One day Barney was walking along on the sidewalk. Where he got his foot stuck on a piece of gum. He finally got it off but instead of throwing it back down he started chewing it. Then the gum made him think of tacos. He walked and walked until he found the delicious scent of fresh tacos. It was coming from the little old ladies house down the street. Her name was Ms. Crunkle. He went to Ms. Crunkles house and knocked on the door. Ms. Crunkle didn’t hear him because she didn’t have her hearing aids in. So Barney thought she wasn’t home so he just invited himself in… THE WINDOW!!!

He busted right through the window with his big head! But the rest of his body couldn’t fit because he was really fat. Fatter than he was when he was on TV. Like 4x FATTER!!!! So he squeezed and squeezed until he finally got STUCK!! The whole time Ms. Crunkle was in the bathroom doing her business if you know what I mean! She finally came out of the bathroom, down the hall, and in the living room where she finally saw the blubber stuck in her broken window. She immediately started screaming and grabbed the phone and ran over to the door grabbed her cane. Then dialed 911 and started whacking Barney in the face with the cane!!

Barney screamed “STOP! STOP! I AM TOO FAT TO BE HIT LIKE THIS!! ” When the cops finally got there Barney got arrested for breaking in to a house. When they tried to put him in the car… he couldn’t fit! So they had to strap him to the roof. Barney was sentenced in jail for being the fattest thing on earth. So that’s Barneys story. Oh and they had to make special stalls for him to live in since he couldn’t fit in the door. Oh and I forgot to mention that When they strapped him to the roof he fell and busted through the roof. Well I guess I gotta go know. See ya!

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