The purpose of the advertisement is meant to target active smokers and make them aware of the new way of smoking through “blue” electronic cigarettes. The “blue” magazine advertisement is being presented in black, white and blue colors. There is a large image of a man smoking an electric cigarette. In the middle of the advertisement there is large print in blue that says “Take Back Your Freedom”. Below that is a billeted list stating positive facts about the product. A picture of the cigarette box is placed at the bottom right and left to it the company website.

Towards the very bottom of the advertisement there seems to be very small print describing the restrictions that apply to using this product. Logos is logical appeal, and is normally used to describe data, arguments, evidence, reasons or information. Logos is introduced in the advertisement by putting a statement with three facts about the product. The large print statement “Take Back Your Freedom” is making an argument to an audience of active smokers. The argument is trying to state that smokers can now take their freedom back by purchasing their new electronic cigarette.

As we all know the smoking of tobacco in public places is prohibited. According to three points made in the advertisement with “blue” cigarette there is no ash, odor, or tobacco smoke. The new electronic cigarettes contain only vapor and are rechargeable. With these points being made active smokers no longer have to worry about causing health issues, dropping ash, or leaving a smell. It has been proven that second hand smoking causes health issues and if exposed to it over a long period of time you could potentially end up with cancer.

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Logos appeal makes an argument that smoking with “blue” leads to no consequence or harm. Since this new electronic cigarette is nothing but vapor with a taste of tobacco, the statement made is expressing the freedom experience that you get with “blue” electronic cigarettes. Vapor does not harm anyone therefore making it fine for active smokers. The big print “Take Back Your Freedom” makes a statement that Jumps straight into conclusions. Below it is the billeted list of why you should take that redeem back with their “blue” electronic cigarette.

More examples of logos are being presented throughout the advertisement. Towards the bottom of the advertisement fine print is being presented explaining the restrictions that apply to the product. They use fine print Just to give details about the product. For example the fine print states that “blue” should not be sold to minors, and is FDA approved. In other cases fine print is used to cover up the consequences off product. In a real box of cigarettes it will tell you that eventually smoking will cause death. But the company won’t show that off in big print because they want you to keep buying their product.

The website that is given in the advertisement is to help you locate stores that sell this product and give you more information about it (Reid 186). Ethos is an appeal to the authority or credibility of the presenter. The advertisement presents an image that seems to look like a man smoking freely. He smokes freely because he is doing it with “blue” electronic cigarette. However the eye is first drawn to this man who covers the majority of the advertisement. The picture is Ewing presented in black and grey colors, but towards the middle there is a statement made in large blue letters.

The effect that the blue letters intend to have on a viewer is to attract him to read the message. The effect of the large blue letters in the middle of the black and grey image really makes the statement stand out and put it in focus. Using big print on the statement really gives it a sense of authority. Then towards the bottom you capture a visual of a box of electric cigarettes (Reid 186). The final appeal that is being used is pathos. Pathos is an appeal to the audience’s motions and ideas that are provoked through the advertisement.

Pathos is used in the “Take Back Your Freedom” statement by evoking a sense of authority. For someone who is an active smoker it would be great to smoke in public places once again without having to worry about any consequences. The image of the man smoking gives a very relaxing and carefree scene. It also brings up a sense of authority when you look at the man smoking. The way the editor places this image is in a sense of freedom. Looking at the image it gives you a sense of trying this product y Just looking at the man blow the smoke out.

Another example of pathos is the statements that it makes. The large statement makes you keep reading the list of positive things listed below it. The text makes clear that with its product you can smoke freely without harming anyone. If I where a smoker I would look into this product because I would get tired of always being prohibited to smoke in public places. It looks as if now I could smoke freely anywhere and everywhere. The black and white colors that are used mostly throughout the advertisement give it a very calm scene.


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