Belonging? What does it intend to you? And what are you willing to give in order to accomplish it? As the human demand to belong frequently overtakes us and neglects ethical motives and values in order to make what we crave so severely and connect with those around us. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible the desire to belong has over-ridden every other thought the human head could perchance hold. As Miller examines the consequences when persons neglect their beliefs and are pushed to the borders of absolute exclusion and disjunction.

Whereas in Gabrielle Carey and Kathy Lette’s fresh Puberty Blues it is clear that two best friends are willing to turn a blind oculus to their ain personal ethical motives and beliefs in order to make a popular societal position for themselves and conform to the “Greenhill Gang” . And once more Will Hunting unearthed a new individual beneath the mean. unlovable and alone male child in Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s Good Will Hunting. by merely doing an unbreakable connexion with Sean Macquire. The town of Salem is sing upheaval by the possible idea of witchery. characters are going so despairing that they are willing to give the “dogs the prevarication they want” .

It is an replete for self-survival that people will alter their positions on the universe around them in order to link and beef up the power or place they hold in their society. Danforth is a character who does precisely this. and changes his head to accommodate his ain precedences of going a “Boston Judge” . He is a adult male capable of make up one’s minding 1s destiny by so called “ridding Salem of Satan” . and separately hanging those who refuse to give him the confession he wants such as Rebecca Nurse. Martha Corey and the Crucible himself John Proctor.

These three peculiar people are greatly respected in the Salem community until the beautiful. attending seeking 17 twelvemonth old known as Abigail Williams causes the tumult that the Satan is in Salem. Young Abigail is an independent. free believing adult female who has had a troubled upbringing. as she was orphaned and belonged to no household in peculiar after she watched her parents acquire slaughtered. Both Abigail and Will Hunting have a connexion. as they are both orphans. hold had troubled upbringing and ne’er felt like they have genuinely belonged anyplace.

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For a long piece. Proctor strode about Salem as if his matrimony was all right and he had ne’er one time committed a wickedness. a offense. though this was non true. as he had turned his caput from his sick married woman Elizabeth to the alpha female. Abigail. And he was frowned upon by Hale when he could declaim merely 9 of the 10 commandments. necessitating Elizabeth to rectify him with merely two words “Adultery. John” . Though he shortly discovered that he did non belong to Abigail because “the promise a entire gives a mare” is the promise he gave that miss. Between John and Abigail the lone connexion was lust. and it ne’er lasted.

John and Elizabeth were more than merely a entire and a female horse ; they were a true connexion and promise. He became a better hubby one time perpetrating criminal conversation as he put it behind him and curse “I will cut off my manus before I will of all time make for you once more. We ne’er touched Abby” . which expresses that he would make anything to maintain his matrimony with Elizabeth alive. Abigail’s promiscuousness is besides evident in Puberty Blues. as the two chief characters Sue and Debbie are get downing to detect their ain gender through their conformance with the “Greenhill Gang” .

Belonging to the “Greenhill Gang’ means everything to the misss. because if they are non a portion of it they are downgraded with remarks such as “Rack off ya moll” but one time they are accepted. they shortly realise that their power has been taken from them and they no longer have sentiments and must make precisely what the male childs say. The misss must make up one’s mind where the line is and how far they can step over it when it comes to their sexual dealingss with the male childs. as this gives them the power they were looking for but besides neglects their values and ethical motives.

Will Hunting nevertheless isn’t worried about his sexual relationships ; he is worried about allowing people into his life. after covering with opprobrious Foster parents his full life. He is torn between his stupid work couples. the industrial barren and the university. Sean Macquire the physiatrist is a adult male that turns Will Hunting’s life upside down. the minute he foremost meets him. They make an unbreakable connexion by sharing narratives and opening up with each other. These Sessionss that Will pass with Sean. do him shortly realise that he does belong and he is lovable though he still “has to travel see about a girl” .

Sean was a large portion of Will’s life because if they hadn’t met. Will may hold wholly wasted his life and alienated himself from others. Both Will Hunting and John Proctor cross waies with their belonging issues. as they are diffident of themselves and who they truly belong to. But one time their eyes have been opened they realise where it is they should belong. And that is to themselves. non their friends or married womans. themselves.

As Procter discovers his true significance of his life. he yells with all his might “It is my name and I can non hold another in my life… . . Leave me my name! This is where he “has his goodness” and no 1. non even Elizabeth could perchance take it from him. So yes. belonging is an replete for self-survival and is triggered by a sense of disaffection. In all my three texts. it is clear that John Proctor. Will Hunting. Sue and Debbie all experience a demand to belong. And at first they all disregard their ethical motives and values and are unable to order their precedences. but in the long tally they discover that pretermiting their personal ethical motives and values is excessively much of a monetary value to pay to merely belong. So once more I will inquire you. what are you willing to give?


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