All the contrast media used in diagnostic imagination have the same undertaking, viz. to increase the contrast between different tissues or organic structure fluids with the ability to absorb radiation ten. To transport out this undertaking, the contrast media to a concentration that is different for different constructions or variety meats. The greater the difference between the concentration of contrast media by these constructions, more elaborate image of the construction can be detected on radiogram. In a normal ten beam scrutiny and computed imaging, contrast medium used can be divided into two, viz. the positive and negative contrast media. Positive contrast media has reduced densenesss higher than the environing tissue. This means that a positive contrast to the white expression more opaque than the surrouding tissue when viewed on the radiogram. Positive contrast media is a stuff holding a high atomic figure, but non toxic.Contrast media can be used to bring forth images of about all the holes in the organic structure construction. Negative contrast media besides have a decrease in low denseness compared to environing tissue. That is, the contrast will look less opaque that looked black against the environing tissue. Negative contrast media can merely be found in the signifier of gas.

There are three types of positive contrast media is iodine based, non-iodine and other. Such as iodine-based contrast media and omnipaque urografin normally used in radiology because it does non do inauspicious interactions in the organic structure. Used chiefly to depict the blood vass, urinary piece of land, uterus and fallopian tubings. Iodine-based contrast media are non ever in the signifier of Ba sulfat.biasanya used during imagination of the digestive system. Others, such as Gadolinium contrast media are used in MRI as contrast media. Examples of the usage of iodine-based contrast media, such as

Angiography, Venography, VCUG ( invalidating cystourethrography ) , HSG ( hysterosalphinogram ) and IVU ( endovenous urography ) . In add-on, illustrations of the usage of non-iodine contrast media, such as Ba clyster, Ba sup, Ba repast and Ba follow-through.

In add-on, the negative contrast media are normally in the signifier of gases such as air, C dioxide and O. Examples of the usage of contrast media are negative DCBE ( dual contrast Ba clyster, DCBM ( dual contrast Ba repast and CT Pneumocolon.

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Inventories of patients for admittance kontras.Berikut media are patients at hazard during the entry of endovenous contrast media through which the patient had suffered a terrible contrary reaction to contrast media and patients with asthma and allergy history of patients believed to be similar and are really sensitive to iodine. In add-on, patients with diseases related to bosom disease, in babe and little kids, and bosom failure. Damage to the kidneys with moderate to severe.Decline kidney map will happen but can be reduced if the patient is good hydrated. Admission Glucophage, entry of contrast media in patients with diabetes who take Glucophage may do harm to the kidneys.Tirotoksikosis-iodine as a consequence of the extended and close to fungsin thyroid effects. If patients are adult females in childbearing age may be, the scrutiny should be performed during gestation is a hazard to a lower limit. If a female patient who datng for radiographic scrutiny and within the same catamenial rhythm known subsequently, the patient is considered to be pregnant but there is information that no gestation occurred. All of the processs involved should be explained to pasakit dn be given a consent signifier. X-ray translator shall measure a patient ‘s kids about his ability to do a determination whether agreed to let reviews carried out or non. If patients can non understand, parents must sign.Patients are besides required to execute stock list cheques run.Aim intestine before intestine a consent signifier on his behalf. readying is go round look intoing the GI piece of land, the stool to forestall some of the variety meats in the venters to see and the opacity of an organ is less than the environing tissue. Radiograph before the patient is necessary see.Medications needed to assist patients when carried out painful processs, such as benzodiazepines.

The contrary reaction is by and large caused by the entry of contrast media has been reduced with the usage of high agent osmolaliti replaced with low agent turned osmolaliti.Reaction divided into three, viz. mild, moderate and terrible reactions terrible.Majoriti the contrary is non bad merely need observations.But, the contrary reaction is terrible it requires attending and speedy action to avoid the worst dangers in patients. Reaction be fatal to patients.The types of reactions such as mild and medium terrible and terrible. Chemical reaction is non ever valid, but can convey terrible reactions happening death.No require forecasts that it will be more terrible for guaranting that all medical specialties to cover with any chance can be overcome. The reaction is a reaction severe.Some peculiarly sickness and purging worse aka degan osmolaliti.Reaction mild addition did non necessitate any intervention but should be monitored because it has become more serious and the chance of the reaction turned worse. All patients had a reaction should be given attending for 20 to 30 proceedingss to guarantee stableness of clinical and recovery. Pain at the injection normally involves hipertoksisiti. Therefore, the usage of low-osmolaliti agents used for cut downing the hazard of allergic dapt worse. The same goes for marks such as firing esthesis or feeling, such as blood pass the psychological response that made patients experience no selese for the short term. Simple terrible reactions. The reaction is non life endangering but is likely to acquire worse.. These reactions normally require intervention. Among the marks of this reaction ialahurtikaria, vasovagal reactions, some bronkospasma, tachycardia and hipotension. The reaction medium requires particular attending so that the patient wholly independent of any reaction. Severe reactions. Reverse reaction may be harmful to patients with terrible. Although such reactions are rare, but the staff is responsible to shoot contrast media are required to be cautious because such reactions are unpredictable. Patients may see some symptoms such as shortness of breath and bosom attack-other sharply.Lain is vasovagal reaction, hipotension terrible bosom onslaught and pneumonic hydrops.

The blood vass are the portion of the circulatory system that conveyance blood throughout the organic structure. There are three types major of blood vass the arterias which carry the blood off from the bosom the capillaries, which enable the existent exchange of H2O and chemicals between the blood and the tissues and the venas, which carry blood from the capillaries back toward the bosom. Type of blood vas like there are assorted sorts of blood vass such as arteries.In arterias have Aorta ( the largest arteria, carries blood out of the bosom ) and Branches of the aorta, such as the carotid arteria, the subclavian arteria, the celiac bole, the mesenteric arterias, the nephritic arteria and the iliac artery.In add-on, type of blood vas is Arterioles, Capillaries ( the smallest blood vass ) , Venules and Veins.In venas have at that place big roll uping vass, such as the subclavian vena, the jugular vena, the nephritic vena and the iliac vena and Venae cavae ( the 2 largest venas, carry blood into the bosom ) .

The human GI piece of land refers to the tummy and bowel and sometimes to all the constructions from the oral cavity to the anus. Human GI piece of land is divided into two upper GI piece of land and lower GI piece of land. The ligament of Treitz is sometimes used to split the upper and lower GI tracts.The upper GI piece of land consists of the gorge, tummy, and duodenum.Some beginnings besides include the mouth pit and pharynx.The exact limit between “ upper ” and “ lower ” can change. Upon gross dissection, the duodenum may look to be a incorporate organ, but it is frequently divided into two parts based upon map, arterial supply, or embryology. The lower GI piece of land includes most of the little bowel and all of the big bowel. Harmonizing to some beginnings, it besides includes the anus.In the hereafter, intestine or bowel divided into two big bowel and little intestine.Small bowel, which has three parts Duodenum, jejunum and ileum.For duodenum, here the digestive juices from pancreas and liver mix together and jejunum, it is the middle of the bowel, linking duodenum to ileum and ileum, it has villi in where all soluble molecules are absorbed into the blood.Large bowel, which has three parts is cecum, colon and rectum.The caecum, the vermiform appendix is attached to the caecum and colon, go uping colon, transverse colon, falling colon and sigmoid flection and rectum.Anus is a portion.

Intravenous Urogaphy

An endovenous pyelogram besides known as IVP, pyelography, endovenous urogram or IVU is a radiological process used to visualise abnormalcies of the urinary system, including the kidneys, ureters, and bladder.Urogaphy endovenous ( IVU ) is a radiographic scrutiny of the urinary piece of land with the assistance of contrast media. Urinary piece of land variety meats are organizing kidney urethra, vesica and ureter. These variety meats are non seeable in the normal x-ray radiogram. Therefore, the contrast medium injected into the patient ‘s vena. Contrast media will flux in blood vass and will be filtered by the kidneys, the ureters and finally into the vesica and straight into the urethra. Contrast media injected will be absorbed x-ray disclosed. This will do the image appear white in the urinary piece of land ensuing radiogram. It can be helpful for urinary piece of land can be seen clearly. A series of radiogram will be taken to demo the contrast medium travel through parts of the urinary piece of land.

Anatomic parts for the urinary system consists of two kidneys, two ureters, a vesica and a urethra.Two kidneys and ureters are located in the retroperitoneal infinite. Reniform bean is located on the spine.Immediate Trigger posterior abdominal infinite. Right kidney is somewhat lower and more frontward than the left because there are Black Marias on the left. Each kidney is connected to the vesica via the ureter. Waste in the piss will flux from the kidney to the vesica through the ureter. Bag-shaped vesica is moving as a aggregation of the piss until it can be removed from the organic structure through the urethra.

Purpose IVU done to demo the construction and map of the kidneys, ureters, and vesica. Patients who come complaining of abdominal hurting necessitating reviews to place whether a patient agony from kidney rocks. Hematuria besides may be one indicant of kidney rocks, infections and tumours in the urinary piece of land. Patients with infections of the urinary vesica hematuriadan repetition IVU besides requires scrutiny. Sometimes, IVU scrutinies performed to measure kidney map. It was besides done to demo the measure of urine aggregation bag mercantile establishment. In add-on, it is all used to prove the kidney map and place any diseases or abnormalcies of micturition. To provide the patient, the patient required a diet low berresidue 2 or 3 yearss before the scrutiny. If the patient has a history of terrible allergic reaction to contrast media, patients are given methyl Pediapred 32mg 12 and 2 hours before contrast medium injected into the patient. Patients are besides required to fast for at least 5 hours before the scrutiny. Patients are required to clean the colon so that a clear image of urinary piece of land can be obtained. If the patient is enduring from diabetes and take Glucophage, the patient informed the physician responsible. This is because the combination of Glucophage and contrast media will ensue in harm to kidney patients. Therefore, patients will be instructed to halt taking Glucophage before the injection of contrast media are made. On the twenty-four hours of scrutiny, the patient will be given a laxative. This laxative to empty the patient ‘s GI piece of land. Gas and stool found in the GI piece of land to cut down the lucidity of the resulting image.

The process before the scrutiny, patients will be briefed on processs to be carried out one by one. When patients understand, the procedure will be done more easy and swimmingly. Patients besides described the hazards it is exposed after this examination.After that, patients will be given a consent form.This signifier is given to obtain consent of the patient to undergo this scrutiny, after the patients entered into this signifier, so the IVU scrutiny can be performed on all patients.After that, patients will be instructed to alter into a infirmary gown vesture and accoutrements are available around the review country. This was to avoid any artefacts in the resulting image.Patients are required to miktursi because the vesica can be broken if the force per unit area and piss in the vesica will thin solution of contrast media. During the scrutiny, patients are required to lie on contrast scrutiny tabular array in supine. The following measure, preliminari.Radiograf for KUB movie was taken before the contrast medium injected into the patient. The chief intent of the radiogram was taken was to place the place of kidney patients, to guarantee the patient ‘s place during the scrutiny are right, to guarantee that the exposure factor is appropriate given the current review, to find whether patients with equal intestine readying and to find whether specific techniques are required to acquire a clear image.This is a normal radiogram KUB radiogram. Abdominal reflect the kidneys, ureters, vesica and urethra.Cassette size used is 14×17 inches. After the contrast medium is injected into the patient through a vena. Immediate movie, the radiogram was taken instantly after contrast medium injected into the patient. The intent of these radiograms were taken to mensurate the size of the kidney. During this period the size of the kidneys should be enlarged somewhat from the original size.Normal size of kidney is 13cm. At this clip the kidney size should turn by 2 % of original size. At this clip the kidney size should turn by 2 % of original size.This image shows the image of the kidney. Cassette size was used ( 10×12 inches ) . 5 minute movie, the radiogram was taken after 5 proceedingss of contrast medium injected into the patient. The intent of this radiogram is taken to see the kidney after 5 proceedingss. At this clip, contrast media should hold fulfilled the kidney.Cassette size used is 10×12 inches. Film compaction, after 10 proceedingss, given the force per unit area on the lower venters utilizing 2 pieces of the balloon was placed at the lower venters with a lesion in a cringle of plastic. The purpose is to defy the force per unit area given the contrast medium back into the kidneys so that they can remain longer in the kidney and see kalik expands when under force per unit area. The force per unit area will non be given to patients who have late undergone abdominal surgery, had experienced the injury of the kidney, abdominal tissue thickness and image yng kalik development has seen the film five proceedingss is taken.This image shows the image of the kidney Cassette size used is 10×12 inches. Film release, radiograf ini taken after the loop force per unit area is released.

The intent of this radiogaf taken is to see the contrast medium flows via the ureter, and shows the full urinary system. This image shows an overview of the urinary system.Cassette size used is 14×17 inches. Film station micturation, radiogram were taken after the patient is directed to mikturasi.Bladder emptied. Contrast media content in the vesica should be reduced from the original. The intent of this radiogram is taken to see urinary vesica emptied untukk, to look at the top of the urinary piece of land back to its original signifier without any compression.Cassette size is 14×17 inches.

After the process, the patient, the patient is discharged to the ward.Whereas for outpatients, patients discharged place. Patients are allowed normal diet and advised to imbibe ari empty.Risk, the patient feels the heat, taste the blood sirapan, and will be metallic in the mouth.It is common for riaksi contrast media.Allergies that occur are little in number.Severe allergic reactions are highly rare.

Barium Enema

Barium clyster is a particular x-ray scrutiny of the colon unt including the colon and rectum. Colon is an organ that has tidensiti low compared with environing tissue. In x-ray scrutiny is normal, the intestine will non be noticeable. With the aid of contrast media used in enama Ba scrutiny, the construction of the big bowel can be seen clearly. Before the review, the Ba sulphate contrast media to be inserted into the colon through the rectum.Contrast media will assist explicate the big bowel ensuing image.There are two types of Ba clyster scrutiny of a individual contrast and dual contrast.This cheque is made to reexamine the nature and map of the colon and observe any unnatural conditions.

Anatomic parts for the big bowel begins dikuadran bottom right. Large bowel of ceceum, colon, rectum and anal canal.The last portion of the big bowel is the rectum.The underside of the rectum with the anal canal terminals in the anus.Cecum is the terminal of the big bowel in the signifier of a pouch.Cecum is the widest in the big intestine.Appendix will be portion of a long and shaped like a blast, and together with the cecum.After the caecum is the colonic. Colon is divided into four subdivisions and two flexure.Four subdivisions were go uping colon, tranverse colon, falling colon and sigmoid colon.Flexure was involved two fleksure hepatic and splenik. The rectum to experience connected to the sigmoid colon at the terminal of the big intestine.In the 1 to 1 1 / 2 inches at the terminal of the big bowel is anal canal.Anal canal is an gap to the anus.Which is the first indicant, Kolitis.Kolitis is infection of the big bowel caused by bekteria, diet, emphasis and other factors around.The enteric mucosal thickness. Second, Melaena besides diseases such as blood in the stool.In add-on, the job of alimentary soaking up and weight loss suddenly. Finally, a polyp is a little bag out on the surface of the colon. May go septic and cause hemorrhage in the colon.Contrast media was used as a positive contrast medium is barium sulfate.Barium is a salt that is indissoluble in H2O. Assorted with H2O to organize Ba suspension instead than solution. This characteristic is of import that the Ba suspension can non be absorbed while in the big intestine.It besides allows the Ba easy removed from the colon.

Inventories of patients. Patients are required to execute intestine readying. Patients are required to eat a diet low beresidue 2-3 yearss before the scrutiny. On scrutiny the patient would fast for yearss and given laxative to take all waste that can barricade images. Patients who smoke are besides non allowed to smoke on the twenty-four hours of review in order to avoid an addition in the motion to increase the secernment of stomachic and stomach.Inventory is really of import in intestine Ba clyster scrutiny. If non, do non use the obstructor and Ba can non flux swimmingly through the colon. So, it is of import to guarantee that the patient empty the colon before the scrutiny. After that, before the process, the scrutiny room to be examined in a clean province. Barium contrast media that act as shall be provided in progress. And last but non least, the inside informations of the patient should be examined. Inspection processs are explained to the patient carefully. Once patients understand the hazards that might happen, the patient will be given a consent signifier before undergoing showing. Patients should menandatanganiborang consent before scrutiny. After that, patients akandiminta to alter apparels on a infirmary gown and removes all the artefacts that may be barricading images. During the process, to infix a tubing rectum, patients are required to lie in the place of sims.Before the rectum tubing is inserted, the tip is coated with water-based lubricant.Rectum tubing is connected with the bag incorporating barium.When seting the Ba, the bag should be hung in high topographic points for the Ba to flux into the rectum. During include Ba, an translator should be making x-ray scans to see motions. Barium was included 1000cc. After that, the patient instructed to lie prone place alteration. Meje flouroskopy so moved to the caput of the patient was under.Then, the patient returned to the prone place. After that, patients are directed to escort to the right. This was done to let the flow of contrast media in the tranverse colon. After that, the patient returned to the prone place. Then, the tabular array is moved so that the pes is below. This was done to let contrast media to flux into the go uping colon. After that, the patient returned to the prone place. After the procedure of infixing Ba done, the Ba was removed.Rectum utilizing a tubing that was still in the patient ‘s organic structure, the bag incorporating the contrast media had written down. Then the patient is moved back to earlier regulations, like the contrast media fluxing back into the bag.Out contrast media content must be at least 700cc.Barium remainder will remain in the big bowel and forms a thin bed of the colon. After completion of the procedure of taking Ba, air will get down to be included.Air is pumped into the rectum.Air is pumped until it reaches the descending colon.Scan is made to guarantee equal air entry.After the image of the colon will be taken.There are four required the prone position, decibitus right, left, and view the Hampton decibitus.After the process, patients were told that the stools will be white for several days.They will besides see some troubles during laxation. Patients are advised to imbibe plentifulness of empty in kuntiti. For the patient, the patient allowed to return to the ward.For the patient, they are allowed to return home.Patients are besides allowed to return to take their normal diet.Complication, the bowel can be blocked if the intestine readying is non done properly.Patients will experience some hurting in the venters. Patients besides may see ambiguity for an hr after the scrutiny.


A Ba sup is a medical imagination process used to analyze the upper GI ( GI ) piece of land, which includes the gorge and, to a lesser extent, the tummy. A Ba sup is a trial that may be used to find the cause of painful swallowing, trouble with swallowing, abdominal hurting, bloodstained puke, or unexplained weight loss. Barium sulphate is a metallic compound that shows up on X ray and is used to assist see more clear in the gorge and tummy. When taking the trial, you drink a readying incorporating this solution. The x-rays path its way through your digestive system. These jobs can be detected with a Ba sup like contracting or annoyance of the gorge ( the muscular tubing between the dorsum of the pharynx and the tummy ) , upsets of swallowing, hiatal hernia ( an internal defect that causes the tummy to skid partly into the thorax ) , abnormally enlarged venas in the gorge that cause hemorrhage, ulcers, tumours and polyps ( growings that are normally non cancerous, but could be precancerous ) .

Among the hazards are, a Ba sup is by and large a safe trial, but like any process, there are on occasion complications.The complication is allergic reaction or anaphylaxis may happen in people who are allergic to the Ba drink and irregularity may develop and you may by chance acquire Ba in the windpipe ( trachea ) . The medical term for this is aspiration.In scrutiny Ba sup, the advantage is to this process gives visual image of the little intestine than that achieved by a Ba follow-through because rapid extract of a big, uninterrupted column of contrast media straight into the jejunum avoids cleavage of the Ba column and does non let clip for flocculation to occur.While, the disadvantages is cannulation may be unpleasant for the patient and may on occasion turn out diffcult and it is more time-consuming for the radiotherapist and there is a higher radiation dosage to the patient.

Patient readying is a low-residue diet for 2 yearss prior to the examination.After that, if the patient is taking any antispasmodic drugs, they must be stopped 1day prior to the exanimation.Amethocaine lozenge 30 mg,30 min before the scrutiny. During the Procedure, Patient will imbibe about 1 1/2 cups of a Ba preparation-a chalky drink with the consistence ( but non the spirit ) of a milk shingle and to Children will imbibe less.The Ba can be seen on an x-ray as it passes through the digestive piece of land and the Ba swallow process may take about 30 proceedingss to complete. In certain instances, it may take up to 60 proceedingss to make full the tummy. You will be strapped firmly on your dorsum to a tabular array that tilts frontward. X raies to analyze your bosom, lungs, and venters will be taken before you drink the Ba. You will be strapped firmly on your dorsum to a tabular array that tilts frontward. X raies to analyze your bosom, lungs, and venters will be taken before you drink the Ba. You so will be asked to get down the Ba mixture.As the Ba moves down your digestive system, the tabular array will be tilted at assorted angles to assist distribute the Ba for different positions. Pressure may be applied to your venters to distribute the Ba. Finally, you will be placed horizontally, asked to take a few more sups of Ba, and x-ray again.Procedure like the patient sits on the border x-ray table.The throat is thorough anaesthetized with lignocaine spray.If aper rhinal attack is planned the patency of the nasal passages is cherked by inquiring the rhinal transition is checked by inquiring the patient to whiff with one norstril occluded.the silk tubing should be passed with the guide-wire after the tubing tip is in the stomach.After that, the tubing is so passed through the olfactory organ or the oral cavity, and brief sidelong showing of the cervix may be helpful innegotiating the epigglottic region.The patient is asked to get down as the tubing is passed through the pharynx.The tubing is so advanced into the stomachic antrum.The patient so lies down and the tubing is passed into the duodenum.various tactics may be used entirely or in combination, to assist this portion of the process, which may be hard.

a ) lie the patient on the left side so that the stomachic air bubble rises to the antrum, therefore unbending out the tummy.

B ) Advance the tubing whilst using clockwise rotational gesture ( as viewed from the caput of the patient looking towards the pess ) .

degree Celsius ) In the instance of the Bilbao-Dotter tubing, present the guide-wire.

vitamin D ) In the instance of the Silk tubing, lie the patient on the right side, as the tubing has a tungsten-weighted guide-tip which will so be given to fall towards the antrum.

vitamin E ) Get the patient to sit up, to seek to get the better of the inclination of the tubing to gyrate in the fundus of th tummy.

degree Fahrenheit ) Metoclopramide may assist.

After that, when the tip of the tubing has been passed through the pylorus, the guide-wire tip is maintained at the pylorus as the tubing is passed over it along the duodenum to the degree of the ligament of Treitz.Clockwise torsion applied to the tubing may once more helpin acquiring past the junction of the first and 2nd portion of the duodenum.The tubing is passed as far the duodenum jejuna flection to decrease the rish Ohio aspiration due to reflux of Ba into stomach.Barium is so run in rapidly, and topographic point filmsmara taken of the Ba column and its prima border at the parts of involvement, until the colon is reched.If methylecellululose is used, it isinfused continuously, after an initial bolus of 500 milliliter of Ba, until the Ba has reached the colon.the tubing is so withdrawn, draw outing any residuary fluid in the stomach.Again, this is to diminish the rish of aspiration.Finally, prone and supine abdominal movies are taken.


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