Banyan Mo ‘Patrol Mo Banyan Mo patrol Mo aims to recruit Filipino citizens from different parts of our country that would help ABS-CAB report everyday news and issues with the use of technology such as camera phones. They recruit so called ‘banyan patrolled’ to help them easily spread the news. Last February 11,2013, ABS-CAB with partnership of De La Sale University, conducted an election forum to guide us students on the latest news and issues about the upcoming May Election in the Philippines.

The program was hosted by an ABS-CAB news reporter Ms. Nina Coypu and gathered are different officials which would guide ND implement such technologies to make the election safer and clean. The forum was started by an opening remarks of the President and Chancellor of De La Sale University, BRB. Richard P. Laguna FCC. Followed by Ms. Gunny T. De Villa who speaks about Voter’s Responsibilities and the the demonstration of the PECOS Machine and sample ballots was demonstrated and discussed by Mr..

Leo Lime from the Commission on Election. After that an open forum was conducted wherein different students can ask questions from the 2 guest speakers. The open forum runs smoothly as intelligent questions were asked by losable students. After that an intermission was presented by La Sale Dance Company-Street that make the audience alive. The 2nd part of the forum discusses Voter’s Rights, Voter’s Security, Candidate Assessment, Election Surveys and Election Finance.

Guest speakers was really good in what they have discussed. An Open Forum once again was conducted. The Last part of the forum discusses the Role of the Youth this upcoming election and it was very well presented by the President of DILLS Student Council, Ms. Jan Cabana and Mr.. Atom Orally, ABS-CAB News and Current Affairs Reporter. And the forum was closed by Ms. India Verona, Head of Banyan Mo ‘Patrol Mo.

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