Beauty is difficult to specify but easy to acknowledge. In nature beauty may be discerned in all things and topographic points. even in the most unexpected parts of the Earth. There is beauty in the assortment of flowers. birds. animate beings and workss. many of which are vividly colourful. There is beauty in mountains. vales and hills. and in the skies. Therefore. beauty can be found in all the creative activities of God. Then huntsman who scans the woods for his prey is frequently fascinated by the beauty that he finds in objects. which conceal beautiful flowers from human sight. all of a sudden reveal their secrets to him when he stumbles over them. The fisherman who turns to the sea for his support is fascinated by the beauty of the countless animals that swarm in the seas. Many of these animals are found even on the shore. But the oceans frequently conceal the beauty that lies below their surface. and to catch a glance of the beauty of the universe below the sea. 100s of frogmans everyplace explore the undersides of the oceans. even at the hazard of losing their lives in the unknown parts of the universe below.

Even the husbandman and the traveller appreciate the beauty that is found in nature. The husbandman finds beauty in the assortment of the workss that he grows. The traveller is impressed with the beauty of distant hills and mountains. and the beauty of weaving rivers in big vales. He is besides appreciative of the beauty of the dark. As he travel in the moon-light. he looks at the landscape and is lost in esteem of it. The beauty in nature is besides appreciated by others. Almost every one delectations to see the hotfooting watercourses and the legion birds and animate beings that may be found in every portion of the Earth. for these are portion of the decorations of nature. Even the tiniest of animals has beauty of its ain. In hunt of this beauty in nature. work forces in all parts of the universe are going great distances and passing a great trade of money. even in some instances. even their life nest eggs.

It is this grasp of natural beauty that impels work forces to see distant lands which have a beauty of their ain. Work force have besides visited the islands that are spread throughout the universe in hunt of the natural beauty. Many have seen visited the cold comeuppances in the Artics every bit good as the hot comeuppances where few workss grow. in hunt of the beauty that may be found in these parts. despite the deficiency of flora and animate beings life. The comeuppances are so the place of many beautiful workss and animate beings which find sufficient safety in these parts. and many of the birds excessively. here are singular for their beauty. But the individual who is most appreciative of natural beauty is the poet who finds music and beauty even in the motion of the clouds and air currents. His deep grasp of the beauty that he finds around him impels him to give vocalization to it in the most expressive linguistic communication. which is itself frequently of imperishable beauty

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