This short story is about Nick, the main character. The reason that short is called “Back to Front” is, because Nicks heart and organs are the wrong side of his body. Nick is very special but only on the inside. The theme in the story is about Nick which is not getting attention from his mother. His mother Grace has loved Nick (line 35) since he was born, the mother was afraid that Nick will die from her, on line 35 she shows how much she wants to hold and hug Nick.

But after Grace has remarried Nick?s stepfather, Thomas Siswele, the mothers attention turn to the stepfather, because she thinks that he is very special, and she forget all about Nick as he got older. Therefore Nick goes to the police station and tries to blame himself, for crimes he hasn?t committed. He tries to turn himself in, because he wants to get attention from them, but the police get tired of him. The following themes can also describe the short story: Loneliness, because Nick feels alone- the fact that he is special, he separates himself from the others.

Love and care, Nick does not get these from the mother, because she does not find him special after she remarried Thomas. Nick is very special from the day he was born. He looks normal like the others, aside from his inside which is topsy-turvy. He thinks and acts different from the others children on his age. At school, his teachers found him to be a small, sharp peak; slippery and unassailable. The children from his class ignore him, and he wants all ways to be alone and separated from them. He didn’t care about them. Grace is Nick’s mother, when Nick was born she loved him all over the world.

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She is a pernickety mother. In the beginning she loves Nick very much, but after a few years she begins to take distance from him. Lyndon is a boy who has committed some crime. He is no great respecter of lies, except of his own. The ending of this story ends with the doctor spent a long while marveling over his peculiar insides. Nick wants to be famous, but he wants them to find out that he is so special. But he got famous after his death, and that makes this story tiny ironic. The doctor “he?d never seen anything quite like Nick before. All back to front! Nick was his first. Nick was very special. Yes, he was. He was”.


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