The aim of this undertaking is supplying an rating of sustainability in Changi Airport. By concentrating Terminal 3, a batch of treatment and analysis have been done to analyze Changi Airport ‘s sustainability. The undertaking comprises four chief constituents included the description of Changi Airport, designation and treatment of sustainability standards, analysis of possible impacts and recommended planning tool.


The undertaking takes full advantage of utilizing qualitative and quantitative methods to roll up informations for the sustainable indexs and support for its statements. Particularly, to qualitative method, a batch of site observations, apparent images and interviews with relevant personal included face-to-face communicating and electronic mail were conducted to analyze Changi Airport ‘s sustainability ( Hair et al. 2003, p.74 ) .

Feinstein & A ; Thomas ( 2002 ) determined that quantitative method is ‘the acceptance from a scope of mathematical and statistical techniques used to analyse informations and information. The qualitative method was applied to obtain information through Changi Airport web site, relevant diary articles and books from both on-line beginnings and the National Library Singapore.

Description of Changi Airport:

Singapore Changi Airport has ever been known as the best airdrome in the universe ( Changi Airport Group ( CAG ) 2010 ) . Their repute has been expanded through a batch of one-year worldwide awards such as: 2010 Best Green Service Provider – Airport, 2009 Asia ‘s Leading Airport, 2008 World ‘s Leading Eco-friendly Airport, 2007 World ‘s Leading Airport, etc ( CAG 2010 ) .

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Establishing from 1981, Changi Airport is centrally located in the South East Asiatic part and is managed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore ( CAAS ) ( Caudle 1996 ) . The airdrome handles more than 80 air hoses runing 5,100 hebdomadal scheduled flights winging to about 200 metropoliss in 60 states ( Hui & A ; Wan2003 ) . These large Numberss of air hoses operations allow the airdrome welcoming more than 5,000 reachings and goings every hebdomad and over 37 million riders a twelvemonth ( Hui & A ; Wan 2003 ) .

Changi Airport Terminal 3 opened on 9 January 2008. This S $ 1.75 billion terminal comprises 380000 square metre of infinite and can manage about 22 million riders a twelvemonth ( NEWASIA Singapore 2010 ) . The roof of the chief terminus edifice is designed with 919 fanlights that automatically adjust to sunlight and make full soft natural visible radiation into the interior of the terminus ( NEWASIA Singapore 2010 ) .

Terminal 3 consists of seven floors ( 4 degrees above land and 3 degrees below land ) which are considered as a little metropolis with many services and comfortss ( NEWASIA Singapore 2010 ) . There is a floor-to-ceiling screening gallery on the 4th floor which allows visitants to bask watching the control tower, plane takeoff and land. Natural verdure is the chief subject of the terminus ‘s architectural design ( NEWASIA Singapore 2010 ) . The green wall, a 5-storey tall and 300 metre long perpendicular garden is really good grounds with 4 waterfalls, beds of tropical leaf and sculptured sandstone art walls at the reaching hall ( NEWASIA Singapore 2010 ) .

Designation and Discussion of Sustainability Criteria:

Sustainability Criteria is known as the particular criterions which organisations follow to accomplish their intents of minimising at the lowest degree of negative impacts and equilibrating the ternary underside lines ( Swarbrooke 1999 ) . To be well-known as a green finish, Changi Airport has put a batch of attempts to obtain sustainability in many ways.

( The tabular array of sustainability indexs can mention to Appendix 1 )

Environmental Indexs:

Water Management:

To Changi Airport, H2O direction is really of import to cut down every bit much as possible H2O ingestion and the sum of H2O that takes from providers. They are rather successful to use Rainwater Harvesting system that allows them to roll up storm H2O for watering workss at Changi Airport Nursery and external landscape countries ( CAG 2009 ) .

Besides, NEWater ( recycled H2O ) is utilizing as the chief H2O beginning in Changi Airport for multiply intents such as: irrigation, fire-fighting, sanitation and chilling intents in topographic point of drinkable H2O ( CAG 2009 ) .

Another efficiency pattern in H2O preservation is put ining flow rate regulators for wash basins in selected countries of the airdrome to diminish H2O use by 66 % from 6 litres per minute to 2 litres per minute ( CAG 2009 ) .A Drinking H2O is besides conserved in term of put ining lights-outs with H2O salvaging devices such as on-off detectors ( CAG 2009 ) .

One of the biggest beginnings of H2O use is from lavatories, so that Change Airport Introducing low-flush lavatories that recycled H2O ( NEWater ) being used for blushing ( CAG 2009 ) .

Energy Management:

The airdrome has saved a batch of energy from its enterprises to better energy efficiency. A typical pattern is utilizing natural lighting in rider countries by put ining dual glassy glass and solar shading devices ( CAG 2009 ) .A These patterns allow the nature visible radiation to acquire into the edifices while minimising heat gained from sunshine at the same clip. From so on, it helps to diminish the demand for unreal lighting and air conditioning. Inside the edifices, they besides set up the efficient illuming system with gesture detectors and detector escalators and travellators ( CAG 2009 ) .

The other patterns included closing down escalators and travellators at dark and during off-peak hours, turning off peripheral illuming during twenty-four hours clip and looking for the best energy-efficient options when replacing their assets and equipments ( CAG 2009 ) .

The most singular pattern is put ining a 250kWp photovoltaic system with solar panel faculties which cover a rooftop country of about 2,500mA? . These panel faculties generate over 280,000 kWh/year, it is calculated to cut down more than 122,000kg of C dioxide per twelvemonth ( CAG 2009 ) .

Waste Management:

The whole thought of sustainable development has been developed really expeditiously by Changi Airport through cut downing waste coevals and increasing the per centum of waste recycled.

The airdrome has introduced a new originative design of recycling bins which really depicted an hypertrophied bottle, a can and a newspaper ( CAG 2009 ) . The intent of these bins is seeking to catch people ‘s attending and promote them to be more considerate and take part in recycle waste.

With respects to cut downing waste coevals, the airdrome ‘s taxi strip pavings are construed by recycled stuffs and recycled concrete is used to construct roadways, drains, pavings and curbs. Office renovations are besides used wallboard dividers alternatively of howitzer and bricks to minimise waste coevals ( CAG 2009 ) .These consequences in cost nest eggs through waste disposal and natural stuff costs.

Noise Management:

Efficient noise direction ever challenges for aircraft operators all over the universe. The activities such as: re-fuelling, luggage burden, engine care, droping and re-provisioning of aircraft normally generate a batch of noise which can impact straight to the nearby community.

At Changi Airport, noise direction is considered as a really of import factor to minimise the possible negative impacts to the community. All air hoses and civil aircraft operating in Singapore have to perpetrate toA run into the noise criterions stipulated by International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO ) ‘s guidelines on Balanced Approach to Noise ( CAG 2009 ) .

Land usage planning is conducted by the Urban Redevelopment Authority ( URA ) , which zones land environing Changi Airport for residential usage in conformity with international norms on noise levels.A Noise surveies are conducted on a regular basis to update the noise contours around Changi Airport.A The consequences of these surveies are shared with URA for future land-use planning ( CAG 2009 ) .

Changi Airport besides assigns tracks to aircrafts to cut down air traffic and requires all aircraft that going from Singapore to follow defined paths to avoid winging straight overhead residential countries ( CAG 2009 ) . Besides, the airdrome conducts regular reviews to keep noise degree and observe any unnatural noise activity ( CAG 2009 ) .

With a better attempt to cut down noise degree, Changi Airport Group ( 2009 ) cooperates with Singapore Amalgamated Services Co-operative Organization ( SASCO ) , the nearby airside bureau to guarantee that the impact of noise from their compounds is minimized particularly from 12 a.m. to 06 a.m.

Air Quality Control:

To Changi Airport, supplying a good environment with best air quality is really of import to protect their employee ‘s wellness and the local community. There are a batch of utile patterns which allow them to minimise every bit much as possible the sum of C dioxide bring forthing from airdrome vehicles, land running of aircraft, route traffic, nutrient readying and air conditioning.

They merely use intercrossed tractors to screen luggage within Terminal 3 ( CAG 2009 ) . The Sky Train system is besides used expeditiously to transport riders who make inter-terminal flight connexions among Terminal 1, 2 and 3 ( CAG, 2009 ) . The system has sum of seven Stationss: two each in Terminal 1 and 2, and three in Terminal 3. This high-velocity “ people mover system ” is powered by electricity and creates zero local emanations ( CAG 2009 ) .

Furthermore, the airdrome put their sustainable attempts in term of planing the landing field to maximise the figure of rapid issue taxi strips and linking taxi strips to restrict congestion on the landing field ( CAG 2009 ) . This helps cutting down a batch of taxiing clip of aircraft and cut downing a big sum of engine emanations.

Another good pattern which allows cut downing a batch of C emanations from the airdrome is using electronic auto park system in 1,700 auto park infinites and 130 bike infinites ( Changi Airport Singapore ( CAS ) 2010 ) . With this helpful system, vehicles can rapidly happen the empty tonss and diminish the large sum of C emanations from traveling around the auto Parkss.

The cardinal high spot of terminal 3 is the Green Wall, five-storey high perpendicular garden. The garden is designed with four cascading waterfalls, a graven sandstone art wall and a batch of mounting workss ( Hui & A ; Wan 2003 ) . This green pattern aid making fresh air, chilling the ambiance inside the edifice and salvaging a big sum of energy ingestions through air conditioners.

Stress Degree:

Changi Airport is well-known as one of the best airdromes all over the universe which serves more than 80 air hoses runing 5,100 hebdomadal scheduled flights winging to about 200 metropoliss in 60 states ( Hui & A ; Wan2003 ) . These large Numberss of air hoses operations allow the airdrome welcoming more than 5,000 reachings and goings every hebdomad and over 37 million riders a twelvemonth ( Hui & A ; Wan 2003 ) .

The whole airdrome is about 1,300 hectares with 870 hectares reclaimed from the sea ( 670 hectares utilizing seafill and 200 hectares utilizing landfill ) ( CAS 2010 ) . There are more than 230 retails and services shops and about 100 nutrient & A ; drink constitutions here ( CAS 2010 ) .

Besides, terminal 3 has an one-year handling capacity of 22 million riders while the entire handling capacity of Changi Airport is about 70 million riders per twelvemonth ( CAS 2010 ) .

Social-cultural Indexs:

Environmental Education:

There are many sorts of sustainable instruction which is conducted in Changi Airport through environmental exhibitions, runs, events, gallery and activities. Some singular activities that conveying a batch of good green image of Changi Airport are:

Changi Airport Group and IATA launched environmental exhibition between 2 February 2010 and 28 February 2010 to foreground air power ‘s committedness to the environment ( Changi Airport Group & A ; IATA 2010 ) .

The airdrome practiced Earth Hour 2010 to raise environmental consciousness among its stakeholders ( CAS 2010 ) .

Changi Airport cooperates with National Museum of Singapore and Double A Ltd. to advance “ Making your ain woodblock print with local icons ” run to utilize the paper sagely ( CAS 2010 ) .

Value of foreign ownership:

The full good ownership of Changi Airport belongs to the authorities of Singapore.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore ( CAAS ) isA the regulative authorization ( Channel Newasia 2009 ) . Within CAAS, there are two entities:

One is in charge in the regulator, booster and developer of the air power industry ( Channel Newasia 2009 ) .

The corporatized entity is in charge to run Changi Airport, the airdrome exigency services and exploit investing chances overseas ( Channel Newasia 2009 ) .

Locals occupations created through touristry:

Changi Airport is bring forthing about 13,000 occupations for local community ( CAS 2010 ) .

Baseline Indexs:

Quality Management:

Changi Airport is known as the universe ‘s most awarded airdrome with over 350 awards included 28 won in 2009 andA 8 won as at May 2010 ( CAG 2010 ) . Some singular awards are:

2010 Best Green Service Provider – Airport

2009 Asia ‘s Leading Airport

2008 World ‘s Leading Airport

2008 World ‘s Leading Eco-friendly Airport

Potential Impacts of Changi Airport:

Tourism activities can do a batch of impacts to the ternary underside lines included environment, economic and social-culture ( Swarbrooke 1999 ) . Changi Airport is well-known as an indispensable component in the air power industry in peculiar and the whole touristry system ( WTS ) in general ( Weaver & A ; Lawton 2010 ) . Therefore, it can non disregard both negative and positive impacts from its transit service to local community.

Environmental Impacts:

The good side of touristry development in Changi Airport is advancing people ‘s sustainable consciousness and their duty in term of environmental preservation ( Buckley 2000 ) . There are besides many cleaning programmes such as: the Clean Energy Programme Office ( CEPO ) to protect the attraction and green image of the best world-wide eco-friendly airdrome ( Singapore Economic Development Board 2009 ) . Besides, one of the best benefits which Changi Airport has created for the environment is advancing the development of utilizing renewable beginnings such as: solar energy- 919 fanlights, recycled H2O – the NEWater, etc ( Manson 2003 ) .

Together with the positive impact, there are besides a batch of negative impacts which Changi Airport generates for the environment. Noise pollution is, for many people, the most obvious signifier of pollution related chiefly to aircraft ( Leiper, Braithwaite & A ; Witsel 2008 ) . Besides, its impacts on clime alteration, people ‘s wellness and contributing in consuming the stratospheric ozone bed are the most serious jobs ( Refer to Appendix 2 for more item ) .

Social Impacts:

The development of touristry in Changi Airport has created more occupation chances and higher income to local occupants. There are about 13,000 occupations are generated during last few old ages ( CAS 2010 ) . It besides consequences in the development of more and better shopping, conveyance, the state ‘s medical installations, cultural and recreational installations and communicating installations ( Khan et al. 1990 ) . Crowne Plaza Hotel with 5- star rate is a really good illustration of how good substructure has been improved because of touristry development in Changi Airport ( CAG 2010 ) . Besides, it can convey locals ‘feeling of pride ‘ about their universe ‘s best eco-friendly airdrome and consciousness of maintaining the airdrome clean and attractive ( Khan et al. 1990 ) . The image of Singapore as a clean and beautiful metropolis is besides emerged to pull more and more tourers ( Khan et al. 1990 ) .

On the other manus, the development can do exposure to the community. The difference in wealth between the locals and the tourers may ensue in the high figure in drug maltreatment, harlotry, and larceny and offense rate particularly with the apparatus of chancing installations at the two incorporate resorts ( Khan et al. 1990 ) . Many locals complained that they have to pay higher monetary values for some good and services every bit good we their leases for offices and stores were increased because of touristry development ( Khan et al. 1990 ) . Obviously, there are a batch of edifices around the Changi Airport country such as: 4 terminuss, control tower, Crowne Plaza Hotel, etc. They will decidedly do the ocular impact at the terminal ( Weaver & A ; Lawton 2010 ) .

Economic Impacts:

The important effects of touristry development in Changi Airport expand on the high figure of Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) and employment. There are more 10 13,000 occupation chances generated to provide rider ‘s demand ( CAG 2010 ) . Another of import benefit is bring forthing indirect local gross through the multiplier consequence of money and occupations ( Heng & A ; Low 1990 ) . Due to the development of the air power industry, it besides cause the stimulation of backward linkages of the other industries, includes agribusiness, piscaries and building ( Heng & A ; Low 1990 ) . The full good ownership of Changi Airport belongs to the authorities of Singapore ; therefore, it limits the negative impacts from high escape due to foreign ownership ( Channel Newasia 2009 ) . Besides, the strong demand for Singapore dollars due to tourism enlargement is ensuing in the growing of the monetary value of Singapore ‘s currency and exchange rate ( Heng & A ; Low 1990 ) .

However, the high touristry dependance of Singapore economic system in general and Changi Airport in peculiar can be a large job. The unmanageable outside forces such as: natural catastrophes ( Tsunami ) , SARS and economic crisis will impact earnestly to the whole economic system of Singapore ( Heng & A ; Low 1990 ) .

The air power activities can do a batch of jobs ; nevertheless, there still are many beginnings that can form to restrict them at the lowest degree. Changi Airport is a really successful representative for the air power industry that owns a batch of enterprises to equilibrate its negative impacts to treble bottom lines ( Refer to Appendix 1 ) . Their attempts in sustainable development have been proved through a batch of honor awards such as: the Green Mark Gold in October 2009, the inaugural Best Green Service Provider at the Annual Asian Freight and Supply Chain Awards in 2010 ( CAG 2009 ) .

Recommended Planing Tool:

Harmonizing to Newsome, Moore and Dowling ( 2002 ) , the best planning tool is one that provides an effectual monitoring in the countries with effectual result, involve visitants and community and lead to sustainability of the resource. There are many touristry be aftering models, but, the Visitor Impact Management Framework is the most suited one for Changi Airport ( Refer to Appendix 3 ) .

Visitor Impact Management ( VIM ) Model:

To Changi Airport, using the VIM planning model to guarantee visitant impacts at acceptable degrees seems a good thought which allows them to heighten visitants ‘ benefit and accomplish their intent in first-class service: “ We are the best in our concern ” ( CAG 2010 ) .

Based on eight basic stairss, the VIM model can take the directors non merely concentrating on reexamining bing informations and direction aims, through choosing indexs and criterions and utilizing these to place unacceptable impacts, but besides assisting them to indentify causes and appropriate direction schemes ( Newsome et al 2002 ) .

The intent of steps1 and 2 is reexamining the organisation ‘s bing aims, statute law, policies, pervious research and other informations to place jobs. In these phases, Changi Airport can acknowledge the demand for clear aims ( first-class service supplier ) , better understanding the demands and wants from riders and place current jobs within the procedure of forming.

The following stairss ( stairss 3 and 4 ) are choosing cardinal impact indexs and criterions for the whole terminus 3. Noise direction, air quality control and rider satisfaction seems to the best indexs that need to be highlighted for taking attention of local community and riders ( Refer to Appendix 1 ) . The undermentioned indexs such as: waste direction, energy ingestion, H2O quality control and quality direction will be besides utile to supplying first-class service in the air power industry.

After roll uping plenty informations, the comparing between criterions and bing conditions will necessary to analyze whether it exceed the acceptable degree or at that degree. For case, the coveted criterion for rider satisfaction at Changi Airport was 94 % while rider rates their satisfaction at lower or higher criterion ( CAG 2010 ) . To keep the service criterion at a high degree, supervising coders have been established with certain standards. The intent of this pattern is doing certain that they can win one-year “ Best Worldwide Airport ” award ( CAG 2010 ) . Therefore, this award is used as a mensurating method to guarantee their criterion of rider satisfaction.

If their existent satisfaction degree is below the coveted criterion, the Changi Airport Group will take action to place likely causes of diminishing in rider satisfaction degree ( Step 6 ) ( CAG 2010 ) . Some possible jobs might be low in service bringing, deficiency of enterprise in operation, etc ( Tian-Cole & A ; Cromption 2003 ) .

From so on, the suited planning and schemes are provided and implemented to acquire over restrictions and enhance in service bringing ( Steps 7 and 8 ) . The ‘Be a Changi Millionaire ‘ Draw, which ‘kicked off ‘ monthly from1 June 2010 to take the most lucky rider who shopped at Changi Airport, is a really good grounds ( CAG 2010 ) . This activity is a really originative thought to advance the airdrome ‘s merchandises and its fantastic service at the same clip. Through this activity, riders will be really happy and their satisfaction degree will increase at the terminal.

Restriction of the study:

The study focuses chiefly on Terminal 3 to roll up informations for the sustainable indexs. Therefore, the quality of information collected might non be representative for the whole Changi Airport included: Terminal 1 and 2. Besides, there are some informations and information can non be gathered because the organisation is outsourced its sections and some private information can non be leaked out.

The paper merely references about environmental impact, one of import constituent in the ternary underside lines, therefore, it is deficiency of converting groundss to turn out that the balance among ternary underside lines have been done in Changi Airport.


The whole undertaking provides a good apprehension how Changi Airport can make its image and repute as the best airdrome in the universe. Particularly, in term of sustainability, there are a batch of attempts have been done to take attention of environment and local community. However, it can non avoid the negative impacts which the air power industry ‘s member causes for the environment. These jobs are able to countervail by taking full advantages of utilizing direction models and be aftering tool such as: the VIM models.

With this research, it is obvious that Singapore Changi Airport is meritable to be known as the best green airdrome all over the universe. In the hereafter, it can strongly believe that Changi Airport will be more witting about the environment with more green planning and schemes to keep its repute every bit good every bit develop as a green icon of sustainability.


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