in the states GDP in the long term will necessitate insurance companies and nest eggs industry.

Aviva India offers kid programs which is good factors such bright hereafter for the kids. It besides provides salvaging for kids e. g. instruction. India besides has the highest degrees of skilled applied scientists and IT persons ready to come in the occupation market every twelvemonth. India has a civilization of educating their kids to be an applied scientist or IT specializer.


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