Basant is a large festival of Pakistan it is besides known as a Jashn-e- Baharan. It is celebrated in February of each twelvemonth. The kite lover’s like to wing kites twenty-four hours and dark. Parties are designed to observe it. Peoples planned different type of the get together to run into each other. Sky is full with colourful kites of different forms and sizes twenty-four hours and dark. Many people organized the different competition in metropolis particularly Androon Lahore. These competitions are highly serious and the triumphs depend on the quality of “Dorr” ( particular yarn usage to wing the kites ) .

This festival gained the attending more and more over the old ages from all over the universe. Many visitants come to Lahore to go to this festival. Its addition the Pakistani touristry many foreigners come to Lahore particularly to see this event. Women besides take part in this event they wear xanthous and green frocks to do this festival more colourful. This beautiful festival is banned from 2007 because of some dishonest people who used the unsafe chemical in Dorr which was harmful for human existences.

Every twelvemonth the reaching of spring brings with it the much-awaited festival of the twelvemonth. the Basant. Besides known as Jashn-i-Baharan. people participate in kite winging lucifers to announce the coming of spring. This festival is at its extremum in Lahore. Basant is non merely a kite winging event. but besides a cultural festival of traditional nutrient. frocks. dances and music.

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Every twelvemonth. tourers from all over the universe gather in Lahore to witness the most colorful and entertaining festival of the twelvemonth. Not merely in Lahore. Basant is celebrated with much excitement and ardor in other metropoliss of Pakistan excessively. Young and old similar return great pleasance in observing Basant. While the childs and work forces are busy in kite flight. the adult females are busy in doing delightful nutrient. Everyone gathers on the roof tops to watch and take part as the spring winds whip the brightly coloured diamond-shaped paper kites into the air in such big measures that the sky can barely be seen.

The sky is covered with 100s of beautiful kites of all sizes and types and this sight so is deserving seeing. Assorted nines organize carnivals where a figure of stables are set up. which offer a assortment of wares including bracelets. flowers and handcrafts. Kite winging competitions are besides held. Thus everyone indulges in the Basant febrility with acute engagement to do it a memorable event of their lives.

History of Basant

Basant. the festival of kites. is said to hold originated from India. The Hindus believe that when the Fieldss are mustard xanthous. it is the clip for the spring festival Basant Panchami in fear to Goddess Saraswati. Saraswati is the goddess of intelligence. wisdom and cognition of all humanistic disciplines. scientific discipline. music and dance. Basant season is the male monarch of all seasons because it is free from the intense heat of the summer. from the shuddering colds of the winter and from the mayhem of rain. Having its roots in India. Basant festival bit by bit spread to our state and is now considered one of the biggest festivals of the twelvemonth.

Colorss of Basant
Yellow is the prevailing coloring material of Basant. Yellow depicts the flowering spring flowers in the Fieldss of Punjab. Girls wear xanthous apparels. meanwhile the male childs drape themselves with xanthous dupattas. The ladies wear beautifully decorated gajras made of marigold. Largely xanthous kites are preferred over other colored kites. Red and orange are the other colorss that signify Basant.

Kite winging
Kite flight is the most of import facet of the Basant festival. Kite winging normally takes topographic point on roof tops. Boys of all ages prepare for the event by purchasing and doing kites of tissue and sticks. every bit good as by craftily using spots of land glass to their ain kite strings in order to cut the opponent’s twine. The kites during Basant act like warriors who conflict for control throughout the twenty-four hours. Their purpose is to cut the twine of the opposing kite and to procure a really high topographic point in the sky.

The kite’s arm is its maanjha — the deathly twine. which the kite circulars spend many yearss to fix. The twine is coated in a mixture of rice paste and land glass to beef up it. Every clip the maanhja cuts the twine of the rival kite. a cheerful call of Bo-Kata zooms in the air. Night clip kite winging is another
dramatic sight to witness. The full sky is lit with heavy visible radiations and in this eliminated sky. one can see 100s of beautiful colored kites dancing and viing for domination over the other. This ambiance is farther enlightened with barbeques and loud music coming from all corners of the metropolis.

Professionals and cons
Basant is non merely about winging kites. It is besides a clip to acquire together and to pass clip with household and friends. Basant workss the roots of brotherhood and people of all categories whether hapless or rich come really near to each other. Not merely does the Basant festival provide amusement. but it besides gives us the opportunity to acquire near to our loved 1s. Another advantage of the Basant festival is that it boosts up the economic system as tourers from abroad assemble in Lahore to witness Basant celebrations. The Kite industry. even though little yet quickly spread outing has brought technology developments in this art. Apart from this. the twine. or the maanjha. is exported to India which is good for our trading industry.

Despite the felicity and merriment that Basant brings us. there are some unfavorable facets to it every bit good. Tragic accidents take topographic point every twelvemonth. People get so absorbed in kite winging that they frequently fall from the rooftops and as a consequence get injured or at times even lose their life. Then there are those who die from burning when their kites get tangled in the wires of the electricity poles and they try their best to liberate their kites.

Not merely are guiltless lives lost but some people feel that a batch of money and clip is wasted during the Basant season. Alternatively of passing 1000s of rupees on munificent repasts and immense graduated table parties. the same money can be utilized to assist the needy and hapless people of the state.

Today. Basant is considered a traditional and cultural event. This twelvemonth Basant was celebrated all over the state on February 15. Those of you who went to Lahore to observe the event I’m sure had a blast! Well some enjoyed themselves at the assorted events that took topographic point in Karachi every bit good. as all you need is a roof top. few kites. music and delightful nutrient to observe Basant.


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