In writing about my company, what will be shown are the services that are provided for three different set of audiences. Discuss the marketing plans needed for the potential audience what illustration of the product and services rendered. You shall see the marketing skills and plans incorporated within my imagination building of my dreams. This is my imagination, but dreams do come true, sometimes. After winning the Pennsylvania Powerboat lottery, I was able to purchase the building of my dreams.

It is in an excellent location at Broad and Fairmont and Ridge Avenue, right here in the mists of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Is this close to Center City as well as the May fair section of Philadelphia. With this trip-corner Street location, Lorraine Hotel has been empty and unoccupied for many years. In my mind, I have formulated three different sections of the Lorraine Hotel. The first section located on Board Street would be design only usage by corporations to rent office space. These companies will be leasing the properties for nothing less than five years.

These companies also eave the opportunity to lease office space with all glass offices, partial wood and glass, Oak wood, or Oriental Cherry wood. Later I will show you the great opportunities, this space will provide for employee individuals that really can afford the inner city on the space rental fees. To be able to be in the heart of the inner city, Chinatown, North Philly, and Center City and the opportunity of a lifetime. The second section entrance off Ridge Avenue of The Lorraine Hotel would feature affordable housing. In the area of the hotel, are several homeless shelters.

Some occupied with single mothers with children, many single men, or the entire structured family. These people have you resided within these sheltered walls for many months and years at a time. My second vision of this building is to make affordable housing for these families. They will occupy these apartments 1, 2 and three bedrooms. The residences shall paying 30% of the income for their apartments. There is nothing like having your own home. These families would be able to hold tenet nanas up, to De addle to turn a Key to enter tenet noses.

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As a product AT ten helter world myself, I know the feeling of being looked upon as less of a human being. As a victim of this, you lose a lot of self-esteem and self-respect for yourself. There is a wonderful feeling when you are able to go in your kitchen and fixed dinner instead awaiting an assembly line for food that is under cooked and tasteless. My plans and goal is to hire registered contractors that would employee the men with skills from the shelter system. This will also allow the men some positive self- esteem is well. The register-licensed contractors shall incorporate permanent employment for outstanding workers.

There are too many able-bodied men not working, not been certified in the fields of electrical, painters, plumbing, or brick lying, roofing, drywall. It makes a person feel excited about them, once again. No one ever said that when I grew up on long plan to be homeless. Many times, we lose our residency to mental illness, illegal drugs, and lack of employment. This would help in many ways, to interject working men back into society as well as self-esteem. The main course of my building would be Barber’s Happy Heart Day Care/ Head Start. This facility would be open 24 hours, 6 days a week, closed on Sundays.

Location would be on the entire first floor Fairmont Avenue with colorful art designs at eye level for the children. The facility would feature bathroom designs for age appropriate usage. There will be cameras posted in every classroom. Barber’s Happy Hearts will be run by guidelines issued by the state laws and regulations. Each room shall feature age appropriate furniture, toys, and fence in outdoor area, which shall have equipment appropriate to the age of the children. There will be several sections for the children to generate play through learning. Each classroom will focus on the children growth in therapeutic intervention games.

Barber’s Happy Hearts program would include rooms for Infants (6 was-lyre), Toddlers (1-2 years), Saddlers (2-errs. ) Peppers (2 h -31/2 yr. ) Preschool (3-errs. ), and Kindergärtner (errs). The service provider for the children will be 24 hours a day, six days a week. Happy hearts would be closed on Sundays, or responds to the needs of the community. For another important factor of Barber’s Happy Hearts is the Staffing. We believe that children learn at their own pace. Children deserves to positive attention, support, respect, for development. This will be done in a safe and nurturing environment.

The coacher’s Job is to make learning fun and exciting . The other focus is on the three keys of educational platform for the children, which are cognitive, social, and physical. The objective of learning would include life skills, academic skills, and fitness skills. “Early childhood years are the most important years of any child’s life, we are setting a base line of their personality and their self-esteem. We are given them a chance to feel important. We want young children to feel good about who they are – they have a big life ahead of them. “(Folds, 2013) As staffs are being hired, state rules and regulations shall be enforced.

Hiring would include a Director, Assistant Director, Certified Teachers, Teachers’ Aides, Cook, and Maintenance. The director will be responsible for examining resumes, work experience, background checks, educational background, and how to make an offer to new employees. Manners Matters program teaches children etiquette to each other. Children will be introduced to family-style dining and are encouraged to sample a variety of new dishes. The moment children are confirmed as part of Happy Hearts, they will see now ten classroom Is Selenga to Dull Tort curiously Ana creativity . We Delve In

Barber’s happy hearts children deserve to receive respect, support, and positive attention. This will be done in a nurturing and safe environment.. The day care center would permit employees from the office within the building to utilize the facility. Any client of the office site building with small children would be offered a discount weekly rate for housing your children in Happy Hearts. This discount would also be available to residences that are working or enrolled in school. When my child was younger, I needed childcare as well. When I have resided near Broad and Lonely, traveled to 60th Chestnut SST. Ere my childcare was located, then to 1 lath Wallace where I will work, by using public transportation. This was done twice a day for almost 2 years. Having to experience his feat myself, this would cut down travel time for others. Barber’s Happy Hearts will also cater to employees working in the day care site with their children. The focus of my strategy is to provide services needed by different artists mission is to provide a service needed by different artists. The clients on board Street office building would have a different leave for my services, different from the Ridge Avenue clients which are the residence.

These two entities were different from the day care center as well. The hotel is divided in three sections for 3 different reasons. Different customers pay different prices for services rendered. There will be three different needs or services established at one solid base, which is the Lorraine Hotel. Collaboration comes when hiring of the register contractors and they in turn hired the homeless man as new employees. Within 15 blocks radius of the Lorraine hotel my competition is at a limit. Due to blessings, the Philadelphia Housing Authority Head Start close down to the lack of funding by Carl Greene 2000.


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