The character of Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing shows different sides of her throughout the drama. She is said to hold developed but in existent fact it’s merely the state of affairs that causes her to move otherwise. non her character developing. Although Beatrice acts different. she doesn’t alteration because she is still plucky. misanthropic. witty. and crisp. At some times in the drama she shows a unagitated side to her but. this doesn’t mean she has changed. the audience merely sees a different side to her in multiple scenes – in one scene she could be holding a ‘merry war’ with Benedick and in another she could be playing the sap.

‘Merry War’
In act 1 scene 1 we are told that is a ‘kind of merry war’ between Benedick and Beatrice. In this scene the audience is shown a crisp tongued Beatrice who shows humor in her words. She insults Benedick naming him a ‘pernicious suitor’ and shows the audience one of her many sides – this is the first feeling of her character for the audience. Benedick calls her ‘lady disdain’ and this enables the audience to see precisely how one of the other characters per sees her at first and from this the audience’s perceptual experience of Beatrice Begins to alter because ‘disdain’ . significance to look upon with scorn – makes the audience think of how this could be and exactly what type of individual Beatrice is. The audience now sees Beatrice as a strong female character ; but as the drama goes on the audience’s perceptual experience could alter even more as the state of affairs changes throughout the drama.

The fooling
At the start of act 3 scene 1 Hero says that ‘Nature ne’er framed a woman’s bosom of prouder material than that of Beatrice. ’ This individual phrase defines Beatrice’s character as a whole as she is really tough and proud in the manner she speaks and Acts of the Apostless towards other characters. Besides in act 3 scene 1 Hero says that ‘Disdain and scorn’ are ‘sparkling in her eyes. ’ These words are really powerful because they explain to the full how her character is seen through the eyes of the other characters in the drama. including Hero. From these words the audience now knows that everything that is seen through Beatrice’s eyes are ‘sparkling’ with ‘disdain and scorn’ .

So the audience now knows how sweet small Hero the different features Beatrice shows. Everyone around Beatrice knows her as ‘disdain’ because now Hero and Benedick have both called her ‘disdain’ at different parts in the drama. demoing that the character of Beatrice can’t have developed if in 2 different scenes people around her are naming her ‘disdain’ or stating that ‘She can non love. ’ This is true as Beatrice doesn’t act any different as to when we foremost meet her in her ‘merry way’ in act 1 scene 3. Now we the audience see her being fooled. this opens up yet another portion of her character because. after dissing Benedick like that. the audience would anticipate her to be really crisp and on point but she’s merely allow Hero and Ursula make a entire sap of her. demoing her exposure and her failing. Once once more her actions are dependent on the state of affairs.

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The monologue
In act 3 scene 1 a more romantic. sensitive and brooding side of Beatrice’s character is revealed to the audience as the state of affairs alterations. She is entirely ; it is a monologue and the audience senses uncertainty in Beatrice or disbelief when she begins her monologue with three rhetorical inquiries. She speaks of ‘fire’ in her ‘ears’ and this shows the audience a wholly different side to her. but that is merely because she thinks that Benedick likes her-she is non certain. Once once more her alteration in character is dependent on the state of affairs she is in ; if she didn’t think that Benedick loves her she would non all of a sudden have love and fondness for Benedick. Now Beatrice eventually knows how other characters see her and because of this realization she decides to ‘farewell’ to ‘Contempt. ’ and ‘adieu’ to ‘maiden pride. ’ She makes it sound like she is ready to alter and be this whole new individual the audience has ne’er seen before and she tells Benedick to ‘love on’ as she will ‘requite’ him ; but she is merely stating it because of the state of affairs and how she is experiencing. or is she truly traveling to alter and develop into a different character?

‘Kill Claudio’
She doesn’t alteration one spot ; she merely shows the audience another new face. Now in act 4 scene 1 the state of affairs environing Beatrice is doing her to move differently-this clip she is demoing a more manipulative. fierce to her character. Now that her cousin Hero has been disgraced in public. Beatrice wants retaliation on Claudio. She knows that she can’t do it as she is merely a adult female so she manipulates Benedick so he can make it for her. She says ‘It is a man’s office. but non yours. ’ She knows that if she makes Benedick believe he is non right for the occupation. he will immediately desire to make it merely to turn out himself to her. This shows that Beatrice can easy accommodate her character to the state of affairs. In this scene Beatrice acts precisely like the character of Lady Macbeth in the Shakespeare drama of Macbeth.

In act 1 scene 7 Lady Macbeth manipulates Macbeth to kill Duncan and she says to him ‘And live a coward in thine ain regard. ’ She says that merely to do him make what she wants because she knows that Macbeth would non desire to populate the remainder of his life as a coward ; precisely the same ground why Beatrice tells Benedick that ‘it’s a side man’s office’ but non his. To acquire her ain manner! After gaining that Benedick will non what she want him to. she does the same thing Lady Macbeth does in act 1 scene 5 when Lady Macbeth wants the ‘spirits that tend on mortal thoughts’ to ‘unsex’ her so she can take retaliation herself. but in this scene Beatrice wishes she ‘were a man’ so she can ‘eat his bosom in the market topographic point. ’ These are non the words that we would hear from Beatrice if she has developed. She sounds precisely the same as she did at the start of the drama. but this clip she is sharper and even feistier than earlier and this is all because of the state of affairs she has found herself in – once more.

The terminal
At the terminal of the drama Beatrice goes right back to playing around with Benedick and demoing her witty side that we foremost saw at the beginning of the drama. The state of affairs she is in this clip is the same state of affairs she was in at the beginning of the drama in act 1 scene 1 – holding a confrontation with Benedick. is doing her to move this manner ; about has if her and Benedick have to maintain up a repute of being impudent to each other every clip they meet in forepart of a the other characters. After stating that she was traveling to alter. she hasn’t. She is moving the same manner she was at the start of the drama – abusive ; stating that she loves Benedick because she heard that he was ‘in a ingestion. ’ She is demoing no marks or a characteristic that this drama has caused her to develop has a character. As the drama comes to an terminal the audience would anticipate to see some mark that the drama has taught her a thing or two about life and how to be a better individual ; but Beatrice being Beatrice she does non demo that she has learnt anything. she merely continues moving the same manner she has done throughout the whole drama. Even at the terminal of the drama everything in Beatrice’s eyes are still ‘sparkling’ with ‘disdain and contempt. ’

So. Beatrice doesn’t alteration or develop. the audience merely thinks she does because she is non merely a 1-Dimensional character ; she has many faces ( a spot like a cube. ) Beatrice’s character alterations to uncover a new one side to her many faces. but non to alter. As I said earlier. how the audience sees Beatrice alterations even more because she reveals the other parts of her character because the state of affairs she gets in is ever-changing. With Beatrice no affair what state of affairs she gets in elements of that strong independent adult female still shows. In act 2 scene 1 Beatrice clearly states that she will non get married ‘till God make work forces of some other metal than Earth. ’ She desire to be independent and she is determined that that is how she is traveling to remain. Although Beatrice ends up acquiring married to her former worst enemy. she makes no important alteration that can take me to state that she has changed or developed throughout the drama. The audience still sees her has crisp. witty and fierce. To reason Beatrice doesn’t really change throughout Much Ado About Nothing ( she merely gets married. ) It’s the state of affairs around her that causes her to move otherwise and shows the audience the different parts that make up her character – Beatrice.


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