The narrative “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner focuses on the impact Abner Snope’s behaviour has towards his household and to multiple farm proprietors. Abner Snopes tries to do a life by harvest sharing. and out of the bitterness of affluent farm proprietors he burns down their barns. As a consequence. Abner blames society for his actions and feels free to disobey common Torahs. Abner’s actions indicate him to be a thoughtless force of force. cold-hearted. and anarchic adult male.

Abner shows his household and farm proprietors multiple thoughtless actions of force. In the beginning of the narrative. Abner and his boy Sarty are being questioned about Mr. Harris’s barn being burned down. Sarty is questioned by the Justice and Mr. Harris. but is afraid to reply due to the fright of his male parent. Abner inquiries his boy of talking the truth. “You were repairing to state them. You would hold told him” ( 171 ) . Abner smacks the side of his son’s caput and says. “You’re acquiring to be a adult male. You got to learn” ( 171 ) . Abner’s signifier of subject is opprobrious and physical. Abner has bitterness towards Mr. De Spain because he is affluent. So. Abner destroys the De Spain’s carpet by intentionally scouring the carpet with a stone. Besides. Burnss down the De Spain’s barn. Harmonizing to Jayne Belike. Nancy Brooks. and Benjamin Welsh say “As a consequence. he seethed with resentment and fury. like a wild carnal caught in a coop. floging out at others with force and blame” ( 38+ ) . Abner is an uncontrolled adult male with hatred for others.

Abner Snopes is cold-hearted and shows no emotion in his picks. Abner loads up the waggon with his household and shows no emotion. empathy. or remorse to anyone after they are ordered to go forth and travel once more. Abner does non demo any emotion or passion to his married woman. Abner believes his married woman is at that place to cook. clean. and be given to all of the household needs. Abner and his household arrive to their new farm place. Abner orders his married woman. her sister. and his two girls to drop the waggon. He does non assist nor demo any attention or concern to his household. Abner’s behavior towards is household is cold. cruel. and thoughtless. Another cold-hearted act is Abner demands his two girls to clean the De Spain’s rug repeatedly with a pail of lye. The girls scrub the carpet many times. The girls finish cleaning the carpet. and Abner grabs a stone and violently scour the carpet so hard. he intentionally destroys the carpet. After Abner coatings destructing the carpet. he returns the carpet to the De Spain’s place. Alternatively of kindly strike harding on the door and returning the rug decently. Abner throws the carpet onto the porch and rides off on his Equus caballus with Sarty.

Abner is besides a anarchic adult male. Abner was in the Civil War. and he did non fight along the side of the Confederate Army. Alternatively. he stole Equus caballuss from both sides being selfish and greedy. Abner Snopes was stealing Equus caballuss to sell to the highest purchaser. with no shame or heartache. Now. he is stiff bodied and walks with a hitch from being shot by a Confederate soldier thirty old ages ago. Another act of being a lawless adult male is Abner arrives at the De Spain’s place and walks onto their carpet and intentionally ruins the carpet by dragging his boot across the carpet covered in Equus caballus manure. Besides. Mrs. De Spain’s states several times to Abner “Will you please travel off? ” ( 173 ) . Abner shows no 1 regard and does non care for regulations or Torahs. Abner chooses to populate his life with no boundaries and does non demo any compunction or feelings towards his actions.

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Another action of being lawless is through a contract for Abner to pay Mr. De Spain 10 bushels of maize. The maize is to be paid to Mr. De Spain for the difference in the carpet. because Abner destroyed the carpet deliberately. Belike. Brooks. and Welsh say Abner is in an environment where he feels threatened. he sets fire to the farm owner’s barns. even if Abner started the dissension ( 38+ ) . The adult male does non care for any devastation to belongings. In decision. Abner is a violent. anarchic adult male with no emotion or passion for others. Abner has complete neglect for others. and commits arsonist offenses against farm proprietors in a distorted game of hatred and complete deficiency of regard. Abner Snope’s son Sarty witnesses multiple Acts of the Apostless of force and chooses non to travel down the same route. Sarty realizes the Acts of the Apostless of his male parent are incorrect. dishonest. and jurisprudence breakage. In the terminal of the narrative. Abner ‘s son Sarty decides to go life through his ain independency and non follow after his father’s footfalls.

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